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16 Mar 2008

Vazha pindi Muthira Thoran / Banana stem Horse gram Dry curry

Vazhappindi / banana stem 1
horse gram / muthira or red cow peas 1 cup
dried red chillies 3 or more
small onions / shallots 1/2 cup peeled
garlic cloves 2 big
mustard seeds
curry leaves
coconut oil

Remove the outer coverings of the stem and take out the edible part. Cut them into rings. Then again chop them into small pieces. Remove the fibers (naaru). (You can remove them while cutting into rings.)

Wash and cook vanpayar or muthira. when it is nearly cooked, add chopped pindi pieces. Cook till done. Add salt while cooking.Reduce water.

Crush dry red chillies, small onions, garlic cloves together. Heat coconut oil, splutter mustard seeds, saute the crushed ingredients with few curry leaves. Satue until the raw smell of the ingredients go, and about to get a little brown color. Add the above cooked mixture and check for salt. Mix very well. The banana stem / pindi I used was about a forearm length. You can prepare this using coconut also. Will post it later insha Allah.

A simple and delicious green peas saagu from Asha. Please visit foodies hope for the recipe..


  1. banana stem recipe... dis is sumthing different .. gr8!

  2. Banana stem , i love it , but unfortunately we re not find in US :( The curry looks great and healthy... Asha curry came out so well..

  3. I don't know this way of making banana stem Seena! THanx for sharing and thanx for suggesting green peas saagu from foodies hope!

  4. new to me seena:)looks yumm...but unfortunately we dont get here all the times:((

  5. Hi Seena,
    Never got vazha pindi here.
    thanks for writing about that.

  6. Looks so yummy! Love the pics.

  7. This looks so tasty! :-D I don't get the ingredients here but I am sure it will taste as good as all your other wonderful recipes. :)

  8. wow, that looks very moist and nice with the lentils.. the saagu i must try :D

  9. Thoran is quite a new recipe to me...

  10. love banana curry a lot seena

  11. Last time i had muthira was when i was living at home.

  12. Yummy!!! Your photo looks way better than mine, looks absolutely delicious and so is the Horse gram curry. Glad you liked sagu Seena, great with parathas!:))

  13. Hi Seena, I was searching for a banana stem recipe without coconut. Superb... I love it...Dellu


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