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18 Mar 2008

Kappa , Meen , Ulli chammanthi / Tapioca , Fish , Small Onion Chutney

Kappa /tapioca with fish and ulli chammanthi /shallots chutney is a delicious dish which I usually crave for... :) This fish preparation is not a curry , it is the "mathi thappuvechathu" dish which we do prepare using the old baking method! (See the recipe and baking method here)
During a specific season, we get fresh big sardines (mathi / chaala) which contains lots of fat ( meen neyyu) in it and with the lesser number of bones too. That kind of sardines are good for preparing this. Sardines soak in the thick masala of freshly ground ginger, garlic, shallots, pepper, gooseberry (or tamarind) etc and slowly reduce water on a medium heat.You can try this with ayala/mackerel also.

For preparing Kappa / tapioca,
Cut and peel the roots. Wash and boil in water enough to soak it. Add salt when it is boiled. Cook and drain when it is done.

I have posted a Ulli chammanthi recipe before, with dry red chillies. This one is with green chillies, which is best with kappa.

Ulli chammanthi
Small onions 7
Tamarind 1 gooseberry size
Green chillies 4 (according to taste)
Coconut oil

Peel small onions, wash them.. Grind all the ingredients together and add coconut oil in the end.

See other Kappa / Tapioca preparations here.


  1. on lent..and I was wondering what to serve with kappa...and there I find you have blogged ulli chammanthi..thanks so much!

  2. ayyooo!! I want to go home NOW :(

  3. Looks great Seena, Ulli Chammanthis sounds great to me!:)
    I am off until May girl, take care of yourself. Hugs!:)

  4. Hi Seena,

    '' Adipoli kappayum - meenum''



  5. My husband made kappa and ulli chammanthi for BF recently. it was sooooooo good.:-)

  6. Ohhhhhhh How can you torture me like this.
    I would love to have that kappa and the chammathi, or while writtng the comment i can tastre them.I am going to go back to the post and drool on the pic

  7. i think like me you have a very weak side when it comes to kappa and fish and ulli:) loved the pic and the recipe:)

  8. yummmy dishes seena:)))love those pics and tapioca

  9. Ulli chamanthi sounds delicious... have never had it with kappa. Have always had only the chips made with tapioca but love those.

  10. Looks so wonderful, Seena!!

  11. The kappa Kizhanghu and fish fry are awesome , i love the platter

  12. This looks really good!! I hadn't heard any of the names before....learnt something new :)

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  14. Everybody in our family love tapioca! Just boiled with salt!!Simple,delicious,healthy snack!

  15. i would give an arm and also a leg to get a plate of that fab combo... blv me i would not kiddin at all....

  16. Looks delicious !!!

  17. hi,

    can we use big onion instead of small onions, since we don't get small onions here. thanks

  18. Hey Seetha,
    sorry for being late to reply..
    No problem if you use onion but won't taste like small onions. Any way try using small sized onions.. ok :)

  19. ormakale....seena..veettile adukalayude manam...aarthi moothu checking the progress.Amma asking to go out of kitchen....I bet this is awesome-Just stumbled on your site today

  20. hi seena,
    first time here, googled on kappa and chammanthi and landed here, tried the ulli chammanthi, tooooo goooooood - everybody loved it :), hank you


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