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25 Oct 2008

Butter Chicken

My kids hadn't seen a butcher's shop except that part in the hyper/ super markets in Dubai. They didn't know how meat is produced since they used to see the packed meat only.
My father took my daughter to the nearby butchery once. She was so excited to know new things and always found happiness in going out with Grandpa. After coming back , she said in a sad voice, "Ma, I won't eat chicken from today.. " You can guess what is the reason, it was very difficult for her to witness such a scene in the butchery.I had little joy in mind hearing her proclamation, since I really liked if she stops eating chicken and it would be good for her that will prompt her to eat enough veggies.. All these years they lived in Dubai had made them think tasty food is available outside which they wanted mostly. Like all other children, they were the fans of sausage, burger, Kfc, shawarma, grilled chicken, pizza, etc.. :) Even at home they asked for nutella,mayonnaise, cheese etc.. with Idli and Dosa.. And it was hard for me to make them eat some vegetables.
But all my expectations were in vain, since she forgot her vow at the dinner table, and didn't even mention what had she told in the morning.. :)
Again my neice went to the same shop with my daughter and father and after coming back my daughter said, "Ma, Sanu is telling that she will never eat... " "Mmm, I know what is going to happen.." I replied.Nothing special happend, both little ladies didn't even had time to think what they had said before while having delicious chicken biryani... :)
The next chance was my son's, who is five years old. Men might be differnt than women in thinking, he didn't show such sympathy like our ladies did. He said that when the butcher caught one chicken , the other chickens in the cage started crying "ayyo, ayyo , ayyo..." He never made a vow and even at the dinner table he mentioned the same thing what he had witnessed in the butchery.. :)

Butter chicken Ingredients
Chicken 1/2 kg
Onion 1
tomatoes 2
garlic paste 1 tsp
ginger paste 1 tsp
cashew nuts and almonds 1 handful - each half
pepper powder 1 tsp
chilly powder 1/2 tsp
coriander powder 1 tsp
lemon juice 1/2 lemon
butter 4 Tbsp
turmeric powder 1/2 tsp
garam masala 1/2 tsp
coconut milk 1 cup
coriander leaves

Preparation method
Soak tomatoes in boiled water for some time, peel and crush.
Put almonds in boiled water and peel outer skin. Grind it with cashews and coconut milk and keep aside.
Cut chicken into small pieces.Wash it, marinate with pepper powder,turmeric powder, salt and lemon juice.
Heat 2 Tbsp butter in frying pan.Slowly stir, to roast the marinated chicken in this.Just saute for some time, no need to cook completely. ( puram bhagam kurachu color change cheythal mathi).(You can avoid this step and put the chicken directly to the sauted onion-masala mixture in the next step)
Heat 1 Tbsp butter in the same pan, saute very finely chopped onion in it. Saute garlic - ginger paste in this.Add chilly powder,coriander powder,crushed tomatoes, garam masala and the ground paste of almonds and cashews. Allow to boil, put chicken pieces in this.Cook until done adding enough water. When it is done, add remaining butter on top, and serve with coriander leaves. Using kashmiri chilli powder plus tomatoes may give a good color for this dish, pls use color if you want more good looking curry.

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  1. Seena dear,my stomach is full,yet feeling hungry seeing your butter chicken..How cruel ? Decided to cook this tomorrow.Your pictures are mouthwatering.

  2. such a sweet story :) pillere biryani okke vechu kothippichal pinne enganeya.....:D

    chicken looks so rich!!

  3. how could anyone keep a vow if you tempt them with this?

  4. drooling..even though I just finished my dinner and can't take any food right now..i'm still drooling. Beautiful picture!!

  5. hmmmm seena yummyyy iyoooooo kothivarunne....angottu varatte..thanne undakki kazihchu maduthu..kaiyonnu mari pareekshichalooooo....

  6. Ah such a nice story! I am drooling over ur butter chicken.

  7. Hi seena ...
    Mouth watering pictures da ..Even me too posted butter chicken ..!! still seeing ur butter chicken ...vayil vellam varunnu ...

    Tina paranjathu sariya ..thanne undakki undakki vayyathe aayii....

  8. enikku vayya! looks yum :)

  9. seena,had your butter chicken today.jus have a look at my blog to see how your BC turned for me !!

  10. This is my fav. Looks so good. Nice recipe. YUM! Love to have it with hot nan.

    Wish u a happy Diwali!!!

  11. Butter chicken looks wonderful, I bet it is so rich and tasty using the cashew and almond nuts!

    Loved reading the post. :-)

  12. Sweet post Seena,children truly are magnificent.Butter chicken is spicy good:)

  13. Seena, haven't been to your blog for ages, forgive me:) switching blogs was hectic for me, but I am done. This chicken looks so good. Almond and cashews is an interesting addition. All your recipes are so interesting!

  14. the butter chicken looks fabulous seena. Happy Diwali.

  15. I had the same experience seeing a goat being killed. But, it took me years to start eating it again after that experience! :)

  16. Seena darling!!! are u!!!..maranitillaloo allae...butter chicken adipoli...what news dear?..did see that u di enquire about me in my last post..thanks a lot ....

    keep in touch, okie

  17. yummy butter chicken, i always wanted to get the authentic flavor and taste of nadan butter chicken:) will try ur way:)

  18. hi dear friend
    i can not tell what i made? it is so tasty so so tasty , its flavour, its colour woh! amazing. i used the above recipe it is very nice. You know this is my first recipe that i made. all praised me. thanks SALKKAARAM



  19. Amar Singh, very happy to see your comment, nice to know all enjoyed your preparation!
    Thanks! :)

  20. tried disss
    my hbby lovd my butter chikenn

  21. I have often heard that we add sugar while cooking butter chicken . Is that right ?? How can we give a sweet taste to butter chicken


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