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17 Jan 2009

Some "How To " Links

These are some links that I had bookmarked earlier which have helped me a lot in cooking, and few links from this site too. I think these links will help those who are novices in the kitchen! Hope I can add more "how to " links in this list.Happy Cooking!!
  1. How to cook rice

  2. How to steam vegetables

  3. How to clean shrimps / prawns

  4. How to peel almonds / badam

  5. How to cut and clean crabs

  6. How to peel a tomato

  7. How to make garlic - ginger paste

  8. How to make garam masala powder

  9. How to cut up a chicken

  10. How to cut and clean a squid calamari / koonthal

  11. How to bake a cake

  12. How to make pathiri - step by step instructions with pictures

  13. How to make soft parotta - step by step recipe with pictures

  14. How to peel an onion quickly

  15. How to cook noodles

  16. How to bake a pizza

  17. How to plant coriander

  18. How to grill an egg plant on ordinary stove top

  19. How to perfectly slice a pomegranate?

  20. How to store curry leaves?


  1. Very helpful links dear..

  2. Just came across the blog today...really starting with fish biryani and hope to be a regular visitor here..amazing site


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