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2 Nov 2008

Masala Egg Vada

Masala egg vada is also known as mutta nirachathu in Malabar.Since boiled eggs are my all time favourite, I always ended up making this simple snack,especially for iftar / nombu thura.During school and college days,I loved to take my evening tea / kattan chaya with boiled egg.Still I love to take the same but nowadays am little bit of health conscious and it prompted me to take it with breads and veggies in the sandwich form.
I think,adding little pepper powder and salt to the eggs is the most popular method of eating eggs in the simplest form. Using boiled eggs or bull's eye are the normal methods, but I like the semi solid egg yolk (pakuthi vevu) in the boiled egg which tastes wonderful!Since fear about fever linked with chicken and eggs has prevented me taking it in a half cooked mode. Mostly I prepared bull's eye, and cooked it very well by closing the lid or flipped it over. Then removed egg yolk (this for kids) and used only egg white for preparing sandwiches.If using boiled eggs, removed egg yolk and chopped the whites into big pieces and placed between breads with other ingredients.

Ingredients for making masala mutta vada
Eggs 6
gram flour / kadala mavu 2 cups
onion 2 medium size chopped
ginger 1/2 inch piece chopped
coriander leaves few chopped
green chillies 2 chopped
pepper powder 1/4 tsp
chilly powder 1 /2 tsp or as desired
garam masala 2 pinches

Preparation Method
Boil eggs, remove shell and cut into halves.
Make a thick batter using water, chilly powder and kadalamavu.Mix with enough salt.
Heat oil, saute onion,when it is transparent add ginger, green chilly and coriander leaves.Saute for few seconds.
Add powders and mix well.
Take out the egg yolks and mix with the above.
This becomes a thick masala and take little from it and put it in the place of yolk in the egg.
Make all the egg halves like this.
Dip each in the kadalamavu batter and deep fry it in oil.


  1. My dad used to get egg bondas like these..My fav..Looks too good.

  2. yummy as always seena.lemme try.but i am afraid of yolks.i usually take it out.That may reduce taste..right?

  3. lovely idea. Its been a while since I even bought eggs at home!

  4. Looks good seena!
    I had a great diwali,Thanks,Hope you all are doing good:)

  5. What a tasty way to eat eggs, it looks really yummy. :-)

  6. Never had agg vadas, they looks so yumm.

  7. I have never ever heard this... I have had egg bhajjis, but this take it to the next level. Amazing.

  8. Hi seena..
    As usual nice post ...even i didnt try this ..kazhichittee ullooo.....

    Eni undakki nokkanam...

  9. I've never had this, but it looks delicious! :)

  10. kettittu undu.ithu vare kazhichitilla:))jaan veetil varumbho undakki thanaal mathi..

  11. Hi ya
    This is my first time here...u have a lovely space...

    Egg bonda looks lovely!

  12. this sounds like a devilled eggs recipe i posted sometime in the beginning....but batter is not spiced up , plus a little breading too...

    btw, you should post that "achaaar"...u got me all intrigued with that comment this morning :)))

  13. sounds like a a great side dish for any meal!

  14. reminded me of the bakeries back home!

  15. hmm sounds yummy. can try this as snack for my Son:)

  16. We have a similar snack and it is always enjoyable. I must try your recipe sometime.

  17. Is that egg bajji?..Great for evening snack!

  18. aslm alkm itha..
    made this ystrdy..came out surprised zeb hasn't laid hands on this one yet :)



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