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1 Nov 2007

How to prepare Garlic and Ginger paste?

It is a well known fact that garlic is good to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure. For reducing fever associated with cold, it is good to take garlic rasam or soup.Garlic is good for Asthma patients too. It is also known for it's antibiotic effect.

See the Garlic Rasam recipe here.

Ginger increases saliva, reduces gastritis and helps digestion. Taking fresh ginger juice is good when some one having stomach pain due to disorders related to digestion.Taking ginger daily also helps arthritic and diabetic patients too.Dry ginger is good for cough if taking powdered with black pepper and kalkkandams(sugar candy).

For preparing Garlic and Ginger paste,

Method 1
garlic big cloves 25
ginger 1 inch pieces 5
Use the amount seen in the above picture.

Grind garlic and ginger together and freeze.When you use, keep the frozen garlic ginger paste in refrigerator for a while and cut the amount you like. Don't keep the paste out side of the fridge to use. I follow this method and the garlic I used is Chinese garlic. Indian garlic is very small in size.

Method 2
garlic big cloves 20
ginger 1 inch pieces 5
oil 1 tablespoon
vinegar 1 teaspoon
salt little

Peel garlic and ginger. Wash them and grind with 1 table spoon oil,1 tea spoon vinegar and little salt. Keep it refrigerated. You can add a pinch of turmeric too while grinding. You can use any oil for this, but Olive oil is good. If you use water for grinding, use previously boiled and cooled water. The shelf life of this paste is one month.

Normally if you prepare garlic and ginger paste without adding any of these, soon it gets a bluish green color. Some people wouldn't use it since they are afraid of food poisoning. Actually this is not harmful to us. Garlic contains sulphur and when it acts with the copper in the water (or with the utensils contained aluminum,iron etc) and forms copper sulphate. Also garlic contains chlorophyll (substance that gives green color to leaves) and this gives a greenish color change to garlic while reacting to temperature.


  1. nvr heard of using vinegar. y do u use it anyway? mine turns green. dont know why...urs look gr8.

  2. Swaroopa,
    Adding vinegar will increase shelf life of the paste.I think it is good to add oil,turmeric,salt and vinegar for preventing color change too. It seems you haven't read the post completely..:)

  3. Seena...This was very useful thank u so much :-)
    There is lil surprise for u dear.....Plz check out my latest post when u find time :-)

  4. I agree. Without enough oil and vinegar or lemon juice, it will turn odd color. Same with the pesto paste too. Good one Seena. I always make fresh ginger-Garlic, this proportion will help me!:))

  5. This is a routine in my kitchen. Thx for sharing.

  6. nice post i just dont like that indian store ginger garlic paste
    it tastes sour and Iam lazy to make this paste everytime i cook

  7. I am definitely going to make some of this. Thanks for the recipe.

  8. Great post Seena I love garlic and ginger. I use fresh ginger with vegetables in our juicer also. I will try your paste recipe sometime it's nice to know it keeps for a month with the oil. :)

  9. Home made GG paste is anyday better than the store bought one.. the flavor in the home made ones is really good! the recipe will def be useful for many of us here.. tx :)

  10. Seena, I like ur blog a lot. It is simply great. I have request to make. Pls change the color of ur blog. The white letters on black background is making it soo hard for my eyes. I dont know abt others. Pls consider this request.


  11. Swapna,
    Thanks for the suggestion, me too thinking of it..Keep visiting..

  12. Hi Seena,

    new look is beautiful. nice light and dark blue combo. only problem is that you have to go long way down to see the posts. all the side bars come first:)

    anyways, the paste looks cool. i always prepare mine and keep in the fridge in medium sized bru coffee bottle. goes for almost 3 weeks:)




  13. Please, Sam, if you see this mssg, please email me, don't know how my site looks in other's computer, for me no problem..!
    Pls let me know..

  14. hi Seena,

    now ur site looks ok!! naaaaa.....

    not just ok, but absolutely gorgeous like ur recipes:)
    again, i like the color combo :)




  15. Hey, Sam,
    Thanks a lot dear..
    I think you are the first one who commented on New template! :)
    thanks again, Enjoy cooking..

  16. Dear, the new look of ur blog is really nice and it loads perfectly on my system..:D

  17. Kudos Seena!

    People are so obssessed with complex recipes that they fail to look at how they can enhance their basic ingredients.

    Loved the recipes, though to be honest I haven't reied any

    :D Can't wait for the morning to try out something from here

  18. May be you can send this to spice event!:)
    Keeping the paste ready is always useful! So much info on the nutrients ! great!:)

  19. Hi seena, i just put turmeric next time ill try vinegar or oil.

  20. Hey Seena..this' very useful to ppl like me..Thanks for posting dear...btw your blog looks cool in Blue

  21. Add a teaspoon of hot oil,salt to the paste to last longer seena.

  22. I am new to the world of ginger! I like to cut a peice a put in in my tea or hot water. I enjoy eating rew ginger when I have a sore throat. However, I buy the root and have no idea how to store it. It begins to turn greenish blue when I peel it. I feel I am wasting it. Please help!

  23. Hi Anon,
    Have already given the methods to preserve it, pls read the post, you can grind ginger alone and keep as I said in the post... :)

  24. hi ,
    today i just peel off garlic and ginger and added some water and made paste. later it came to my mind that keeping it in this state is going to spoil it.. and now i searched on net and able to find ur blog. Please can u suggest what should i do now to preserve the paste coz i grinded it with water only. plz plz help

  25. Abi, pls keep it in freezer.No other way..Take it out before you start cooking and cut enough piece and again keep in freezer.Don't allow to defrost it completely.. :)

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.



  28. Preeti, are you asking about adding tomato to garlic ginger paste? I don't think it will be good.. :)

  29. 1. with regards to controlling blood pressure,could you please let me know if it is better to boil the clove of garlic in water before eating or to eat it fresh?

    2. is there any herb that can be eaten with or added to garlic to stop its repugnant (disgusting & foul) smell?, especially when you are in the office environment which is usually enclosed (i keep belching and i become ashamed, cant even mix with people)?

    3. whats the use of parsley?

    4. i like blending fresh garlic, ginger root and parsley together and then boil for about five minutes and then allow to cool and then kept in the fridge for use for about 2 days- is anything wrong with this?

  30. Anononymous, it is good to see you with a name so I can identify you next time! :)
    1.You can make a google search on this since I have not done it personally. But I prefer eating fresh by adding in the chutneys/chammanthis that are taken raw.
    2.Better avoid eating raw garlic before you go out.I don't know any method to prevent smelling garlic.
    3.To learn about parsley please refer this webpage,
    4.I believe it should be taken fresh.


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