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11 Feb 2008

Naadan Kozhi Mulakittathu / Spicy Red Chicken Curry

This recipe is from my umma. I called her to get the recipe, but after trying out , I understood the taste is not reached near the curry prepared by her, though I used the same ingredients ! This is a very simple dish and good for those who love a very spicy chicken curry..

Naadan Kozhi mulaku Koottan / Spicy Red Chicken Curry
Chicken 1/2 kg
onion 2 chopped finely
tomato 2 chopped
shallots / chuvannulli 1/2 cup peeled
green chilly 2
turmeric powder 1 tsp
chilli powder 3 tsps
garam masala 1 tsp
garlic cloves 5
ginger piece 1 "
water 1/2 cup

for seasoning
shallots / chuvannulli chopped 5
curry leaves few
coconut oil

Wash and cut chicken into small pieces. Grind garlic and ginger. Crush or grind chuvannulli / shallots. Mix all the ingredients together with chicken. Add water and cook until chicken is done.Add more water if needed. Heat oil, fry shallots until slightly brown. Add curry leaves and pour this into the curry..Pls add 2 pinches of fennel seed powder if your garam masala doesn't contain fennel seeds.


  1. adipoli :) i am craving some nadan dishes..

  2. YUM!! I love the color Seena, will try this girl. Thanks!:))
    How are you doing? Hope everything os running smooth!:)

  3. Super !! Noyambe kazhingitte onnu parrekshikkanam.

  4. Yumm it looks so good.
    Yeah you can't match up with moms cooking. I too always feel that when i make my moms recipe

  5. yum ! have to try this,soon.Your umma must be a great cook.

  6. Its been ages since i had naadan kozhi curry. Will have to tell mom I guess....

  7. This red curry looks so nice Seena.

  8. Looks gorgeous!!! Have got to try this. :)

  9. This is how we make it too...I like a lot of gravy just like how you have made it!

  10. wats better than a nadaan style dishes :) i'm drooling here seena....

  11. Hey first time in your blog, This looks yummy. I am a vegetarian, but i am sure he will love this kerala chicken curry.I have forwarded this to him

  12. rasnatharak,
    thanks alot for the good recipe .its look yummyyy

  13. hi,
    i came across this recipe and it looks wonderful. just wanted to know one thing.dont we have to saute the onions. if we just mix them together with chicken and add water aont it get the raw taste of the onions..just wanted to make sure before i make it.

  14. Welcome Ss!
    Onions won't taste raw, you have to chop them finely, and you cook it chicken until the chicken is cooked well. When we do seasoning all raw tastes will disappear.. this is very old naadan method of making meat curries in our area!
    If you have doubt about the frozen chicken you use, which cooks easily within minutes, then saute the onions first and cook with other ingredients. Later you can do seasoning again in little oil, if you want..
    Hope this helps, all the best! :)

  15. hi seena,
    i made this came out well..u r right the raw taste wasnt der..but it was a little too spicy..i think i need to reduce the chilly pder next time. anyway thanks a bunch.

    Saju Sharfu.(SS)

  16. Wa Alaikkum salam Saju,
    Yeah, that's a very spicy curry as the title says..! We normally don't take much red chillies but use pepper or green chillies instead.. You can use kashmiri chilli powder in this , it will give very nice recolour but won't be too spicy!

  17. hi seena....ever since i came across ur recipes abt a month ago, i am hooked on to them. each one i tried has come out soooo good....i am thrilled to bits everytime i do something. today i am trying out this recipe. i have added rasam powder with the other masalas. i simply love rasam powder in all my cooking. will let u know how it turns out. thanks a ton.

  18. Thanks a lot! Trying with rasam powder..? let me know how it turned out.. :)enjoy!

  19. Shilpa(pashion4lyf)3 October 2009 at 00:09

    Hii... I made this one today.. I didnt use 1/2kg chicken but used the same amount chilly. It was spicy :) the way I love it :) but a li'l raw taste of chilly powder was left I guess. Any clue what might have gone wrong?

  20. Shilpa! :)
    It seems the chilly powder hadn't cooked well.Next time roast the powder for a while before you cook.. :)

  21. oh hi seena.....i did rasam powder and some imli as well...turned out simply great. ofcourse being a bengali i dont know what the original taste of the dish is like. but i loved this...moushumi

  22. Shilpa(pashion4lyf)4 October 2009 at 17:28

    Sure. May be I did a small stupid thing.. I marinated it with water for 20 min. May be that got it dried. alle? I better keep my experimenting off at least with this dish :) The gravy was tasty only the pieces had a li'l raw flavor of the chilly powder.

  23. Moushumi, Glad to know you loved it, I would love to try out with rasam powder.. :)
    thanks a lot.. :)

  24. Yeah, Shilpa, it may be the reason.. :)
    Still I can't make the exact version of mom's, I wonder how it happends.. :)

  25. Looks fantastic. Can you please leave detailed instructns to make this recipe. Thanks!!! Great blog, btw.


  26. BP, please ask me if you have any doubt..?

  27. wow! i made this today and it turned out great!! i love naadan recipes, if you could please post more.thanks :)

  28. Thanks Scoot, will do insha Allah.. :)

  29. I tried this recipe for dinner. A person so lazy like me coming back to put comment itself should be regarded as a great award for you I believe :) I am sure this is one of the best chicken curries I have made in my life. No words to thank you for this excellent recipe. Special regards to your Umma who should an ultra expert cook beyond doubt.
    God bless your family,

  30. Very Nice, Superb..........! we really like this receipee.....! plz convey Our regards to Ummaa...!

  31. Very Nice...! Superb...! plz convey my regards to Umma..! :)

  32. salam.iam from bangladesh.if i dont get shallots what else i can use?instead of coconut oil can i use normal oil or olive oil?


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