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24 Jul 2009

Ney Pathiri / Deep Fried Rice Roti or Bread

It had been about 10 years since I saw a perfectly prepared neypathiri.. Though I happened to watch the whole preparation, I didn't get the proper recipe.. Recently a nice friend, from Malabar side, who owns a blog left a comment in my blog with the neypathiri recipe. My interest in trying out Malabar recipes prompted her to do it. That was I searching, a proper recipe from a Kannur / Thalassery home.. Thanks to Shab! You must visit her if you love to try out Malabar dishes. And there are lots of other types of yummy dishes too in her kitchen.
About the neypathiri, like the name indicates the pathiri is deep fried in oil.(Ney means oil here, no need to fry in ghee) When I made it, I finished the first two, my father was there, he also took three, and he didn't need his lunch because of it.. :)It tastes great with chicken or other meat curries.Shabs has a list of her favourite curries to take with. I served chicken kurma with it..
While making this, I din't add rice powder as Shabs said, since I hadn't un roasted rice powder at that time. So I just ground the soaked rice with very less water and poured it to a very clean nice cotton cloth. Then tied the edges of cloth together and hanged it on the sink-tap as my Kannur neighbour did.But mom suggested to take it and place on a cutting board and keep a water filled bowl on it. It worked and soon the water oozed out from the ground paste.After you open the cloth, you get a very nice dough witch never sticks to your fingers!
This is a must try for you all those who love some tasty dish. Forget the deep frying part for at least once.. :)
While I was preparing this post, I got a message from from Mrs.Mano, that she happened to eat fried pathiris from a resturarant, she loved it much and asked for the recipe! :)

Ingredients for making ney pathiri,
1 cup puzhukkalari/ parboiled rice or raw rice / pachari or a mixture of both
1 medium onion or small onions
1 1/2 tsp perumjeerakam
1 cup fresh coconut
salt,water and rice powder

How to prepare,
Soak rice.
Grind it along with as little water as possible into grainy paste.
(Don't make a very fine paste.)
Finally add fennel seeds,coconut, onion and grind until onion and fennel is crushed well.
Add salt and Mix enough rice powder to make a dough like pathiri.
Make lemon size balls and place it on palm.
Press it slowly to make small pathiris not bigger than puris in size.
Pathiris should not be too thin.
It should have a thickness of 2 or 3 puris.
Deep fry them in very hot oil.
Allow to fry both sides by turning occasionally.
Fry until golden brown.
If your dough is correct, your neipathiris may puff up like puris!


  1. Wow looks delicious.... Nice presentation......

  2. oh wow..seena chechi kothippichu kollanulla plan aanalle..I had a very dear muslim friend during school times..I used to gorge on all pakka muslim dishes from her mom,but this is one thing I missed it seems..peru kettittu kothiyakunnu..:)

  3. i never knew there was a variation to pathiri. looks good!!

  4. Very new to me,but sounds too gud,nice one Seena:)

  5. Hey seena, Now i know why there are so many people coming to my blog thru urs. Thx seena..Hey my told this can also be made with pachari/long grain rice or a mixture of both.:)...I dono if i told u that....This one well goes with chicken korma....Yum Yum...its a must try dish....

  6. have never eaten this! will try your recipe sometime :)

    is ney pathiri common in that side, like thesual pathiri?

  7. Very new to me.....looks yum.....something like pooris...will they be hard or soft?

  8. I have tried this one Seena..Ummi Abdulla's book.nice clicks

  9. Looks so delicious Seena! I need to make this. Was in search of a recipe for quite some time. Ithu adipoli :)

  10. This is something new to me! looks delicious with coconut and onion

  11. rice soak cheyunnathu boiled water or cold water?

  12. Hi,
    Soak as usual as you do for idli , dosa etc.. :)

  13. Lovely recipe Seena I bet they taste really great. :-)

  14. Reminds me of the meal time back at home, where we cousins all sat together to feast on this with chicken curries

  15. Mouth-watering recipes... I loved your blog!

  16. seena,
    fried pathri looks good


  17. neypathari vaaychittu kothiyaakunnu.
    pinne kandillallo seenaye.
    abudhabiyil ninnu അട്ക്കളത്തളം enna peril oru bloger undu. avarkku seenayude ID koduthittundu.
    trichur blog clubinte cheriya oru meeting nadannu. pothuyogam varumpol ariyikkaam. makalude bloginte link ayakkanam. to
    njaan marannu aa link.

  18. Despite having lived in Kozhikode for a while, i haven't heard of this variation of pathiri. It sounds delicious.

  19. assalamualaikum,
    i had neypathal at my cousins house..i think she did not soak rice and then grind it..but did like we do for pathiri adding coconut and karimjeerakam... then deep fried it. she had said it was called neypathaland it was u know that one?

  20. Wa alaiikkum salam Aabida,
    I think your cousin used unroasted rice powder for making it.I have seen my neighbour used karimjeerakam, but never tried using both.Will try and publish the recipe, insha Allah..
    But soaking and grinding is the more authentic way of making this.. :)

  21. thanks for providing reciepie .. I was searching for it .. thanks

  22. കുറേ നാളായി തേടി കൊണ്ടിരുന്ന ഒന്നായിരുന്നു ഇത്.ഏന്തായാലും പരീക്ഷിക്കണം.നന്ദി :)

  23. good presentation...

  24. seena ... how long the rice to be soaked ?
    i mean the time duration ..

    thanks to valyammayi .. for introducing this blog to me .. i was in search of this pathiri ..seena ..

  25. Sorry chechi, for being late to reply.
    Soak for 5 or 6 hours, that would be enough.
    thanks to valyammai, keep visiting.. :)

  26. i tried twice .. but it seems like pappadavada ..
    (yet to get the softness )
    i used varuththa arippodi ..
    valyamayi said she used varkkatha podi only ..
    that may be the reason .. is it so ?

  27. Not sure, Chechippennu, I used ground raw rice, so can't say about varutha podi.. thinking to try out that with roasted powder and will publish soon, insha Allah... :)

  28. Hi seena,I dont know a bit of cooking.I have seen your site as simple.So can you just tell me the simple dishes I can try ..


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