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18 Jan 2008

Squid / Kanava Roast

Kanava / Koonthal - Squid / Calamari Roast

Ingredients and Method
Koonthal / Squid 1/2 kg pieces
tomatoes 2
onions 2
garlic and ginger paste 2 teaspoons
green chilly 2
curry leaves few
red chilly powder 2 teaspoons or as desired
coriander powder 1/2 teaspoon
turmeric powder 1/2 teaspoon
garam masala powder 1/4 teaspoon
fennel seeds powder 2 pinch
vinegar 2 tablespoons

Mix everything together except oil , vinegar and curry leaves. Cook them on a medium heat. If needed add enough water to cook. When it is about to finish cooking add vinegar. Reduce water. Heat oil in a pan, pour the prepared curry into this. Add curry leaves too. Saute till very dry. Garnish with coriander leaves.


  1. yum yummo!!!! love the rich color in kanava roast....superb seena

  2. wow...nice recipe. Its been a while since i have eaten squids. Now ur recipe is tempting me to buy some today !

  3. Woww..Had been searching for a squid recipe since ages...Dint quite occur to me that i could have requested the recipe from you long back...Will sure try this and let you know.

  4. Hi,
    Now u got the recipe, ok, try and let me know..:D

  5. I have never eaten squid before. can shrimp be substituted here? recipe looks yummy and would like to try.

  6. Meera,
    You can substitute shrimps, but they don't need much long cooking.It may make them hard, have given another recipe for prawns.pls check it. For shrimps you try this recipe by adding them when the ingredients are half cooked..ok, try and let me know.Enjoy cooking..:)

  7. Seenatha,the last anonymous message wwas frm me,k.Forgot to type in my name

  8. I dont eat any seafood but your pic is so tempting

  9. Hi Seena,
    I tried your recipe and it came out really well.Thanks for an easy and super fast recipe.Love your blog.


  10. thanks friends!

    Zeb, no problem, hope you have seen the updated part of appam recipe..

    Very happy to see your comment, that too very soon after published the recipe..! thanks dear, keep visiting, Enjoy cooking..:)

  11. hi seena,
    The Kanava roast looks tempting, especially the colour. but i have never tried squids before.. Will give it a try at the next opportunity.

  12. Squid sounds delicious Seena it looks so delicious in the picture. :-)

  13. İ like your foods. I wait your visits my blogs.

  14. ചന്ദന്മുട്ടികള്‍ക്കിടയില്
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    ഓര്‍മ്മകളായ് ശേഷിക്കുന്ന
    കൊത്തിയെടുത്തു ദൂരേയ്ക്കു
    പറന്നു പോയ ഇന്നലെയുടെ ആത്മാക്കള്!
    നെടുകെ കീറിയെറിഞഞ -
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  15. Salam,
    tried out this recipe yesterday and it turned out really gud. i skipped adding the vinegar though...Only bcz i dint have any..
    Thanks again

  16. Salam Zeb,
    thanks for the fb, hope you are doing well...,

  17. salaam seenatha.
    i made this dish and it was so tasty.and this was my first attempt in squid..
    got this recipe frm zeb,anyways,thanx a lot..

  18. Roz,
    Thanks for the fb.Was thinking abt Zeb, since no news from her.. Enjoy cooking, hope to see you again.. :)

  19. Dear Seena,

    Your recipes are so good. It helps me in deciding what I should cook for dinner after I reach home. One doubt in making hommos dowe have to cook the chick peas bcos the hommos bought from shops have a raw taste. stay in touch.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Reeja Ameen,

  20. Dear Reeja,
    thanks a lot for the lovely message! Glad to know that I could help you much..
    yeah, I would buy that tin hummus but I usually grind again it with other ingredients..
    If you make hummus at home, soak chick peas overnight, cook it with salt and water, then grind it.Raw chickpeas wouldn't use for grinding..
    Hope to see you again Reeja..Good luck! :)

  21. hI Seenatha

    Ilike ur blog very much.Today I had pen down your dates chammanthi and pickle.will definitely let you know n that page how it went.Now I don't know how to clean this squids.If you don't mind please let me know because my husband like this one and crab very much.I don't know how to clean them.

    thanks for this wonderful blog


  22. hi Seenatha
    Thankyou first of all for this wonderful blog with totally different recipies that too in a simple way ......THAT S IT...
    will try date pickle and chammanthi and let you know defininitely about it.
    Now if you don't mind please tell me how to clean these squids.My husband like crabs and squids but I don't know how to clean them.The recepie I can have from you.

    with regards

  23. Thanks Meenu, waiting to know your cooking results..:)
    For cleaning squid, pls check the "learn" link in the site, you may get the same in the crab cleaning site.. If didn't pls let me know.. :)

  24. waiting to try it out. looks very delicious

  25. hi seena ,
    yummy recipe.thanx.

  26. yes it ll be more tasty if u fry little more means all onion fried to in little black colour

  27. first time here .really good blog..have a good collection of recipe..the squid roast looks so delicious...

  28. was real yummmy...thnx 4 d gr8 recipes u've over here

  29. its very nice
    just now cooked
    and its very yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. just now tried..........
    its very yummy...........
    thank you so much


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