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25 Jul 2008


I do not like sweets especially chocolates. Jaggery contained desserts or candies were the only sweet that makes me satisfied. Recently I read in newspaper that chocolates contain a product derived from p*g bristles and human hairs , which is used to give glazing for the chocolates. Some says this product is used in our daily bread and other baking products too. I don't know how much of this is true. You can find more information from net.
My kids are addicted to chocolates, so I am always looking for some way to stop them eating it. This one I prepared for them using a recipe from vanitha. This cannot be an alternative to chocolates , but I gave it when kids craved for some sweet... :)

Ingredients used and how I prepared

This recipe needs mainly two ingredients, i.e. roasted rice powder and jaggery.For making rice powder first dry roast parboiled rice (puzhungalari) until it turns little brown and powder them when it cools. Make fine powder (or sieve the powder to get fine powder). For this see the rice balls recipe.
We need 1 1/2 cups of this powder.
Melt 2 1/2 big blocks of jaggery (ie, about 250 gm) in little water. ( abt 1/4 cup).
If the melted jaggery contains impurities remove them by straining it. Heat it again, allow to boil and when the jaggery turns thick and sticky (nool paruvam) add the roasted rice powder.Mix well. Now the mixture turns thick and removing from the pan, pour it on a greased plate. Flatten it using a roller, allow to cool. Then cut into pieces.Garnish with cashew nuts or other roasted nuts.


  1. That's a very unique name, i havent heard of it before, but i have to ask you, u dont like chocolates???!!!

  2. Sounds wonderful Seena it looks so toffee like in colour. I bet the kids love to eat this as a treat. :-)

  3. Hi Seena, hope you are doing good.
    This sweet looks good and healthy also!From where does the name comes from?
    Anyways... today im gonna prepare tomato rice/ ghee rice. I was a bit sick from last week and had no mood to cook any food. So thought to visit here and get some boost.
    hopefully my hubby will have good food days soon!!
    thanks and take care.

  4. Yes Nags, I don't like chocolates.. :)

    thanks Jeena, yeah , kids love it..

    I have no idea about the name, but it is a Malabar recipe and the Malabar recipe names are quite interesting..
    I am sure you can cook everything very well. Ok , let me know how your rice turned out. J had left a comment , regards to her.. :)

  5. Hi Seena! Paalaliya looks delicious...children will definitely like this...

  6. Hi Seena!!!!
    I Have given an award for your blog! Please see for details!

  7. I love most food with jaggery. I've never seen this before. Looks like a fusion of burfi and halwa.
    Btw, I think you're the first person I've known who doesn't like chocolate!:)

  8. looks so interesting. haven't heard of anything like this before. yum!

  9. It looks a little bit like a combo of barfi and halwa. Pinne, hope you are doing good....kure kaalam post onnum illayirunnallo???


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