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12 Jan 2008

Mango and Cucumber Pachadi / മാങ്ങാ വെള്ളരിയ്ക്കാ പച്ചടി

Manga vellarikka pachadi
Raw mango 1 peel and chop into very small pieces.Cook it with salt and little water.

To grind,
coconut grated 1 cup
mustard seeds 1/2 teaspoon
cumin seeds 1/4 teaspoon
green chilly 1
ginger a small piece crush and add to the cooked mango.

Grind them together using little water. Pour this solution into the cooked mango when it is hot. Mix well. Heat coconut oil, splutter mustard seeds, add curry leaves,dry red chillies and pour it into the mango pachadi.

manga pachadi

For making manga vellarikka pachadi, chop cucumber / vellari into small pieces. Add this too mango pieces and cook together. You can make vellari pachadi using curd / thairu instead of mango.
My third entry to RCI Kerala hosted by Currybazar


  1. This looks really delicious Seena I can't wait till I next buy a mango now! :-)

  2. Hi Seena
    Recipe looks good.Thanks for visiting my blog and adding comment. By the way are you a Malayalee??

  3. I make cucumber pachadi with tamarind, never tried with mango, it looks delicious...

  4. I like the combination of cucumber and mango in raithas...Love this too!

  5. very rare combo.. mango and cuke :D
    i will def try this..

  6. hi seena,
    yesterday i tried ur mango and cucumber pachadi it was sooooooo yummy!sweety i decided everyday iam going to try 1 of ur recepies coz i started trusting ur recepies,and iam sure i wont b sorry 4 tryng them :)

  7. Thanks Divya!
    Keep visiting, and try out more! All the best.. :)


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