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24 Nov 2007

Chettinadu Chicken Curry

Ingredients and Method
chicken 1 kg
onion 4
tomato 4
red chilly powder 4 teaspoons
coriander powder 3 teaspoons
turmeric powder 1 teaspoons
garam masala powder 1 teaspoon
garlic cloves 7
ginger 1 inch piece
curry leaves few
coriander leaves chopped few
oil 4 tb spoon

For grinding,
red chillies 2
fennel seeds 1 teaspoon
poppy seeds 2 teaspoons
bengal gram / pottukadala 1 table spoon
coconut grated 1 handful
oil 1 teaspoon

In oil fry red chillies, fennel seeds, poppy seeds, Bengal gram / pottu kadala and coconut to a golden brown color and then grind to a fine paste.

Grind garlic and ginger to a fine paste.

Heat oil. When the oil becomes hot add chopped onion and fry for a few minutes until it changes into a light brown colour.

Then add tomatoes which are finely chopped with ginger paste, garlic paste, turmeric powder, coriander powder, chilli powder and fry well until the tomatoes are changed into a fine paste and the oil floats on the surface.

Add the pieces of chicken ,ground paste and enough salt with 1 cup of water.

Cook on medium fire until the chicken is well cooked.

Garnish with coriander leaves and curry leaves.This is a very thick gravy.

I followed the Chettinaadu Chicken Curry recipe of Mrs. Mano Saminathan. Since the amount of chilli is high in the original recipe, I changed it to Kashmiri chilli powder, following Mrs.Mano's suggestions. Mrs. Mano Saminathan is an expert in cooking various dishes and has an experience of forty years in this field. She hails from the famous Thanjavur City of Tamil Nadu. Mrs. Mano , lives in Sharjah with her family, runs the South Indian restuarant "Saffire".


  1. Wow Seena this curry looks amazing and you know me any talk of chicken curry and I am there! It looks delicious very tempting pictures. :) I wish I could go to Mrs. Mano Saminathan's Restaurant. :)

  2. Hi Seena,

    It really looks delish. There are so many different recipes for chicken chettinad but all taste great. Thanks for this recipe.

  3. hey seena, thats a nice colour to the gravy...looks yum!

  4. I´m drooling over ur curry. Looks marvellous.

  5. Wow the chicken looks so delicious. Should try them once. And the sauce is to die for yummy yummy

  6. Yesterday, we went to a Indian restaurant and ordered this dish,it was great.Thanks for the recipe Seena, I can make it at home now!:))

  7. Dear seena..I have gone through somany recipies of Mrs.Mano , in the topic Tamilnadu delicacies..hope you too refer to the same...!!

  8. Chicken in any cooked form is my fav...The gravy looks very thick and creamy.

  9. Wow, glad u see ur comments on my blog Seena, after soo long. Hope u are doing good and take a good care of ur health...Ya, thats so true..becoz of these events, I got to know abt so many cuisines!

    ~ Siri

  10. what a yummy gravyyyyy chicken looks delecioussss

  11. wow..Seena u have so many chicken making this chicken curry for all ur recipes..will keep checking ur posts regularly

  12. Its time to test this one!... hmm yes today I'm gonna make it. hope it will come out well, sure will inform you.
    Thanks Seena..

  13. Hi Seena.. this one came out well..
    feeling proud of cooking some tasty chickens, all bcoz of you!
    :-) Thank you so much!

  14. Now am feeling proud bcos of you, dear girl! :)

  15. Assalamu alaikum,

    Thanks for sharing this recipe. Very simple to prepare and tasty too mashaAllah : )

  16. Wa alaikkum Assalam,
    Dear Umm maryam, thanks for the fb.Checked ur site, good work!
    Hope to see u again.. :)

  17. Hi Seena, you seem to like Mrs.Mano's recipes. If you don't have her collection of recipes, do check out the following links.

    And if you don't have much time to check it, you can download some of them at


  18. Thanks Shilpa for the links!
    I already have downloaded them.And Mrs.MS had sent her collection of recipes to me once, am happy to let you know she is one of my senior friends! :)

  19. Hi Seena,

    I was introduced to your blog through this post and I have been a regular visitor ever since.I followed your recipe and made with crab rather than chicken and it was a hit. Everyone liked it. As I was in a hurry that day as we were expecting guests I couldnt take a picture..else I would have posted the time I wouldnt miss it! Thanks a lot :)

  20. assalamualikum seena....i tried this recipe...MashaAllah this curry is very tasty...nice one...tried many recipes,all r good..thanks a lot..
    regards shabna

  21. Wa alaikkum salam Shabna,
    How are you, i think you had left a comment in orkut, right? :)
    Thanks dear for leaving your valuable fb, hope you are doing well.. Keep in touch.. :)

  22. been to India for two weeks, and this + veggy biryani was definitely my favourite combination for dinners at the hotel. thank you for the recipe.

  23. I just made this dish, it is excellent

  24. I have tried this recipe today. It is very delicious. Thank you so much :-)

  25. Hi , thanks for the feedback! :)

  26. Asslamalikum.
    I am new to this blog I was browsing for sum chicken recipe and your blog popped up.
    WOW you hav got wonderful recipes here.I am so glad I found this blog.
    I tried this recipe today and came out so well
    thank you somuch for the recipe.I am excited to try your other recipes.
    Allah hafiz

  27. Wa Alaikkumsalam F,
    Thanks for the feedback and glad to see you through my blog. Enjoy trying out more from here, all the best! :)

  28. thanks for the awesome receipe. i tried it last nite and it came it very well. Itz really delicious every one appreciated me for this wonderful recipe all credit goes to u mam.

    srivijay s

  29. hi, i like all ure recepies


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