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13 Jan 2009

Kadalapparippu pachakkari / A mixed vegetable Curry

This curry is similar to our "Olan" which I haven't posted yet.This was in draft for long, so now it is time to bring it out.I prepared this when I had some leftover 'sambar kashanams'.So this way is good to finish them..Goes well with rice.

Kadalapparippu / gram dal 1/2 cup cooked
pumpkin chopped 1/2 cup
ashgourd / kumbalanga chopped 1/2 cup
snake gourd / padavalanga chopped 1/2 cup
yam chopped 1/2 cup
bottlegourd / churakka chopped 1/2 cup
green chillies 2 slit
turmeric powder 1 tsp
chilli powder 1/2 or 1 tsp
coconut milk powder 4 tbsps
coconut oil
curry leaves

How to prepare
Cook vegetables with water, turmeric powder,chillipowder, green chillies and salt. When cooked add prepared dal into it. Mix and boil again. Add the coconut milk powder and mix very well. (Make the curry enough thick according to your taste).Boil , add curry leaves and pour coconut oil over it. Remove from fire and keep the lid closed for some time..


  1. Wow one of my favourite curries.
    Wish i had this with plai rice, delicious.

  2. After long time lle Seena..I like this curry..thengapalintem velichennede aa flavor is magical.:)

  3. the name itself is quite enticing. try cheythu nokkaam ketto seena :)

  4. Seena ..
    Nice dish ..loved the colour ..Goes well with chappathy and rice too.. .nannayittund ttooo ...enikku pachakari kondu enthu dish undakkiyalum valare istam aanu...
    pinne nale njan nattilekku varuka aanu ..for 2 weeks..

  5. Seena,almost like koottucurry ? looks yummy.will r you dear ?

  6. Wow, so many veggies go in this curry :) Very delicious with touch of coconut!

  7. Wow...the colour of the gravy looks so appealing!

  8. I like adding kadalai parippu to the texture...
    Seena,Your picture looks so attractive:)

  9. I have so many in the draft too, it's scary!!:D

    Great mixed veg dish, I am waiting for Summer. Never tried Olan, must do one day!:)

  10. This sounds so traditional. Look so good. Nice recipe. YUM!

    Happy Pongal!!!

  11. nice healthy curry Seena! looks so colorful and yummy!

  12. hey seena! wish u happy new year ! kadalapparippu pachakkari super :) in konkani cuisine, we use kadalapparippu with ripe banana to make a sweet curry called Kelya Ambat.

  13. This is quite new to me, Seena! Any substitute for the coconut milk powder? We get it here but I don't want to buy a big pack just for this dish.

  14. Sra, sometimes we would use chana instead of coconut in some curries. Cook and grind chana to a paste and just add in the curry. But don't know how it will taste in this curry. If you buy a small pack of coconut milk powder, you can keep it in fridge for long.. :)

  15. Sounds lovely. This should be very nice with chappathis, I think.

  16. Happy new year!! I am not familiar with this curry but just the coconut milk-coconut oil combinaation sounds too good. will try it asap.

  17. I should try this one, looks so colorful and delicious :)

  18. this looks awesome...never heeard about this one...but will make it some time thanks for the recipe

  19. This looks lovely Seena.

    Yes I made a biryani to my own recipe some time back. :-)

    I want to try your vegetable biryani it is top of my list of recipes to make.

    Didi you get my email. :-)


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