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1 Jan 2008

Malaysian Porotta / Roti Canai - Step by step recipe

Happy New Year!

hat happens when some bachelors enter your kitchen?
I think most of you might have experienced the same when your darling husband come into your kitchen for making some simple dishes! The whole kitchen would have been a real mess then.

On December 30th some bachelors entered my kitchen. (With my prior permission :-)) My kitchen is very small and actually I don't like them engage that little place for sometime.(Especially because of the disorderliness they create) :) Whenever I leave to India they occupy my kitchen and experiment for two months! But this time, I called them to make some special dishes, for a special occasion. Today - December 31st is my blog’s first B'day, and I thought to post some thing inviting at Salkkaaram.
Once my husband had told, one of his friends Mr. Rasheed is an expert in cooking, particularly in Malaysian dishes. So we called him and he agreed to make some Malaysian porottas for us. Though he cooks well, his real job has no connection with cooking! :)

Here is the ingredients list and the measurements he used;
Maida / all purpose flour 2 kg
eggs 3
milk 1 cup
water 2 1/2 cups
Sugar 2 table spoons
coconut oil

For filling
cottage cheese
small bananas
onions 2
tomato 1
green chillies 3
canned sardines

1) Roti canai - Malaysian porottas

Add eggs and milk to the flour.Mix well by adding water.

Make a dough by kneading very well. He didn't add ghee while making dough.

But later after finished making dough, he just applied coconut oil over the dough with hands.
Then cover it using a wet cloth. Keep it like that for one hour.

Then make balls.

The important parts are the kneading and rolling. ( Veeshal we say in Malayalam :D)
Wipe a clean surface using oil. Take one ball and press it to make a small chapati using hands. Press only edges, not the middle. The middle part must be thick.

Expand it by rolling with hands.( We can make a similar one by using a rolling pin)

Then fold like you watch in the pictures.

Then just twist it to make a round shape.(Not compulsory) Then press again with hands to make it little more flat.Place it on a griddle, roast by flipping over and adding ghee on both sides.


2) Roti
telur bawang - Onion and egg porottas
3) Roti Sardin telur Bawang - Sardines, onion and egg porottas

View Slide Show of Preparation.

4) Roti Pisang manis - Banana cheese porottas

Meet the Chef and View preparing method!


  1. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww...thats a mind boggling post!! Truly Awesome!!!!!!Wish U a Rollicking 2008!!
    Best Rgds

  2. I agree with purnima. A truly great post. And well done, giving up your kitchen! Congrats on 1 yr of blogging. And wishing you a joyous and blessed 2008.

  3. Oh my Seena this is mind blowing.....

    Wishing you a Happy New Year 2008!!

    Rosie x

  4. Those look really yummy! Happy New Year!

  5. Oh great one seena ! with pic detail easy to follow. Happy new year to you and your family !

  6. wow! what a tutorial :)
    Best wishes for 2008!

  7. Roti Canai, i had tired it making once, but it was an utter failure...bookmarking this post and am surely going to try making this as soon as i get my hands free....thanks to you for posting this and to Mr Rasheed for sharing he recipe for those parathas...:)

    Happy new year to you and your family

  8. That was one great post for celebrating the big day :) Congrats ! Yours is one of my favourite blogs....loved the recipe....process somewhat similar to our kerala porotta right....want to try once...but only for a small portions :)

    Have a great year ahead :)


  9. Congratulations on successfully completing a year!!!! New Year wishes to you and yours...

  10. wow Seena, these are my favorites! I alwasy order these with a coconut curry when we go to Banana Leaf:)

    and your slideshows look great too; I for one just can't convince myself nor have the patience to click pics while cooking food..just one final click is a test of patience for me!:)

    Happy 2008 to you too girl!

  11. wow!! this is truly a tedious process. i am sure u loved it :)

  12. Now, that is one lucky you ! May this NewYear be a blessed one Seena.

  13. parotta looks delecious seena

  14. Happy new year Seena. I love Roti Canai. Although I have one at FH, I need to learn to how to throw that dough like that!:D
    Looks yum!:))

  15. Happy New Year!!one year aayi enne thonnunne illa...ethra pettanne...Congrats dear...With in one year u filled ur blog with lot of simple and delicious dishes!!!
    Pinne aa porotta post adipoli...

  16. Awesome, love the step by step process. I love roti canai! Wishing you and your family an exciting 2008!

  17. Congrats on completing a year of blogging.
    The roti canai looks good......also looks like a lot of hard work...something that only an expert could do justice to.
    Happy new year to you.

  18. Great post seena! Very nice friends you(r Hubby) have!

  19. WOW SEENA! What a brilliant post! I really loved looking at the slide shows they are great. I was so hungry looking at all this wonderful Malaysian food! They look so delicious Seena you were lucky to get to eat it all. :-)

    You have cooked some great food in a year Seena I love all your recipes and because I have cooked some of your wonderful recipe I know how tasty they really are! :-)

  20. Thanks for this detailed post with pictures. This is a very time consuming task and my dad and cousin used to make this once in a while. Your friend has made it like a professional indeed. I remember eating many of these during my stay in singapore.. a favorite for sure.

  21. Wow Seena !! They look so appealing, wanna have some of them rt now ! But i admit, they look a bit difficult to prepare, i will try them though sometime inshallah. Tats a gr8 recipe with an awesome explanation. Thnx for sharing. and thnx to Mr.Rasheed too ! They really look too tempting :-)

  22. seema,i was always searching how to make parathas...i appreciate ur full dedication in sharing this recipe...thx seema..
    Happy New Year!

  23. Wow that was some step by step instructions. Lovely & congrats on your Blog Anniv. Happy New Year to you dear.

  24. superb!!!
    I am sure it tastes too good
    very nice !!!

  25. Wow!!! What a beautiful post!! It's delicious. I will have to try this some time. Malaysian parotta is awesome! Thanks so much for the detailed instructions and sharing a unique recipe!

  26. Delicious! Not very hard to make and tastes very nice.

  27. Yes, Delicious... & I love porotta always. As a Bachelor, this help me lot. Congratulations !!! for the completion of 1 Year & Wish U a Very Happy New Year 2008. Keep Rocking...Seenatha.

  28. hi seena
    succesfully completed 1 yr.....
    and Happy new year.......2009,


  30. while rolling the dough[expanding with hands b4 folding] does it have 2 b very thin...coz pics they look really thin[chappatis r softer wen they r thick right?]

  31. No,Softness depends on the ingredients used and how well the dough is kneaded.. :)
    it should be thin..

  32. assalamualaikum

    itha can i keep the dough covered for more than 1 hr?

  33. Wow..I have gone through some 30 posts already and mostly I was staring at the way the dishes are made and so, was drooling all over the place.. But this is the FIRST comment I am making here.. this recipe set is just too AWESOME! Fantastic work with the pictures, amazing really..

    I am passionate about cooking, but I consider myself still to be a beginner. This blog is helping me a lot. Great effort from you.

    Thanks a lot. :) Really appreciate this.:)

  34. Yay! Looks yummy. I would want to try this at home. Thank you for sharing your Roti Prata food experience. ;)


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