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22 Nov 2007

Kumbalanga Parippu Curry / Ashgourd Dal Curry

Ingredients and method
Toor dal / tuvara parippu 1/2 cup
Ash gourd pieces 2 cup
tomato 1
onion 1
green chilly 2
turmeric powder 1 tea spoon
chilly powder 1 teaspoon or more

for seasoning
coconut oil
mustard seeds
curry leaves
red chillies

We can cook this in three ways.For this, first soak dal for 1 or more hours.Chop onion,tomato and green chillies.

method 1
Soak dal for 1 hour. Wash and cook with chopped ash gourd, onion, tomato , green chilly, salt and all powders. Use water just enough to cover the vegetables.When it is done, heat oil, splutter mustard seeds, add red chillies broken, curry leaves , stir, and pour into the curry.

method 2
Cook all the ingredients together as in the method 1. Put 4 table spoons coconut milk powder in this(Or use thick coconut milk approx. 1 cup). Mix well.Then do seasoning.

method 3
Grind 1 cup coconut grated with 4 small onions and 1/2 tea spoon cumin seeds in little water. Cook dal, ash gourd and green chillies with salt and powders. Onion and tomato not needed in this. Pour the blended coconut solution in to this. When it begins to boil, remove from fire. Do the seasoning.

For non vegetarians this curry is very good with rice to take with fish fry or red fish curry.

Submitted to JFI hosted by Linda of Out of the Garden.


  1. The curry looks delicious Seena!

  2. Seena this is terrible.
    This is another one of my favourite dishes.
    My mom makes them like this. I still can remember the times when i ate them when i was there for holiday.
    From the time when i was small i loved this dish.

  3. Seena I love all 3 methods of cooking this dish. Great recipe it looks delicious. :)

  4. this is lovely Seena. I just saw a similar recipe in someother blog... I guess everyones cooking dal this long weekend!! :)
    Happy thanxgiving! :)

  5. Looks yummy and delicious Seena:))

  6. The title of your blog best describes this dish.

  7. Seena, this looks absolutely yummy! I love ash gourd, never tried it with toor dal. Thank you so much for this wonderful recipe for JFI Toor Dal! :)

  8. Hi seena,

    Really very thankful to you as you had taken me into this cooking world.Recently,i got married and i was a big zero.But now i started preparing new dishes day by day with the help of your blog.Nowadys am too excited by hearing the good good comments from my hubby about my cooking experience.Post more Vegetable receipes if you have.Thanks a lot.

  9. Thanks Pinkooz,
    Everyone is a zero before we learn. Glad to hear you get good comments. It will help you to be a good cook.. All the best! :)

  10. hi seena...great your recipes n this was excellent too :))

  11. hi seena...another excellent all ur recipes! thanx alot!..i always used to try to post comments but it never used 2 work wen it came to publishing my comment! now..i got it ryt wensigned thru google! :)) keep up the very gud work!


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