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15 Jan 2008

Kolli Ishtu / Kappa Puzhukku / Mashed Tapioca

Its raining in Dubai right now........The weather is cold, and this dish is suitable for the rainy evenings! I prepared it yesterday evening, of course this evening snack turned out as my dinner too..:) I love to take this as breakfast, lunch etc etc.........
In my place (nearby places of Gvr and Kkm) , we call this dish Kolli ishtu. I have heard some people call it Kappa puzhukku also. I have never seen my umma (mom) added turmeric to this dish. She prepared whitish and not much mashed kolli ishtu.

Ingredients and method

for preparing Kolli ishtu / Kappa puzhukku

Tapioca 2 roots
peel it and cut into small pieces. Remove the fiber part in the center.

for seasoning
small onions 15
garlic cloves 2 big
red chillies dried 3 or 4
curry leaves few
cumin seeds / jeerakam 1/4 tsps
mustard seeds 2 tsps
turmeric powder 1 tsp
coconut oil
coconut grated 2 Tbsps

Boil tapioca pieces with salt and enough water to cover it.(I do pressure cook until one whistle. This depends on the quality of the tapioca.) Drain the cooked water.

Crush small onions, red chillies and garlic cloves together. Heat coconut oil, splutter mustard seeds and cumin seeds. Add crushed ingredients,turmeric powder and curry leaves. Saute until the small onions turns little brown colored, add grated coconut. Stir for few seconds. Add cooked tapioca pieces and mix and mash well. Add extra salt if needed.
Enjoy with spicy red fish curry and a hot tea!

Read more about Kappa / maracheeni / kolli / cassava / tapioca..............


  1. When my mom make she adds turmeric.
    Just super delicious. Oh and with that meen curry i can just imagine me eating them and then wipping my nose as the meen curry wiould be spicy yum delicious.
    When i found that i get kappa here i wanted to make kappa puzhukku but hubby and daughter don't like them at all.

  2. seena,really mouth-watering adipoli pic kandittu vayyil kappal odikkan pattum..:) btw ehthu fish aanu athu?

  3. such a yummy dish, looks very appetizing!

  4. Seena I have never tried fresh tapioca root before as it is hard to get. It does look amazing especially being served with a red fish curry yum yum! :-)

  5. slurppp....mouth watering! i am coming over !!

  6. I can have this any time of the fav..

  7. nice recipe looks very yummy

  8. Hi thanks friends!
    ithinte peru chemballi ennaanu..nalla meena..:D

  9. Kolli ishtu,adyamayittu kelkkukaya...enthayalum sadanam adipoli!!

  10. Looks delicious!! Red fish curry too looks amazing.

  11. We all love tapioca root in our family but we take it as such just cooked with salt!!Otherwise rarely I make just like banana poriyal! This way I will try next time:)

  12. I haven't heard of the term kolli ishtu b4....njan ithine kappa puzhukku enne parayarullu.

  13. Seena,
    I came to know abt your site from your comment. You have got a brilliant site here.
    Oh your "Kappa Puzhukku" looks delicious.

  14. looks Yummy ! thanks for sharing, never used tapioca root. great recipe indeed .

  15. i bought kaapa too a few days back..for the RCI entry..should make something soon!!

  16. hi seena dis is divya stayng in dubai,yaar i jst started studyng cooking........ yesterday i made kappa puzhukku as directed but it was ok!it has some strange taste in it may b of jeerakam or 15 small caraway is jeerakam?plz let me now.anyways its not going to stop me to try ur other receipes coz its looks really i will try something else and let u knw.god bless u sweety.

  17. Dear Divya,
    Caraway is shajeera.Did u add it?
    I used the ordinary jeerakam/cumin seeds. If you don't like the taste omit it next time.Small onions will not change taste, you have to saute them completely.
    thanks for the comment.. :)

  18. yup i added shahjeera!thanks 4 ur advice dear.... u r doing a gud job by sharing ur mouthwatering recepies wid us and helping new cooks jst like me.tkcr :-)

  19. I guessed it Divya! :) Sajeera is used to make biryani masala. It is not used for ordinary cooking.
    Ok, take care while choosing spices, when we are in a learning stage it would be little bit difficult.. :)


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