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18 Jul 2008

Ful Medames

This recipe is for bachelors from some bachelors of Dubai. :) Ful Medames is one of the national dish of Egypt which always has a special place in our dinner menu with khubz, especially on the days when I do not cook. This is often prepared by my husband, but I have given little changes to his version, since I always wanted to keep the taste of Arabic spices in the dish. If you don't have the ingredients like za'atar and basil leaves just make it with the remaining ingredients.

Ingredients used
Ful medames 2 cans of 375 gm
onions 2
tomatoes 1
green chillies 2
pepper powder 2 tsps
basil leaves dried 1 tsp
zaatar 2 tsps
olive oil 2 Tbsps

How I prepared
Drain and mash ful medames very well.
Heat oil, saute chopped onions, tomatoes green chillies in little oil.No need to cook onions and tomatoes toomuch. Add pepper powder and dried spices. Stir and mix this with mashed ful medames.
Enjoy with hummus and grilled chicken!
Pour little olive oil on top. Serve with coriander leaves.


  1. i never heard of this ... is it Dubai spl ? can we get in US?

  2. Thanks Nags and Salma,
    Do you get hummus/canned chickpeas there? You may get it in the same section... don't have one now to post a picture,.. :)

  3. Sounds wonderful, I love the picture of it served with the bread yummy. :-)

  4. This is new to me. Nice one dear

  5. whts the other name for thsi,.looks realy delicious..

  6. Full medames is meat or fish? Anyhow whatever it is I drool and would love to taste it

  7. Hey notyet100 and Cham, it is fava beans! No fish or meat.. :)

  8. This dish looks interesting. By the way what is medame?

  9. Hey home cooked, please check the links given.. :)

  10. I have heard of this, but never knew the recipe. I can imagine the taste from the recipe and pictures. Really nice...

  11. I have never heard of medames. I don't even know what it is:) Need to do some search on google:) whatever it is the dish looks delicious!

  12. Dear Seena
    Saw a pic of urs on another blog.. Here's the link

  13. ithu adipoli aanallo..this is new to me and thanks for the unique recipe..

  14. Seena, it's me again. I just gave you an award, if you are not already tired of receiving them:) check out my blog:)

  15. :) Now I'll try it! I've only made falafel at home.

  16. Luks Awesome!!..but i dint quite get wat tis medames is except that its something meaty..:P

  17. It is not famous in the Dubai Emirate only but also in the whole United Arab Emirates! I like ful medames. It is famous in the other Arab countries :)

  18. Khawla,
    I already have given the same link.. :)

  19. You make the recipes look so simple. INteresting blog!

  20. This dish is beans not meat or fish. It is fava beans. The are very Egyptian.

    Some larger grocery stores have canned fava beans/ foule mudammas. Some Whole Foods have dry. If you can't find either you have to go to an Asian/Middle Eastern/Indian market and usually they will have them dry or canned.

    They are tastier than most other beans and super filling. To my taste it is best with roasted onions, roasted garlic, toasted cumin, and a little coriander and cayenne. Olive oil, lemon, salt and black pepper to season. Fresh chopped tomatoes and sweet green and red pepper on the side! Best food EVVVVVARRRRR.

    (Lift is good with it if you want to work for it. Lift requires lots of peeling and waiting.)

    You can make the dry overnight in a slow cooker and then in the morning you have a fast, filling breakfast. Serve with pita bread or white rice (I do the latter because I go through pita bread too fast if I keep it in the house regularly).

  21. Hey! Nice recipe.. I've never used this before.. Happened to pick up this one instead of baked beans.. Didn't know what to do wid it! Thanks to u now its no more a mystery :)


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