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24 Sept 2007

Vazhappoo / Banana Flower Cutlets


Banana flower 1
Onion 2
Potatoes 3 medium size
Ginger 1 inch piece
Green chilly 3
Pepper powder 2 tsp
Curry leaves few
Coriander leaves few chopped
Garam masala 1 tsp
Egg 1
Bread crumbs
oil for frying

How to prepare
Remove outer leaves 3 or 4 of banana flower. Chop them finely. Wash. Cook with salt, little turmeric powder in water. Take little water to cook this.Reduce water.

Boil and peel potatoes. Mash them.

Heat little oil and sauté onion. When it is transparent, sauté chopped green chillies , ginger and curry leaves with it for few seconds till the smell of ginger comes out. Then add coriander leaves. Stir. Add garam masala, pepper powder , salt , cooked banana flower in to this . Stir well. Add mashed potatoes too. Let it cool . Take little from this and make cutlets in the desired shapes. (See the procedure for making meat cutlets) Dip sides in egg and let it spread over the cutlets with palms. Roll in bread crumbs. Keep aside. Deep fry. Vegetarians can use Maida instead of egg.

Vazhappoo / Banana flower is also known as Maani/Vazhakkoombu. We would make thoran and vadas also with this. Try washing this in butter milk water to avoid staining on hands. You can apply little coconut oil on palms also.

Submitted to Aahar for JFI Banana.

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  1. i'd love to try this - if only i can find someone who'll remove the stamen and give me!!

  2. Looks so delicious Seena, I have never eaten anything made with Banana flowers ever!:))

  3. What nice looking cutlets dear....Look heavenly.....Great presentation Seena :-)

  4. ithu adipoli aanu ketto. photo kalakki:)

  5. My mom makes thoran with banana flowers.
    Cutlets look delicious

  6. Hi seena!
    Cutlet looks lovely!!!! nice entry for the event!

  7. Hi Seena, This is a cool entry. I've tasted this once in madras. It was delicious. I don't know whether I can get any vazhappoo here in toronto. If i can I'll luv to try this out.

  8. wow! mummy
    it was yummy
    i filled my tummy!

  9. So far i have tasted banana flower thoran. That was so a cutlet with it will be def delicous. Adipoli pic .

  10. that looks so delicious, I am hopping in my car and coming over for a couple of those delicious cutlets. Thanks for a great entry :) -- Mandira

  11. Cutlets looks yummy, tempting picture

  12. seena..these look soo good..but i have the same reqmnt as lakshmi!!

  13. Hi Seena,
    Cutlets are looking very crispy...

  14. You should have them on a restaurant menu. Looks perfect!

  15. I will do vazhapoo(banana flower) vada while in India..But have not tried this one. Looks yummy. Pch but I'm not getting this flower here. Thanks for sharing.

  16. That looks so good!
    I once tried a thoran using banana flowers. It was a complete disaster!
    Lovely pic!

  17. I had a great disaster with vazhapoo,
    I made usili and it tasted very bitter that I had to throw them. scared to try them again. your cutlets are very tempting.

  18. Lovely Seena, your cutlets always look so wonderful! Fantastic ingredients I bet they were so yummy. :)

  19. Seena - I love your recipes. But I have no idea what a banana flower is, looks like, or even where to get one. Would you be able to post a photo of the ingredient or maybe a few notes about it?

    Thanks for all your wonderful recipes.

  20. wow!!..great entry, Seena..and class presentation..very innovative concept!!

  21. Thanks friends..

    Healthy foodie,
    The Banana flower is a very healthy food. You can cook them with horse gram or dry beans etc..I think you would be able to get it in Indian grocery shops.Since there are different types of bananas/plantains, the taste of flower may differ. So take care while choosing them, I think we usually get the ordinary one which is mostly available in Kerala.I have given two links in the post, please check it too for the pictures of banana tree and flower.

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  23. Hi Seena! looks perfect and delicious. Never tried and tasted banana flower recipes. Yours is very tempting me to give a trial. Surely I will try this. Thanks for sharing and a great entry too.

  24. I have to try this once...I have never tasted it though....have been coming across this prep recently...and hey , you re blogging lots of delicacies these days :)


  25. Wonderful recipe seena! Great and unique entry!:)) We call this Vazhapoo vadai! I too learnt recently from a family friend! Your cutlets are perfect! Happy that I did not miss this lovely post!:))

  26. Very creative and innovative dish. Viji

  27. I remember vaguely eating some thing made out of banana flowers at my grand mother's place.
    Those cutlets look so beautiful:)

  28. Looks delicious .i love vazhapoo cutlet...nalla pics...vazhapoo kazkkombol naduu ormavaruva....kalakkitooo

  29. Seena,

    Check out the snap in this post.Looks like you are also a victim of plagiarism.


  30. Reshma,
    Couldn't find the link you have given.Could you please mail that link to me? Please check profile for my email ID..
    I have replied your previous comments too.. :)

  31. Seena the cutlets looks great I just went and bought some banana flowers and I'm going to try your dish tomorrow. I'll let you know how it taste.

  32. My former maid from Philippines made them into balls and it tasted like deep fried beef balls but she refused to give the recipe. I wonder any one know how to make it ?? Thanks.
    With the above recipe for cutlets, you can use the left over from making soya bean drink !! The bean paste, as it has more nutritious then the drink !! Said a Dietitian. I did not add in potato instead some flour and 1 egg.


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