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27 Jan 2008

Vegetarian Omelettes

ggetarians cannot taste this like real omelets, though this is a good option for vegetarians. You can add tomato,mushrooms, ginger or any other vegetables according to your taste. This is a best filling in sandwiches too.

Ingredients for making Vegetarian Omlette

Besan / gramflour / kadalamavu 3/4 cup
Maida 1 tb sp
yeast 1/2 tsp
Beans chopped 1 tbsp
carrot chopped 2 tbsps
cabbage chopped 1 tbsp
onion chopped 1
green chilly 1 or 2
coriander leaves chopped 1 tbsp
pepper powder 1 or 2 tsp
garam masala 1/4 tsp
oil / ghee

Mix besan, maida and yeast together with enough water to get the consistency of dosa batter.Keep it an hour or more to rise. Add all the chopped vegetables, salt and powders. Heat a pan, spread little oil / ghee then pour 1 ladleful of batter. Turn over when one side is done. Make small omelettes. Cook this on a medium heat, turning frequently.This will help to cook the inner part very well.


  1. thats a nice and yummy looking veg omelet seena

  2. i have not tried this type of veggie omelette...looks good.

  3. WOW!

    I thought these omelettes were made from eggs, they look GREAT!

    Lovely pictures here they look very very tasty. Nice healthy recipe Seena. :-)

  4. Hi Seena, I am already feeling so hungry and ur eggless omelettes are even more inviting to me.. wish I cud have some..:)



  5. Wow Seena! Omlettes look mouth watering.

  6. Sherikkum Egg pole..ente buddhi rakshaseeeeeeeeee

  7. It may not taste like the real deal for pple who eat eggs but is delicious nevertheless... :)
    Btw, Seena, I cook mostly Tamil food - this is in reference to the qn you asked on my blog.

  8. Delicious looking omelettes.
    Vegies will love them. I am sure Carbies will love them too :)

  9. It looks yummy.Yhanks for sharing

  10. ohh athu shery! so they take it from our feeds, is it? the thing is, i have to keep the feeds long to comply with those sponsored links i am running.

    enna parayana? copy adichuttu potte, alle? che!

  11. entammo :O pakshe oru gunam undu. atleast he has linked to your site. so you get more visitors :)

  12. this is defintely a way to get the children eat veggies!

  13. Kollaam Seena....I have tried this without adding yeast or maida....Iam sure the yeast alters the taste a little...must give that a try next time.

  14. WoW! Its a very different recipe and a good idea to try something different. Looks delicious.


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