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18 Nov 2007

Ulli Theeyal / Small Onions Cooked In Roasted Coconut Gravy

Ingredients and Method
small onions / shallots 15 whole peeled
tomato 1
green chillies 2 chopped
coconut oil
tamarind 1 goose berry size

For roasting
coconut grated 1 cup
small onions chopped 3
garlic clove chopped 1
coconut oil 2 tea spoons
curry leaves few
perumjeerakam/ fennel seeds 1 pinch
coriander powder 3 tea spoons
chilly powder 1 or 2 tea spoons
turmeric powder 1 tea spoon

Heat coconut oil. Fry small onions and garlic. when it turns brown, add coconut, fennel seeds and curry leaves. Stir until the coconut turns brown. Then add all powders and stir for few seconds only. Remove from fire. When this cools, blend them with 1/2 cup water.(Or use enough water to make it a thick solution)

Heat 1 table spoon oil. Saute small onions and green chillies. When it begins to transparent, add tamarind water about 1/2 cup. Put salt and tomato chopped and let it boil. Add blended coconut mixture and boil. When oil floats on top, remove from fire.

Heat 2 tea spoons of coconut oil, splutter mustard seeds, fry dry red chily and curry leaves.Pour them into the curry.

You can make this in an easy way.
For this start from the end. Do the seasoning first and saute small onions and green chillies in this and boil with tamarind water, tomato and blended coconut mixture. Add enough salt.

Enjoy with Rice..!

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  1. My favorite dish Seena. Wheever I come back back from vacation, this Theeyal is the first ting I make, I love it. Thanks for your recipe too, more the better!:))

  2. Lovely looking Theeyal Seena. Even I made some Vangi Ulli Theeyal many many days back..:)


  3. I love theeyal.. but have never added tomato to it.

  4. Theeyal is one of my favorite Kerala dishes.:-)

  5. i love theeyal. reminds me of home :)

  6. Hi Seena! The Theeyal looks yummy...

  7. I love this ulli theeyal. Always loved this when i was back at home. My mom used to make this but she could never give me the correct amount of things she used.
    Thankx for the recipe

  8. I like the reverse method;D
    Looks yummy :))

  9. theeyal looks delicious! my version is little different...

  10. seena ulli theeyal looksss delecious got to try this lovely recipe

  11. lovely recipe!!! have never tasted it b4.. will try it out sometime. thanx

  12. awesome ...i love it ..very yummy one .....thks for sharing

  13. This looks so good. I love theeyal.I havent been in ur blog for few weeks and see such a lot of yummy recipes.

  14. I love all your recipes Seena this is a lovely one it looks fantastic. :)

  15. It is a real good dish. But take a while to make it.


  16. Thanks T & T for the comment! Enjoy cooking..!

  17. thank u Seena.. i tried ur ulli theeyal, it was ugran..



  18. Thanks Ammu,
    Enjoy cooking, Your recipe pics are looking great..!

  19. Hi Seena,

    Tried this yesterday and it turned out well. I am very new to cooking and was searching for receipes and found you site. its very useful for beginners like me. Ippo daily ithile oru receipe njan try cheyyunundu.


  20. Dear Sowmya,
    Thanks for letting me know.. Hope you can make all the dishes successfully, all the best! :)

  21. Really great....wonderful recipe...keep posting :)

  22. i tried it,it was awesome, my son liked it


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