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30 Oct 2007

Kurukku Kaalan / Vegetables Cooked in Curd

Ingredients and method

chena or yam pieces 1 cup
raw plantain pieces 1 cup
turmeric powder 1 tea spoon

curd 11/2 cup
coconut 1 cup grated
pepper powder 2 tea spoon
green chillies 2 or more
cumin seeds 1 tea spoon

for seasoning

fenugreek/uluva 1/4 tea spoon
mustard 1 tea spoon
coconut oil
red chillies 1 or 2

Cook the vegetables with salt, pepper powder and 2 table spoons curd and little water enough to cook. When it is done, reduce water. Grind coconut with green chillies, cumin and remaining curd until smooth. It should get butter consistency(venna paruvam). Add this to the cooked vegetables and just heat. Don't boil it. Remove from fire, Heat coconut oil , splutter fenugreek, mustards then add red chillies and curry leaves. Pour it over the curry.

This is my favorite vegetable curry. Can eat this even without rice. This is a dry curry and we can keep in fridge up to one or more months. For this have to cook vegetables in the curd or thick butter milk and don't add water while grinding coconut. This should be done on a stone grinder (Ammi ). It is impossible for most of us, thats why I grind coconut with curd, so we can avoid the water content too.

It is better cook this kaalan in an earthern pot, ie, manchatti. So the pot itself will absorb the excessive water from this. If you have thick butter milk, you can boil it too with the coconut. But the ready made products will not work, I think.


  1. Kaalan looks delicious Seena. Nattu Kaikari (as well call yam, plaintain, taro/colacasia etc) doesn't taste this good in any other form.

    I love cooking this up because of the coconut oil tadka we do in the end - such a beautiful aroma. My wishes for your health Seena.

  2. Avial! My fav Seena, looks yum!:)
    Hope you feel better girl, take it easy. Do visit when you can.
    MeMe was great,sometimes disasters turn out to be pleasures! Good for you!:))

  3. Seena....What a beautiful looking dish :-)So Seena feels homesick.........Don't worry..Take good care dear :-)

  4. thanks for the detailed recipe. i really love this dish.

  5. Lovely kaalan..i love them wid hot rice...WOW!!! mouthwatering...get well soon seena....Like ur the way ,its REMYA and not Ramya...

  6. seena..hope you feel better soon...and coming to mouth was watering..i love it..when my amma makes dad and me fight for it everyday till it finally gets over ;)

  7. looks devine thanks for yummy recipe

  8. This is my favourite too...Thanx for the recipe...:))It was Interesting to read your MEME..!!

  9. Hi Seena! Kaalan looks delicious. Your Meme was very interesting...Take care of your health Seena!

  10. My mom makes this. I'm not too crazy about this though.
    Hope you feel better soon.:-)

  11. delicious kalan and awesome picture! nice to know more about you. get well soon, seena!

  12. Hi Seena what a great recipe using plantains. I only ever ate plantains once I fried them. Your curry look real tasty I can imagine all the flavours now, brilliant picture. :)

    I enjoyed ready your meme thankyou for posting it, it made me smile when I read about your prawn curry. It is funny how good food can taste when we try something to fix a dish. Sorry you have been having health troubles. I hope you feel better soon. :) Take Care Seena :)

  13. Hi Seena,
    Its nimi again.. Hope i didn't trouble you with my questions when you were taking rest.. sorry to know abt your health. Wish you to get better n healthy soon.

    I have become a fan of your blog and i visit it every day.. oh dont worry im not going to trouble u with my questions..

    I suggested my sis to your blog and she prepared cauliflower curry and was completely bowled over.. she loves food and says, never thought a curry with cauliflower will taste that good..

    Thanks a lot Seena.. nice to know abt your cousin..

    take good care and you will be better soon.


  14. Thanks dear friends for your wishes..

    No trouble, dear.. I love to help you, don't hesitate to ask me.
    Nice to know about your sis, my regards to her..

  15. Oh ya Seena...I know....Just wanted to tag u girl.....Its okay sweetie...Don't worry abt the meme...take care :-)

  16. Hi Seena..
    I'm a regular visitor of your blog and enjoy reading it too.
    i'm in Abu Dhabi. If you ar in Dubai you can contact me at ..keep in touch

  17. Thanks Lubna,
    Have sent a mail to you

  18. Now how did i miss this meme.
    Not to mention the kalan.

  19. Oh dear, even I missed ur Meme Seena. Got to know from HC's post. Loved the Kaalan and ur Meme too. Got to know so much about my dear friend..:DD

  20. Hi Seena,
    Am blogging your Kaalan as a model recipe in the 1001 Kerala curries cookbook at

    /Thanks for the recipe

  21. seena ,i tried Kurukku kaalan.Its very r great.
    I have a doubt that what's the difference btn pachadi,kichadi&kalan.In all these we use almost the same method.Is kichadi another name of pachadi?

  22. Dear Sona,
    Actually kichadi is a rice dish cooked with lentils.In some part of Kerala, pachadi is known as kichadi.Both is prepared using coconut and curd with crushed mustard seeds too. And turmeric is not added in this curry.

    Kaalan is different since cumin seeds are added in that with coconut and curd and turmeric is added while cooking vegetables.Pulissery is another curry which is prepared just like kaalan, but veggies are replaced by sweet fruits.

    Hope your doubt is cleared now..Thanks for the feed back Sona. :)

  23. Hai Seena Thanks for clearing my doubt.
    The title "SIMPLE AND DELICIOUS"is very much suit for your recipies.Recently my kicten is running with your recipies.Today i have tried chikken curry with grated coconut.Its very delicious.Anyway i wish all the best for u.

  24. Sona, njan veenu poyi..
    Thanks for the compliments dear, I hope you will love all the recipes here... :) Enjoy cooking..


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