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11 Feb 2008

Elephant yam / Chena Undhiyu

My sister has a great collection of magazine recipes. Last time when I visited her she gave me a book made with some of her collections. I haven't bought a cook book yet except the one which I brought from home which is really a simple one with only 5o pages.. :) That one they bought just to help an old man who was selling it..I plan to try out some recipes from sis' collection and to post them here for my readers. I have few special readers , some newly wedded girls who do not know much cooking and would send lovely messages for helping them.
I prepared this for lunch and when DH came home, I told him to guess what is the main veg in the dish. He said many vegetable's names except the real one. That time a friend phoned him and so he said to him that he couldn't understand what is the veg in the dish. The friend R said - just say Chena (chumma chenannu parayeda.. :D) ...and it was correct!

Yam / Chena Undhiyu ( A Gujarathi dish )
Yam / chena 250 gm
shallots / chuvannulli 10
green chilly 4
curry leaves 1 fig
garlic cloves 2
coconut grated 1/2 cup
mustard seeds 1 tsp
coconut oil 2 tbsp

Peel,chop and wash yam. Peel shallots and garlic. Crush them together.Crush or pound yam, green chillies, curry leaves and coconut together. The original recipe says to pound them in a mortar.Mix with salt.I just chopped them in the food processor. Heat coconut oil, allow mustard seeds to splutter.Saute small onion-garlic mixture in this for a while. Add the pounded mixture into this and stir. Keep covered on a low flame stirring occasionally. Have with rice or kanji..!!
Recipe from - Aramam magazine
Recipe by - Mrs. Shareefa.
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  1. Looks Yummy!!Kandal entho meat dish aayitte thonu.

  2. Variety dish!! Looks like minced meat dish!!

  3. This look delicious Seena I bet there are lovely recipes in those magazines if they look as good as this.

  4. Undhiu kazhichittundu...pakshe chena sounds like a nice variation.

  5. This sounds and looks yummy to me. I'm a chena fan and never came across anything like this recipe.will try it..its difficult to get chena in the nearby Indian store though.

  6. hi seena,i tried this just now and it came out very well.thank u so much for the recipe.

  7. Hi,Thank u, will check ur site.. :) it seems u have lots of yummy recipes..


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