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5 Jan 2008

Dates And Almonds Drink

Dates have a special place in the lives of Beduins (Nomadic tribe of Arabs) in the Arab world. It is the great fruit rendering enough energy to them. Muslims take it to break fast, because of the health benefits it provides to our body.
While searching for my daughter's social studies project, I happened to read an anecdote from a UAE site. One evening a local Bedu received a letter and there was no sufficient light for him to read it.His wife soon kneaded some dates, and formed a cup. She poured some melted butter into it and placed a wick using some threads and lit the lamp! After finished reading the letter, the man threw out the wick and ate the cup! What an interesting tale , isn't it?

Dates and Almonds drink(Eethappazham Badam Juice)

Dates 15
almonds 15
milk 2 cups or more

Soak dates in 1 cup of hot water for 1/2 hour. Remove seeds. Soak almonds in water for overnight and and peel it.Blend them together with the water used for soaking dates and 1 cup of milk.Add the remaining milk according to your taste. Making paste of almonds and adding it will avoid forming granules in the drink. Since the dates are enough sweet, no need to add sugar.
For removing the skin of almonds in a hurry, just pour boiled water to the almonds, and keep it in that for five minutes. Then peel it easily..


  1. nice and healthy drink seena looks yumm

  2. Ooh, this looks delicious! I often make an almond milk drink, but I've never tried it with dates - good idea!

  3. That is a healthy drink, Seena.Too bad I don't like milk or dates!:-)

  4. Seena you posted this lovely dates and almond drink! I will defintley give it a try sometime it looks delicious and so healthy with the dates and nuts. :-)

  5. Enjoyed reading that short story :)
    The drink looks gr8 and quite healthy too!

  6. Such a healthy drink Seena! Looks delicious:)

  7. Nice tale and healthy drink Seena!

  8. seena..that was an interesting story! the drink looks delicious

  9. thats a yummy drink. i like dates a lot :)

  10. this sounds so healthy and lip smacking!

  11. Seena, this drink sounds so yummy! We use dates and almonds a lot in Azerbaijani cuisine but we don't have a drink like that. I am going to try it! Great site!

  12. It looks Yummy .Almonds are one of my nature's best foods. Do check out my blog

  13. Seena,

    Are you by any chance Zakariya uncle's daughter?


  14. Fais, I know only one Zakaria, but he is my cousin's hus.. :)


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