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17 Jul 2009

Meen Pachakkurumulaku Cherthu Pollichathu / Fish Roasted Using Green Pepper Corns

Meen pollichathu , may be every non vegetarian's delight, which has got a top place in the five star menu. Fish marinated in a spicy, tangy, thick masala, wrapped in banana leaf and placed in greased earthern wares (manchatty) and cooked in that. There are lots of different recipes for making meen pollichathu, some says to fry fish slightly on both sides before wrapping banana leaves. I tried to make it using the recipes collected from magazines, especially with green pepper corns, which are so spicy. I haven't used banana leaves for making this and shallow fried it using very little oil.

Ingredients for making
fish fillets 4 medium size
small onions 4
garlic pearls 8 small size
ginger 1 " size
green chilly 8
green pepper few or pepper powder as per taste
lemon juice 1/2 lemon
curry leaves few
coconut oil 1 tsp
oil for frying

How I fried them
Take ingredients more or less according to the size of the fish fillets.
Make a paste of all,marinate fish fillets with it.
Shallow fry them in little oil.
Cook covered on a low flame.


  1. ho,kothichu marichu ..thats so yummy..mathi aano athu ? njan mathi kazhikkilla..but seeing this,drooling..Seens,aa pachakkurumulakinte flavour and smell is reacing here..

  2. you know the only fish i get here is salmon or some atlantic fish...ages since i have relished on a naadan mathi fry...i love this humble fish!! i mean to eat!!;-D

  3. beautiful pic and its making me drool here.Like the way your blog looks now.

  4. Wow Adipoli Seena! Naadan mathi porichathu kandu kothi aavunne! I bought mathi only once since I dont get fresh ones here. Should buy it again :)

  5. Nice pic and nice recipe too....I love mathi and my husband hates it. So rarely makes it....where did u manage to get pachakurumulaku??!!I dont even remember seeing such a thing! it tender pepper?....

  6. I am a Mathi fan but have not had it since the last 5 years or so...makes me wonder how I survived...drooling all the way after seeing ur pic...too good

  7. Yummy fish Seena I bet it was so tasty. :-)

  8. This sounds delicious. Spices must really flavor the fish. Yum!

  9. Looks lovely and yummy! The fish must have been really tasty and spicy!

  10. I love... Meen Polichathu specially Mathi Polichathu... Back home in kottayam, my mom used to make Mathi Polichathu and now I am drooling for it after seeing your photos :-)


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