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13 Jan 2008

Pazhampori and Eithappazham Porichathu / Banana and Dates Fritters

Banana fritters / Pazham Pori
ananas - ripe / nenthrappazham 2
atta / whole wheat powder 3/4 cup
rice powder 1/4 cup
cardamom powder 2 pinches optional
egg 1 optional
sugar 2 tsp

How to prepare
Cut banana into three equal pieces. Chop each piece ( length wise ) into three equal pieces. Make a thick batter mixing all the ingredients above. Dip banana pieces in this and shallow fry in oil.

Dates fritters / Eithappazham Porichathu
ates / eithappazham 15
cashew nuts or almonds 15
atta / wheat flour 3/4 cup
rice powder 1/4 cup
sugar 2 teaspoons

Roast cashew nuts in little ghee. Or apply little ghee on cashew nuts and microwave it for few seconds.

Make a slit on one side of the date. Remove the seed through that. Replace a cashew nut or badam instead of the seed. Join the side by pressing gently. Do this for all the dates and cashews. Make a thick batter using water, atta, rice flour and sugar.
Heat oil. Dip the dates in the batter and deep fry them. you can fry 4 or 5 together. Let them not to stick to one another.
You can use maida instead of atta. Adding egg will make the banana fritters more crispy. I haven't tried egg for frying dates.
Submitted to RCI Kerala hosted by Currybazar


  1. hey Seena,

    The Fritters looks so yummy dear.. wish I cud grab one or two.. Hmmm.. no the entire plate...hehehe..

    Ya dear, I am totally fine now.. and back to my job hunt with a bang.. Hope ur health is good and U are hale and healthy

    take care n stay in touch.

    ~ Siri

  2. Seena, I usually make pazhampori using eggs. Will have to give yours a try some time.

  3. I love pazham pori:-)It's one of my fav snacks.

  4. ethu ente oru weakness aanu...someone can bribe me easily with this :D

  5. Seena these fritters look lovely. The dates sound delicious with the nut inside. Your platter of food looks really amazing. :-)

  6. May I ask you one question? Should bananas be ripe or raw? or it doesn't matter? May be it's a dumb question. Please bear with me! :-)

  7. both the fritters are new to me...should try it..esp. the dates one!

  8. Ymmmmm, can I drizzle a little syrup and have these? :)

  9. Ahh we call this ethakappam..nothing like this as a snack any time of the day!!

  10. Using wheat flour for batter is new..also is date fritters. Will have to try this.


  11. Hi friends,
    thanks for your lovely comments!

    You are welcome! :)
    Bananas should be ripe for this. You can use raw banana for frying spicy fritters using besan and maida etc.

    Prave, at home everybody used maida before. But now everyone moved to atta to avoid eating maida toomuch.

  12. Hello Seena,
    pazhampori looks good.I use to make it.But mine is different.visit my blog for another version of pazhampori

  13. This is a perfect example of Kerala fast food! :)

  14. with dates? athu njan kettittila ketto :)

  15. ee mazhayathe kazhikkan pattiya palaharam..pls njan angotte varatte?

  16. I love pazham pori.. but haven't used eggs in the batter. Dates fry is totally new to me... am sure that tastes lovely.

  17. Lovel the idea of having dates as fritters Seena!

  18. I love Pazhampori.
    Back at homemy mom used to make them and i used to hogg them.
    Now a days it just go straight to my hipps :-)))

  19. I loved your fritters...they look delicious!!

  20. hi seena,
    U have delicious recipes in your blog.Sure will try as many as I could.Pazham pori is in my draft actually...I used All purpose flour...I am from Tamilnadu and came to know the recipe thru kerala friends.So,as a doubt I am asking you whether they use hweat flour also?

  21. Dear Ramya,
    Thanks for visiting, you can use wheat flour in this , even yesterday we prepared it using wheat flour..

  22. seena...
    can u pls post dates pickle recipe...

  23. Indu,
    I will try to post dates pickle asap,I have a dates chammanthi recipe in draft , hope u will love that too..Onam wishes! :)


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