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13 Aug 2008

Chicken dal Curry / Kozhi Parippu Koottan

Since few days I have no idea about what is happening in the food blogging world! No emails, no new posts, not checking other blogs...don't know when would this situation change.. Everybody at home is sick, just like there is no one remains in the world without any illness..? Some got fever, some has allergy,infection, joint pain or any other sickness and every one is complaining about diseases! After taking pile of antibiotics, we visited an Ayurveda doctor and he blamed our eating habits that made all problems! It is true, no one cared about what we eat, lots of ghee-maida contained food, fried foods , bakery products etc that could easily let anyone fall into sickness..Yeah, we should start some good and healthy eating habits. But how can I stop posting some simple and tasty recipes? Let me do it again.. :)
I couldn't believe that chicken can be prepared with dal until I see this recipe. When I got it from some old magazine clippings, I had no expectation that I could prepare a good chicken curry with that. I changed the recipe according to my taste since I had no hope, it was only an experiment, but the outcome was really wonderful! I found this is a best accompaniment with ghee rice..

Ingredients for making Chicken with Dal
Chicken 3/4 kg
masoor dal / red lentil 1 cup
shallots crushed 5 no.
ginger crushed 1 1/2 " piece
tomato 1
coriander powder 4 tsp
chilli powder 1 or 2 tsp
turmeric powder 1 tsp

Roast and grind,
shallots chopped 4
garlic cloves chopped 4 small
coconut grated 3/4 cup
cardomam 2 no.
cloves 3
cinnamon stick 1/2 " piece
fennel seeds 1/4 tsp
black pepper corns 1 tsp

Roast the first set of ingredients (chopped shallots, garlic and grated coconut) in little coconut oil, when the coconut turns brown, add the remaining ingredients. (cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, fennel seeds and black pepper).
Stir for few seconds.Allow to cool. Blend it to a fine paste,using enough water.

For seasoning,
small onions 4 chopped
green chillies optional
curry leaves few
mustard seeds 1 tsp
coconut oil 1 tbsp.

How I prepared
Wash and clean chicken and dal.Cook them together in water with all the powders and salt.
If you use tuar dal (I haven't tried with that yet) first cook it until half done and then add chicken to it.
When this is 1/2 cooked add the crushed ginger and shallots. Mash chopped tomato with your hand and add it too.Cook until done.
Pour the blended coconut spices mixture into this and bring to boil. When bubbles appears on top and the gravy becomes thick, remove from fire.
Heat coconut oil. Splutter mustard seeds, roast curry leaves and chopped shallots and pour to the curry. Enjoy with ghee rice, chapathi or as you desired..


  1. This looks wonderfu I love the thick gravy yummy! Chicken and lentils sounds so delicious.

    I have emailed you Seena, did you not get them?

  2. Was wondering if you didnt get my mail....and thats when I saw this post ....hope you all re getting better.....take good care :)

    this combo...quite rare....should try soon!

  3. This curry looks so tasty :) Hope u re feeling better!

  4. that looks lovely!! and nutritious too!

  5. I never tried my dal with chicken. This combination look unique and tempting to try.
    thanks for posting seena.

  6. This looks really good! And a great mouth is watering just looking at the pic!

  7. AsSalaam alaykum Seena,
    I have a Ramadan food Event posted on my blog. Would you be interested in participating.

  8. Sounds new but looks great Seena!

  9. Hope you and your family are better..Dhal in chicken...something to try!!!

  10. Hope you are feeling better....are u going home for Onam? I won't be there for Onam but plan to visit for a few days before that. Let me know if you'll be in Tcr around that time and maybe we can meet....

  11. This recipe always stuck in my head for some reason, maybe because it seemed like an odd combination or something that could be made quickly because all the ingredients are on hand.... I made this yesterday and it was a hit!! My dad said maybe this can be made to accompany "piddi". This recipe is a keeper - thanks so much for sharing!!! Also - your quantities are so precise and correct - never goes wrong to follow your recipes!!

  12. Thanks dear Ann!
    I too was little hesitant to prepare this.Many would be thinking the same chicken + dal?? But this one has a real naadan taste, I think..:)

  13. hi, i tried this recipe. it turned out wonderful. thanks a ton dear

  14. Thanks Dear Priya, for letting me know.. :)

  15. My wonderful boyfriend just made this recipe and it might be the most delicious meal I've ever had! Thank you so much!

  16. Thanks Janeillemd for letting me know.. Do visit again for more.. :)


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