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18 Oct 2008

Vazhappoo Thoran / Banana Flower Dry Curry

I hadn't seen any one used vazhappoo for cooking in our place during my child hood.Though they know it is edible, no one attempted to use it.Only use of it was for drinking honey from the small flowers inside the purple colored petals.We were not allowed to cut the banana flower from the banana tree, there may be some reasons for that, like it may affect the growth of fruit...Anyway we used plenty of banana stems in various forms.When I made banana flower cutlets for the first time, no one could find out what was it.Every one said it was chicken! If it is cutlet or vada or thoran, vazhappoo tastes great in any form! You can prepare this dish in gravy or dried form.

Ingredients for making this tasty thoran
Chana dal 1/2 cup
banana flower 1
onion 1 or small onions 10
coconut grated 2 Tbsp
turmeric powder 1/2 tsp
cumin seeds powder 2 pinches
chilly powder 1 tsp or crushed dry chillies 2
crushed garlic cloves 2
curry leaves few
mustard seeds 1 tsp
uzhunnu parippu / black gram dal 1 tsp
coconut oil enough for seasoning

How to cook this

Cook chana dal in enough water with salt. Remove outer parts of banana flower and chop the inner part. Cook this using enough salt and water.
Mix coconut, chilli powder, chopped onion, cumin powder, curry leaves and salt, crush them together using hand.
Heat oil splutter mustard seeds and uzhunnuparippu.Fry crushed garlic in this, and when it turns slightly brown add the crushed mixture.
Saute for a while until it becomes dry and add cooked chana dal and banana flower into this. Mix well , check salt.

Snacks prepared using banana flower,


  1. This thoran is new method to cook vaazhappoo,for me...looks good seena!

  2. Seena the curry looks great, me too hv yet to try the banana flower!

  3. Hi...
    This is a very nice recipe. So traditional. Looks so good. YUM!

  4. This is an awesome post seena.I love vazhappo..we call it 'kudappan'..Most of your recipes are so much homely that your blog appears as my home kitchen..Love seena.keep the good work

  5. I have just given a link from my athishayapathiri post to yours.Hope u dont mind

  6. Hi seena..
    I used to make kudappan thoran when i was in thrissur ..After coming here never tried that..After seeing ur wonderful picture, feel like having it nw ...:)

  7. thatz a lovely dish .. very delicious .. thanks for sharing

  8. My mom used to make dishe with vazhapoo, i used to love them. I think it is atleast 19 years ago i have ate something with it.
    This looks yumm

  9. Kodappan was not cooked even at my place. It is only after I started cooking that it has become a regular feature in our home.

  10. I remember taking out the banana flowers along with my grandma..Nice one..

  11. Hi seena,
    Ithu enteyum favourite dish anu..tasy and simple...Yummy Yummy...

  12. Hi Seena, this looks really tasty, I love the presentation. :-)

  13. Hi Seena,
    Am a Vazhpoo Thoran fan but have never tried chopping or making anything with the vazhapoo. From the above recipe I do understand tat the outer leaves have to be discared and the inner ones chopped up...plz do correct me if am wrong, would love to give it a try.


  14. Sheeba, yeah, that outer leaves have to be discarded , esp. those purple colored leaves. The vazhappoo becomes very thin when you are about to make it.. :)


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