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9 Jul 2009

Thick Tomato Curry / Thakkali Chutney

Once my Daughter asked "is tomato a fruit or vegetable?" I had no doubt to reply it is a vegetable. She smiled " Yeah, that's why Encyclopedia Britannica explains farmers say tomato is a fruit , but those who love cooking says tomato is a vegetable....!" Any way this doubt has never arisen in my thoughts all these years.... :) Whatever it is , I liked it very much , in raw form or cooked.This simple and delicious chutney is good to take with rice, chappathi or dosa or any thing you like. We normally make this when we have no other curries we like. I have posted other tomato curries like tomato coconut milk curry, tomato pickle, thakkali pachadi etc, earlier, hope you all will love them. Hm, am still craving to take little thakkali chutney with rice , by mashing the green chillies in it... yum! :P

Ingredients for making thakkali chutney
tomatoes 4 big chopped
small onions / pearl onions 1 handful chopped
onions 2 chopped
green chillies 3 chopped
turmeric powder 1/4 tsp
red chilly powder 1 or 2 tsp

For seasoning,
mustard seeds 1 tsp
curry leaves 2 stalks
coconut oil

How to prepare
Heat coconut oil in a wok.
Allow mustard seeds to splutter.
Add curry leaves.
Put chopped shallots and onions.
Stir until it is semi transparent.
Add green chillies and tomatoes.
Add all the powders and salt.
Place the lid and cook on a low flame.
Cook well stirring occasionally.
When tomatoes are mashed well, remove from fire.
Normally , no need to add water.
If you found it very dry, sprinkle little water while cooking.
You can make this without adding shallots too, if you are lazy to peel them.
Then use onions instead.


  1. Another Tomato special from you seens..what a colorful presentation there..would love to try this soon.

  2. Tomato chutney sounds so delicious, i would love to have this with idli and dosas!

  3. I make it very similarly, too. I love tomato chutney!! :)

  4. Looks so delicious Seena! I make tomato curry in a similar way with grated coconut mixture. Great with rice!

  5. I can just imagine how delicious this is.

  6. looks delicious, seena. thanks for the recipe

  7. Yummm.....looks so good. I love this for its can eat it with literally anything - idli, dosa, chapati, rice or even spread it on bread.

  8. Now I know which blog to peek into when I have surplus amount of this chutney.

  9. adipolii..ente seena chechi..enikkithu ippo thanne try cheyyanam..pakshe thakkali illa ivde..:D

  10. This is a great recipe for when you get a tomato craving. :-)

  11. I make exactly the same curry....It's really really delicious especially with fermented wheat dosa that we make here....shud go with other dosas too....Dint make it for some time now:)...Nice post..

  12. Love this chutney so much.. nice click too..loved the layoout..

  13. I am a tamilian married to a Punjabi. My hubby loves the fusion food I make (south indian dish +punjabi dish in one meal). I prepare a similar tomato chutney and also add 3-4 garlic pcs to it and grind it for 3-4 seconds in the mixi and add coriander leaves in the end. It tastes really yummy!I make even vatha kozhambu with tomatoes and my daughter wipes off 1 kg in one day!

  14. Glad to meet you Gowri! :) me too have one recipe with blended tomatoes, hope to post it soon, insha Allah! thanks for the comment.. :)


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