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1 Jul 2009

Baby Food - Wheat Cereal / Godhambu Kurukku

Welcome to all young mothers and those who eat all yummy baby foods! ;) I can boast to any one that my kids have grown up without eating much ready made baby foods since a big amount of cerelac I bought for them have gone to my stomach! Yeah, they don't like, but I like. That too directly from the can, without adding water.. :) I have seen some taking this wheat cereal / godhambu kurkku , for that they prepare much more than the baby needed! This thin break fast cereal would be very good for your baby, so try out.. and enjoy with your little one!

Sooji godhambu kurukku / Broken wheat cereal Ingredients
Broken wheat 1 cup
milk 3/4 cup
sugar / jaggery / kalkkandam enough

How should you prepare it for your baby..
Clean and wash wheat very well.
Soak in drinking water for 6 or more hours or soak whole night.
Squeeze the broken wheat with hand.
When the soaked water turns like milk, strain it.
Mix milk and sugar with this strained milk like water.
Keep on a medium flame, stirring continuously.
The mixture boils and turns thick, continue stirring.
Switch off fire.
Allow to cool.
The wheat should be cooked well , so don't cook on a high flame, cook slowly on a medium flame.


  1. lol ..thats superb..pakshe ee gothambu kurukku kandal enikku polum aarkkum kodukkan thonnilla.that much yummy..

  2. i rem my mom making this for sister's babies and me stealing a spoonful here and there because its just so yummy!

  3. Thats a grt one! thanks for sharing!

  4. Looks so creamy n delicious! I too love baby food Seena, esp cerelac..yummy! :)

  5. It's been a long time since I tasted baby son hated cerelac and I was the one who finished it while he gorged on fresh veggie puree...

    So you have a little baby at home or you make this for urself???

  6. Nice one Seena! Looks yum!!

  7. seena,
    nowadays my little one is a fussyeater.will definitely try this kurukku for her:)

  8. Wow! It looks so creamy and yummy, Seena! :)

  9. :)....I think baby food and cerelac now shud be renamed as MOM'S favorite food. I always make for my son, and its me who ends up eating it, even now....I also like the powder....Seena, i dint get what this broken wheat is? it bulgur?and u asked to strain the water. Which one do we use, starined water or the wheat. Sorry yaar, confused. Wud like to try this one for my little one.let me know ok.Thx for the recipe.

  10. Shabs, I copied this from wiki for you, "Bulgur for human consumption is usually sold parboiled, dried and de-branned. Bulgur is sometimes confused with cracked wheat, which is crushed wheat grain that has not been parboiled." Hope you got.. :)
    In Kerala, we ask for sooji godhambu, and in UAE, we got packs of broken wheat or cracked wheat..
    I have edited the recipe for you, if more doubts pls ask.. :)

  11. simple and tasty ! Almost like payasam.Thanks for stopping by. I am doing well. Hope you are fine too.

  12. Heloo :) Enikkum venam enikkum venam eee kurukkum, cerelacum :) wont believe, I dont have kids, but still I bought a kids food (berger brand), and it tastes awesome :)

  13. Very similar to baby food I ate as a child:) Yum!

  14. This looks great, I think we all love kids food sometimes. :-)

  15. Hi Seena....

    Just wanted to know if its one cup of broken wheat or one cup of milk squeezed from wheat.

    This is just to know the right quantity of milk to be used.


  16. No, one cup of wheat, and cow milk 3/4 cup.. :)

  17. I appreciate your natural method for making organic baby food. Very nice recipe. A healthy diet is the best source of lot of vitamins and minerals which is essential for healthy and growing babies. Thanks for writing this article.
    Baby Food

  18. strained water includes the wheat also?

  19. Hi..can I use coconut milk instead of milk. ....if so whn shud I add coconut milk

  20. thanks a lot seena i was thinking about my grandma n missed her like anything my younger brother hu is 11 years younger than me was named "kurukachan" sinc he was tat much fond of mommys kurukku..he is comin for this summmer vacation il defintly make this for him...


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