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20 Mar 2008

Pazham Nirachathu / Stuffed Bananas

Pazham nirachathu / Banana stuffed with a sweet mixture of coconut,egg and sugar is another Malabar dish, usually served during iftar (nombu thurakkal / breaking time of Ramadan fasting) or for guests. Preparing this dish was a challenge for me all the time. Making slits on the banana (4 or 2 ) without cutting the ends , stuffing them and deep frying the whole banana in oil was little bit difficult. I always ended up, making only 1 or 2 slits(it is enough ) and shallow fried.. :)

Pazham nirachathu / Stuffed bananas Ingredients
Bananas ripe 2
egg 1
cashew nuts few
raisins few
coconut grated 1 Tbsp
sugar 1 Tbsp
maida 2 Tbsps
cardomam powder 1 pinch optional

How to prepare
Peel bananas. Make 4 slits on it without cutting the ends.
Break egg and beat it with sugar.
Heat ghee, Add the beaten egg mixture, and stir until it turns granules. Add cashews, raisins and coconut and stir. Remove from fire. Let it cool.
Fill the inside portion of bananas using this mixture.
Make a very thick batter using maida and water. Using this close all the slits of bananas. Heat oil in a pan ,deep fry them.
A friend from Kannur side suggested me to roll dough like chapathis and wrap the banana, close edges and deep fry. You can prepare this in another way too. For that steam cook bananas, peel and follow the same procedure. I haven't done that way yet.Those who do not love egg, please avoid it and add more coconut in the filling. Don't use too ripe bananas for this.

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  1. Nalla dishanallo Seena...njan ithu vare ee dish kazhichitilla.....

  2. I have never had nor heard about them....looks yummy!

  3. Yours have come out well. Have never tried it at home. Becoz, I tend to avoid most deep fried dishes. Your post tempts me to make an attempt.

  4. am imagining this with a dollop of vanilla ice cream!! bliss!!

  5. New to me too! Looks very nice!

  6. gosh, i cant wait to try this sans egg...

  7. i equally love steam cooked stuffed nendhra banana...

  8. I am drooling here.
    It seems you alsways make dishes which ilove from back home

  9. simply gorgeous!!! i can't imagine these deep-fried. shallow fried works fine.

  10. wow!so may varaities;;u r so creative..loooks awesome

  11. Deep frying them must be quite a hassle.. the shallow fried ones look delicious Seena.

  12. Did u made with nethira pazam (Red banana) Stuffing banana should be quiet challenging without breaking. Simply Delicious ...

  13. Thanks friends!
    Yeah,Cham, this is Nenthrapazham (Ethakka)..

  14. Looks great..Have nt heard of theses recipes before..Will try them sometime

  15. That looks so delectable. But i have some questions, you are filling the prepared sweet stuffing in the slits? And are the slits made on the peeled banana or an unpeeled one? I mean you have to remove the peel while eating it later on? Because i have never heard or tried it before, but its looking too yummy!

  16. Mona,peel it before make slits,fill the prepared stuffing and close the slits using maida and then deep fry.. Try it, you will love.. :)

  17. The dish looks very delicious Seena...

  18. Seena, I love banana chips, and pazahm niracchathu is new for me, never ate or heard abt it...lovely pics:)

  19. scrambled egg and coconut sweet combination in banana sounds exciting and must try one :)

  20. I would love to try this. It looks sooooooo good!

  21. Sounds new to me but looks delicious Seena!

  22. Its something very different...looks u know so many banana recipes.I like banana chips a lot.Can u share the recipe of banana chips,if u have.

  23. m making this today for chaayakkadi.:)my mother in law makes it like you. but my mom dips the whole plantain in the batter and deep fry until golden:)....they are so delicious....last tim ei made it, i dint get a bite. Just my son and hus had em today making a bit more.
    we make three u told its a nightmare filling inside....

  24. hey seena...I am great fan of ur receipies...
    its mindblowing!!!

    can u please tell me how to make ladoo if u dont mind..

  25. one of my favrt item.. thanks..steaming filled banana after peeling is an easy method... u told u didnt tried it.. have a trial.. its more easy and u can make it more healthy as u can avoid deep frying in oil...but i didnt use maida to cover the slit...


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