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8 Nov 2008

Grapes Pickle / Munthiri Achaar

Do any one of you have gone through some cooking before marriage? Most of the readers would send messages that they never spent time in kitchen during their studies and after marriage they are obliged to cook some thing for survival.. :) Yeah, the picture is mine too.I didn't know even the simplest things like how to make a tea, how to cook rice etc.. Kitchen was always mother's domain. Since she didn't compel us to do anything we (me and sis) became very lazy also .But we managed to prepare some magazine recipes at that time.I still remember the threatening of one of the aunties once when relatives gathered at home during a special occasion.She said, "Seena, if you are lazy like this, you can't adjust with a MIL" .And for proof ,she said stories of some MILs who were not good with their DILs. Anyway, I didn't fall before her warning and since I was very talkative (they say) that time, I had no shortage of answers to oppose her. I have always heard others saying " She is such a good girl, knows to cook everything and very smart in doing all house hold works" Still I don't think knowing all cooking and other works before marriage is a big thing.It is fun learning each and everything when the time comes by making little mistakes.
Listen this - happened between a newly wedded couple.B appears with a cup of tea and a pleasant smile in the morning.
BG.What is this?
B. Tea?!!!
BG.Tea.....!! This looks like" kanjivellam "..!
B leaves the scene silently with a half-broken heart.. :(
Only this incident led B to conquer the kitchen area, and later the heart of BG! :)
This munthiri achaar / grapes pickle is prepared by my mom.Mom's cousin shared this recipe.I can't say what is the shelf life of this pickle since we didn't get a chance to test.Every time it finishes within two days!
This recipe is for our mishmash, who had published her unakkamunthiri pickle last week.Mish,I have a given a link to your "kanjivellam" post, now it saved my readers from my boring chronicles! Thank you.. :)

Munthiri Achaar Ingredients
Grapes 1/2 kg
roasted rice powder 2 Tbsp
pickle powder 2 Tbsp (used Eastern pickle powder)
vinegar 1/2 cup
green chillies 3
garlic pearls small 10
ginger 1/2 " piece
sugar 1/4 tsp
mustard seeds 1 tsp
boiled water if needed

How to prepare

For roasting rice:- Heat a pan. put 1 or 2 hand ful of rice and stirr.
Stirr continuously until the rice puffs up with a brown color. Allow to cool and make powder using a grinder.
Seive this powder.

For making pickle:- Crush garlic and ginger.Chop green chillies.
Separate grapes from the stem. Wash.

Heat oil, allow mustard seeds to splutter.
Saute garlic , ginger and green chillies for few seconds.
Put grapes , pickle powder, vinegar and salt.Allow to boil.
Put rice powder and sugar. Check salt.Mix and remove from fire. Water comes
from the grapes itself, so no need to add water.


  1. Hi hi same here. But my sister she was fab in the kitchen before getting married.
    I have neve rhad grapes pickle, but looking to that beautiful picture i am drooling.
    Love the colour too

  2. Looks superb,seena. You come up with unique dishes now a days...:) I am hearing this for first time!

  3. HUGS :) u re so sweeeettttttttttttttt...thank yu so muchhhh :)didnt expect this fast...!!!

    Well, the first part is my story..:P

    i am going to try this for sure....kurachu munthiri sankadippikkanam......but i dont have pickle p/w...can I make it at home..? any tips?

  4. mundiringa acharo? this is definitely new to me!

  5. hi adipoli...munthiringa achar nan ithu varre kazhichittilla...nan thanne undakki nan thanne kazhichekkam....

  6. enikku vayya ...onnineyum veruthe vidunnilla allee....looks superb da..

  7. Colorful seena.Made me remember my fav pickle..Luvikka.luvlolikka achar..I miss that very much now..

  8. Havent heard abt this..Unique recipe.

  9. Grapes pickle. it is very new and looks awesome. A Sweet surprie is waiting for u in my blog.

  10. Grapes pickle...sounds new and looks great Seena!

  11. That's one of a kind hot spicy pickle with sweet grapes.I'll give it a try and let you know.

  12. seena..
    there is a surprise waiting for u in my blog
    click the link

  13. Seena,yesterday i made 'verum puli' from you.will be posting soon

  14. seena,its already in my blog.thanks

  15. wait, let me get this right, you pickled grapes? i mean you pickled it like the indian style!! i am sure it tastes like one of our pickles with a grapesy tang

  16. one question - i think i missed reading perhaps - but how long does this pickle stand?

  17. Mish, oru pickle powder recipe njanum sankadippichutharam.. :)

    Lakshmi, I have already mentioned it in the post.

  18. This sounds amazing Seena. I never have heard of grapes being cooked like this before.

    I loved to read your post. :-)

    p.s have you seen my video recipe on my blog?

  19. seena, I've never tried this, but this looks delicious. Now wonder it is gone in 2 days :)

  20. Dear Seena,

    I want to give you something drop in to my kitchen and collect it.

  21. That is totally adorable! With grapes!!! Who would have thought! I am in awe!

  22. സീന :- എന്‍റെ മുന്തിരി അച്ചാറു നോക്കാന്‍ വന്നതിനു നന്ദി . തന്‍റെ അച്ചാറും നന്നായിട്ടുണ്ട് കേട്ടോ


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