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19 Aug 2008

Spicy Roasted mushrooms

Canned mushrooms are tasteless, according to my DH.. He has much sweet childhood memories of tasty mushroom thoran or roast , prepared by plucking fresh mushrooms from the land around home. You might have heard from other bloggers before, during child hood, you spent your long holidays in your Grandma's house (mostly mother's side) and in a morning, after a night's thunder and lighting , you went out with Grandma to pick newly sprouted mushrooms... :) Grandmas say koon / mushroom sprouts once after it thunders..! I haven't seen any body cooked mushrooms in my home and often said to us children, don't pluck it, it is poisonous! But after marriage, I happened to eat mushroom thoran from S's family and after that I started searching for mushroom recipes and did much experiments... Since S didn't like the "watery-tasted" mushrooms, I always tried to cover it with lots of masalas.. :) And this one is such a dish, spicy roasted mushrooms...

Ingredients used

Mushrooms cut into 4 pieces 1 1/2 cups
shallots 5
garlic cloves 2 big size
ginger piece 1/2 " size
pepper powder 3 tsp
chilli powder 1/2 or 1 tsp
fennel seeds powder 2 pinches
turmeric powder 1/4 tsp
garam masala 1/2 tsp
tomato 1/2
curry leaves few
coriander leaves chopped few
green chillies as desired
oil 1 Tbsp
mustard seeds

How I prepared

Grind together, shallots, garlic and ginger. Mix this paste with turmeric powder, chilli and pepper powder, fennnel seeds powder, 1/4 tsp garam masla and salt.
Add mushrooms into this and marinate well.
Heat little oil in a pan. Let mustard seeds splutter.Add mushrooms. After few seconds turn over them.
Later stir them for a while. Crush the tomato pieces with salt and add it to this.Mix and cook covered on a low flame.
After 2 minutes open the lid and mix well by stirring continuously. Add curry leaves and green chillies as per taste and stir..
Let the masala cover mushrooms completely and the water absorb.
Sprinkle remaining garam masala over it and garnish with coriander leaves. You can use juice of half lime instead of tomato.
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  1. I could eat this mushroom recipe everyday! I love the thick sauce it looks amazing and I love mushrooms so much, hubby would love this too. :-)

  2. I make with less masala the mushroom, but this one got a fiery look! Good one

  3. A spicy mushroom curry..just the way i like it.

  4. Seena, what a great childhood memory about picking mushrooms! Must have been fun! Your recipe looks delicious! As always!

  5. that gravy looks so yummy! surely going to try!

  6. Hi Seena,
    Delicious n Hot!! Hmm.. looks soo good, may be i should try this if i get good mushrooms.

  7. Extremely helpful cooking help!

    God Bless You

  8. Hi again,
    This one is really delicious! I got Oyster mushrooms and tried this ... hmm.. what to say abt ur recipe... just fantastic... these are not mere praise.
    thank you so much.

  9. Hi seena ..
    Just fantastic ..i will surely make this mushroom dish ...

  10. Thanks Veena,hope to see u with a better result.. :)

  11. hi, seena.... i tried this recipe and was great and delicious. me and my hus liked it very much.... thanks for such nice recipe.


  12. hi seena,
    i tried ur recipe 2day and unfortunetly it was not gud.i dnt knw were i made mistake!i made garam masala like u told in ur paste and powder section,yup 1 more thng insted of fresh mushroom i used canned mushrooms!it was toooo spicy :(

  13. Sorry Divya, what happenend? you should reduce chilli or pepper pwdrs and green chillies according to your taste, and canned mushrooms will not absorb masalas properly.. :), ok , will be ok next time..

  14. Dear Seena,

    I tried this recepie today.It was very delicious.Even before adding tomato,it looked so good and nice aroma started coming and i was little confused whether to add tomato.(bcoz i was afraid that i might do some mistake and spoil the taste).but finally i followed u r steps and it turned out to be the best gravy i ever made(according to my hubby).Thanks a lot....

    Take care,

  15. Thanks Sidada! :) forgot to reply you, hope u come back to try out more from here.. :)

  16. Thanks Rani! Actually, I was about to prepare a new post, and was little lazy, your lovely comment was an energy booster for me in this morning... :) ok,hope to see u again Rani.. :)

  17. Hey Seena I am a very big fan of your cooking,I have tried ur prawns biryani and it is really very good.Thanks for your recipes.Also tried this mushroom recipe...what do I say yummy...:-),


  18. Thank you Shilpa!
    It is a pleasure to know your opinions.. Visit again for more recipes.. :)

  19. Hey Seena..
    I tried out this recipie and OMG how many appreciations I got.. My hubby loved this sooooo much.... Thanks to u!!

  20. Hi Anon,
    love to see you with a name.. :)

  21. Hi Seena, me again!
    Few days back prepared this once again and it was delicious, the taste rocks! unfortunately I increased the spices so was a bit hot but then the taste was so good that we just ignored the spices and had a good time! thank you!


  22. hey seena,
    i have prepared many of your recipes and they all came out very well. amazingly easy and tasty. my hubby also prepares seeing your site. but i've two little kids so cudnt thank u. today mom is preparing this mushroom recipe n i've time to respnd. thnx again. lovely cook.


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