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17 Jan 2008

Bittergourd Mango Dry Curry / Manga Pavakka Vattichathu

Bittergourd mango dry curry / Manga kaippakka vattichathu

Ingredients and Method
Bittergourd 1
raw mango / pachamanga 1
tomato 1/2
small onions 10 or onion 1
crushed garlic cloves 2
green chillies 2
curry leaves few
turmeric powder 1 tsp
chilli powder 2 tsp
coconut oil
mustard seeds

Clean and cut bitter gourd into small pieces. Chop small onions, tomato and green chillies. Peel and cut mango. Cook everything together expect oil, curry leaves and mustard seeds in water enough to cover it. Cook and reduce water. Season with mustard seeds and curry leaves in oil. Dark green bitter gourd may taste more bitter than the light green one. So choose light green if you don't like more bitterness.If the mango is too much sour avoid adding the whole mango pieces.
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  1. bitter and a sour the colour

  2. Sounds good, Seena. Haven't heard of this before. This may the only way I might eat bittergourd.:-)

  3. The combination must give a nice balance of flavours.... looks good.

  4. never heard about this combination.I love pavakka and along with mango ..must try this one

  5. this is new to me seena....sounds gud....i make pavakka stir fry...

  6. Hi seena

    Fist time visiting in ur blog. Nice collection.

    Good combo bittergourd with mango
    never heard this..

  7. veru new combo seena looks yummy thanks for sharing

  8. the color looks good..but bittergourd :(..sorry! will make it with raw mangoes tho :D

  9. I thought we were friends, I really did... but you tease me with bittergourd, I thought okay, I can get that easily but then, you went and made a calamari post, now that is where you crossed the line :) I LOVE calamari but it is so darn expensive here.

  10. I never heard about this.Ill give a try.

  11. I haven't tried this b4, but iam sure it will taste good with the tartness of mango and bitterness of gourd.

  12. This recipe sounds so lovely if it tastes anything like it looks then I bet it is absolutley wonderful. :-)

  13. Thats so innovative seena...I think this should be really tasting great!

  14. I tried your recipe it was truely simple and delicious


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