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15 Jul 2008

Prawns / Chemmeen Biryani

My mom prepared this biryani. This is for my reader DivyaNair, who requested prawns biryani recipe.(Enjoy Divya!) Actually I thought to post this later after getting a good photo.Mom used some other biryani rice instead of basmati. (There are varieties of rices for biryani, here the rice used is not the usual long grained one.)
I hope you all might have known that and tastyland have copied many of blogger's food photoes including salkkaaram's. I too had requested them to remove those pictures but didn't get a response yet. Please do notify us bloggers when you see any of our recipes or pictures in other websites.That would be very helpful.

Ingredients for making chemmeen biriyani
Prawns 1 1/2 cups
basmati rice or biryani rice 3 cups
onions 6
tomatoes 3
garlic paste 2 Tbspoons
ginger paste 2 Tbspoons
green chilly crushed 4
pepper powder 3 tsp
chilli powder as desired
turmeric powder 1/2 tsp
coriander leaves 1 cup chopped
mint leaves 1/4 cup chopped
coconut milk thick 1 1/2 cups
curd 1/2 cup
ghee or oil 2 Tbsps
lime juice 2 tsps
garam masala powder 1 1/2 tsp

for marinating prawns,
chilli powder 3 or 4 tsps
turmeric powder 2 tsps
fennel seeds powder 1/2 tsp
garlic and ginger paste 2 tsps
garam masala little

How to prepare
Heat enough ghee or oil in a frying pan and fry the marinated prawns in that.Remove it from the pan when it is done and keep aside.

Heat a heavy bottomed vessel and pour ghee or oil. Add the oil or ghee remained after frying prawns too.Saute chopped onions in that. When it is reached transparency, add garlic-ginger paste, chilli paste and saute again for few seconds. Add chopped tomatoes, all the powders, salt, and cook for few minutes by stirring occasionally. Again add chopped coriander and mint leaves, saute them too. Add curd and mix well.Then add coconutmilk and when it begins to boil, put the fried prawns in to that and boil for few minutes. Let the masala turn thick.Check salt.Remove from fire.

Boil water.Put 2 cardamoms, 2 cloves, 2 pieces of cinnamon sticks of 1" length and salt in to it. If you like yellow color biriyani add little turmeric powder also.Cook rice in this and drain water when it is about done.(you can make ghee rice instead of this).

Heat a heavy bottomed or nonstick vessel again, pour little ghee. Remove it from fire. Put about 2 plates of rice. Spread little lemon juice and ghee over it. If you like, use little saffron mixed with milk too. Then spread some prawns masala over it evenly. Again put rice over it and repeat the process until the rice and masala are over. Cover the vessel tightly with the lid, (cover with aluminium foil before you place lid) keep on a low flame for about 10 minutes and remove.(You can see steam comes on top if you open lid a little) Mix well after half hour and keep it like that for a while before you serve.You can add fried onions, ghee roasted cashews , raisins, coriander leaves and mint leaves in between layers.

Have this biryani with pudina chammanthi , curd and pickle.


  1. Chemmeen Biriyani super aayitundu:) I prepared fish biriyani recently.

  2. I too make shrimp biryani, looks so yummy ;)

  3. Next time when we buy chemmeen.. sure im going to make this... in my wrods.. it looks yum!!!

  4. Am drooling all over..Superb biriyani..i made chicken biriyani last week..but shrimp s always ma favourite..i tend to fry it or make roast n devour al d never got a chance to try tis..:)
    btwn thanx 4 dropping by my blog..:)

  5. Looks delicious! Love the color of your rice.

  6. this looks delicious. I have to try this soon :)

    its look yummy, seena
    i just got some prawns today so i gonna make the prawns biriyani today ,its seem to tasty though
    thank u seena.

  8. Lovely prawn biryani Seena. Your recipe always looks so delicious I would cook every recipe on your blog if I could. :-)

  9. Thanks friends.. :)
    Welcome Rasna,
    I had seen your previous comments. Hope to see you back with fb.. enjoy cooking..! :)

  10. Hi Seena

    How r u?

    Thank you so much for the prawns biryani recipe.

    I prepared it and i must say that it was really if made parcel from any hotel

    I also tried ulli vada , chicken varthuarichu,hummus, chicken fry. O my god lovely !!

    I must say i am big fan of yours now !!!

    Once more Thanks Seena, earlier i was diehard in search for prawns biriyani and now it come to and end.

    Even any doubt in cooking solution is your Website !!

    Best Regards


  11. Beautiful biryani, Seena!! Just awesome. :)

  12. Biryani!!!!!!!!!!!
    Watered in mouth.....I like it very much.
    I ate chicken biryani mutton biryani but Prawn Biryani i have never taste yet.So I'll make it soon.

  13. Hi seena,
    ur chemmeen biriyani looks yummy. Im gonna prepare them today.Im a regular visitor of ur blog looking for malabar dishes.Sounds like u r from thalassery/kannur region. All the food that u post are made at our home tooo. U gota wonderful blog here with variety of good foods.thanks.

  14. Hi seena,
    made ur chemmeen biriyani today and it was wonderful. But i did a mistake of adding more green chillies thinking that 4 is too less and it became a bit too hot for me.Else it was very very nice. I will cook some more rice andadd to it. I will try ur fish biriyani next. thanks alot for the recipe.

  15. Mathew, tried it??? :)

    Thanks for the fb and happy to know u loved it!
    Yeah, I wouldn't add much chilly to dishes normally. For this 4 green chillies are enough, u can add more depending on it's spicyness.
    Ok, try fish biryani and let me know. This one is my favourite which brought so many fbs, after published in net.. :)

  16. hi seena...
    i tried ur prawns biriyani recipe..and the result was wonderful...thanks..
    u r just gr8...

  17. Thank you dear Indu,
    It seems everyone loves prawns biryani.. :)Mom is very happy to know about your fbs.. :)

  18. Assalamualikkum...
    hearty congrats to u seena!
    i'm femina from in qatar.i tried chemmeen biriyani for lunch today and it was a hit.i prepared in the pressure cooker though. thanx for all the recipes. i had also tried egg biriyani and machbooz, which were also delicious. once again,thanx.

  19. Welcome, Femina!
    From Gvr?, then you have got the proper taste, Which part there? LF or SKC? Am so excited to see some one from there! :)
    Thanks for the nice feed backs, Fem, keep visiting , Enjoy! :)

  20. Hi Seena,

    I prepared Fish (Salmon) Biriyani by following the above recipie..It was simply superb!!! My husband liked that a lot..Thank you soooo much for the recipie..

  21. Thanks Lekshmi!
    It is a pleasure to know that you loved my recipes.. :)
    visit again to try out more from here.. :)

  22. Hi Seena, yesterday prepared parwns biryani.
    Well,can say it tasted good, it had good flavour but I need to improve a lot... rice became a bit mushy and the quantity of prawns was a less I guess... I have a doubt, how much do I need to fry the prawns?
    Hope you are doing well.


  23. Tried out this recipe after googling for it. came out tasty. Thank you!

  24. hi seena,

    i am a guy who tried your recipe just now and got a delicious output. This was my first time in kitchen and it was a success. thanks a lot.

  25. Sorry Nimi, I think I forgot to answer your query.. :) Just fry the prawns until it is half cooked and slightly brown out side..

    Thanks Asha and Kriso.. :)

  26. Dear Seena,
    I had never ever tried my hand at cooking Biryani before and when I found your recipe on the web, I was tempted to give it a try. Believe me, my husband who is never fond of eating Biryani loved eating this Prawn Biryani and has asked me to try cooking Chicken and Mutton Biryani too. I can't thank you enough for your superb recipe and I have decided to try your other recipes too. Warm Regards - Daya

  27. Dear Seena,
    Tried this today.. in love with it.Read a query above regarding which rice is this - usually biriyani specialists use a variety of basmati rice called Wayanadan Kaima or jeerakasala rice. We get it in almost all supermarkets. I guess thats how they prepare the authentic biriyani in restaurants n all. I use kaima rice only and it tastes superb!Try out.


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