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20 Nov 2007

Vella Naaranga Achar / White Lemon Pickle

Ingredients and Method

lemon 12
garlic 12 cloves
green chilly 12
mustard seeds 2 teaspoons
black pepper corns 2 teaspoons
vinegar 1 table spoon
sesame oil or coconut oil 2 table spoons
curry leaves few

Chop curry leaves,green chilies and garlic. Crush mustards and pepper corns.Cut lemon into thin slices. Cook it with 1/2 cup water and salt. Cook and reduce water. Heat oil, saute garlic, green chillies and curry leaves.Don't saute too much but for few seconds only. Add lemon and crushed ingredients. Mix well. Add vinegar and enough salt and mix well keeping on the low flame.
I prepare this without cooking lemon, so it would be little bitter but after two days it tastes good.

You can cook lemon in water before cutting it. Discard the water and chop lemon.Then follow the above method. Add ginger if you like.


  1. Looks great, little different from the usual!:))

  2. Hey Seena,
    Hope it's nothing serious. Take care.

  3. Nice recipe Seena, look after yourself, and don't worry about commenting. I can't all the time either, but when I can I do.

  4. seena,
    Nice recipe.Take care of ur health

  5. Hey, the pickle looks yummy!!! and you take good care of urself...

  6. Nice recipe!!Take care your health....Everything will be alright..All blogger friend's prayers and support will always be with you!!"Pinne achar bakki undo ,kurace tharumooooooo"

  7. nice recipe, seena!
    don't worry @ commenting, priorities have to be taken care of, take care of ur health!

  8. that is great looking pickle..the ones made at home are a little more liquidy..

    Take care of your health.

  9. I love lemon piclkles.
    Now i just need rice and curd :-)

  10. seena, nice pickle! i too make white lime pickle :D i have posted a lime pickle. visit if you can...
    i will pray for you... don't worry, always smile :))

  11. Hi Seena, the pickle looks yummy,I am always on the lookout for great pickle recipes, and this seems to be one of them.


  12. thanks dear friends for your wishes..

  13. Lovely recipe Seena I have never tried pickled lemons before they looks very tempting. Hope you feel better soon. :)


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