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15 Nov 2008

Masala Kadala / Peanuts

I never thought I can make the masala coated peanuts.Whenever I see them in packets a question was always there in mind, how could one separate peanuts while frying? When I got the answer, I could find out it was very simple! If you stir the batter carefully in the hot oil , you can do it!Though I know we can make it easily in the microwave, I loved the deep fried version. So it was a compulsion for me to make this snack.

Gram flour / kadalamavu 11/2 cups
peanuts / kadala 1 cup roasted
garlic cloves 4 or garlic paste 1 tsp
cumin seeds powder 2 pinches or 1/4 tsp cumin seeds
kayam / asafoetida 1 pinch
red chilly powder 1 tsp or more
curry leaves chopped few
oil for frying

How to prepare
Make a paste of garlic and cumin.Mix this with gram flour, red chilly powder, curry leaves, salt and kayam.Pour little water to make a thick batter. Slowly add water and mix.
Put peanuts into this and mix well until each nut is covered with gram flour mixture.
For deep frying this, heat oil in a deep frying pan.
When the oil is enough hot, pour a part of this mixture into oil.
Slowly stir this to prevent peanuts to stick together.
Have to take care in this stage, since the nuts stick together easily in the hot oil.So do this step immediately after you put the masala mixture in the oil.
When the peanuts are golden red, remove them from the oil and allow to cool.
Enjoy with tea or juice!


  1. Hi da..
    even i was having the same doubt ..Thanks a lot for sharing the recipe ..Lovely post

  2. plz collect ur awards

  3. Looks really tasty for a nice savoury treat Seena. :-)

    Over here in the UK we get something called Bombay Mix. It is nuts, lentils, chickpeas and little sticks made of gram flour coated in chilli and spices. It is so tasty.

    I must try your peanuts sometime for sure!

  4. Wow,seena dear,you are rue inspiration.Its my fav snack.

  5. wowwww i luv this masala kadala....nice kothiyavunnu kettoooooooo

  6. I too had the same doubts,but have tried also,but for me it ended up like, masala coating dint coated at all,and my oil all spoilt:(!!!!
    I will try once again like this!

  7. Wow, sounds good to throw all the mixture and stir. Your peanuts re well coated :) Definetly to try soon...

  8. ithu kanaan nalla bhangi undu..masala kadala is my favourite.An award waiting for uin my blog.chek it out

  9. I love masal peanuts. I too have only had them from shops, till i saw in srivalis place and made them and loved it.
    This looks so delicious.
    The only problem is if i make them i an't keep my hands off it. till it is finished.

  10. hello seena
    I read from ur blog how to make ginger-garlic paste, i tried it out and it came out really well. Thank u so much.i made garlic paste before without adding vinegar and oil. it became green color the next day.since then i din try.But when i saw this in ur blog i thought of trying it once more. thanks a lot


  11. Hey...thanks for the recipe. it looks delicious. Its one of my fav snacks. Will definitely try it.

  12. seena..remember me?cmng here after a long time..nice recipe..happy blogging..:)

  13. Compulsion huh? :) I bet it's delicious.

  14. Hi Seena, thats one of my favorite snacks:) You have prepared it so well:) It looks like straight out of a bakery :)

  15. Hi Seena,
    I am a regular visitor of your site and frankly speaking, the site is really good .Your recipes are worth trying.I have tried many of them and it came out really well.I am a beginner in this field and your tips have helped me a lot.Thanks for your recipes. Good job.

  16. it used to be my favorite childhood snack. looks yum! I would prefer baking it. wonder how it would turn out.

  17. hi
    am yasmeen
    i tried this yesterday. and want to thank u b´coz it cameout so super lecker...

  18. Yasmeen, welcome to Salkkaaram!
    Thanks for the nice comment, glad to know you have got a good outcome! I think this is your first fb here, hope to see you again with more.. :)

  19. Seena,

    Thanks for recipe..
    but my trial was a was again sticky sticky...initially i tried to make the paste thick and then later it became too thin..either way it turned out to be a flop...
    Will keep trying though...this is the first time I visited your site..loved ur recipes..


  20. Nimmi, no good news..? :)The batter should be thick enough to cover the peanuts.I took this photo when I prepared it for first time.. Hope you can do it nex time.. keep visiting here.. :)

  21. Can you let me know how this same dish can be prepared using microwave? Am a health freak..but still this one is my all time favourite..would appreciate your tips...


  22. Thanks Aysha for visiting!
    Here is the link for you to Asha's foodies hope, check it out pls.. :)

    Masala peanuts

    Hope to see you again Aysha! :)

  23. hi Seena.I am a frequent visitor of ur site and have tried many of ur recipes and was successful most of the time.but this was a flop.but will try again later.may GOD bless u.....FASI

  24. Hi Fasi,
    Thanks for visiting and trying out recipes from here. I try my best to make all of you successful.
    About this recipe, it is little hard to get it properly, especially for first time. Take care, hope to see you back. :)

  25. Hi Seena,
    Oru doubt und.. Peanut enganeya roast cheyuka? recipe yil 1 cup roasted peanut ennu kandu. kadayil ninnu vangiya thondu ulla kadala aanu.
    Please reply cheythu help cheyyu...
    ur site is helping me a lot :)

  26. Sowmya, reply cheyyan vaikiyathil kshamikkuka.
    thondu kadala alla, kadala varuthathu ille , athanu vendathu, ok? :)

  27. Seena,

    :( shooo ente kayyil varutha kadala illa.. pinne medichu try cheyyam tto...
    thanks for your prompt reply...



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