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30 Jan 2008

Chilly Fish

I had few salmon fillets in my freezer, and was wondering what to do with it. Since salmons are not much familiar here, no body liked it and said, it has a biscuit taste! A friend told making curry with salmon fish will taste good, but I postponed it for the next time, and just tried a chilly fish with the usual chilly chicken ingredients and it was worth , all the fillets disappeared! :) I used the same method to finish the leftover canned sardines after the roti canai event..:D

Ingredients and how to prepare
Fish fillets 6
onion 1
green chillies 2
ginger 1/2 " piece chopped
lemon juice 1/2 tsp
garlic paste 1 tsp
ginger paste 1 tsp
curry leaves few chopped
coriander leaves chopped few
soya sauce 1 tbsp
chilli sauce 2 tsps
tomato sauce 2 tbsps
pepper powder 1 or 2 tsps
chilli powder 1 tsp
corn flour 2 tsps

Cut fish fillets into small pieces. Marinate them with garlic and ginger paste, salt, pepper powder,chilli powder ,lemon juice ,half of the soya sauce and cornflour. Keep for half an hour. Shallow fry them. Chop onion and cut green chillies. Heat oil,(use the remaining oil used for frying ) saute onion, green chillies, curry leaves and ginger together for some time. Don't saute too much. Add fried fish, remaining soya sauce, chilli sauce and tomato sauce. Mix well, after adding coriander leaves remove from fire.
You can try this with prawns too.

Chilly Sardines

Sardines in tomato sauce 300 gms
onion 1 chopped
green chillies 2 chopped
ginger 1/2" piece chopped
garlic cloves 2 chopped
curry leaves few chopped
soya sauce 1 tbsp
chilli sauce 2 tsp
pepper powder 1 tsp optional
mustard seeds

Heat oil, splutter mustard seeds, saute onion. when transparent add green chillies, ginger, garlic and curry leaves. Saute and add sardines with the sauce which it is soaked. Add the other sauces too. Mix well and remove from fire.


  1. oh yumm. i am so hungry now!

  2. I am loving this recipe Seena.I cooked with Cod last month, really liked it.Usually, I don't buy fish at all, wanted to experiment!:)

  3. Its really a unique idea. Very nice recipes.

  4. Hi seena :) How have you been?

    Right time I saw this chilli fish recipe as I have some sardines:) Hope you are doing good :)

  5. The chili fish looks so amazing. I also do not like salmon too much, but ith ur recipe, i think i will love it. Thanks for sharing

  6. Looks delicious!!Never tasted Salmon,Is it really tased like biscut?

  7. Now I want to go and buy some fresh fish! :-)

  8. Hey i tried the same with squid. it tastes great.Every one liked it. thanks a lot for the great recipe.

  9. Welcome Ambika, thanks a lot!
    Glad to see u with a nice comment,I didn't try squid with this recipe, so have to do it soon! :)

  10. Nice recipe...I have to try.
    Actually,I used to dislike salmon too.Then I got some fresh salmon,
    it was really yummy.Similar to King fish actually!

  11. Thanks Mary, Let me know the fb once you tried, ok, enjoy! :)

  12. hi there!
    i was wondering what do u mean by Tomato sauce it Tomato ketchup or Tomato sauce (flavored with herbs, used in making pasta....)
    Thax for sharing ur wonderful recipes to us and have a Great day. Cheers!

    Hope u will reply me soon. Thx once again.

  13. Anon,
    It is tomato sauce, not ketchup!
    pls don't forget to write your name next time.. :)

  14. Dear Seena,
    Will you post some dishes made of very less oil. i mean diet dishes of fish,veg & chicken.

  15. Welcome, Suman!
    I have that idea in mind, hope to do later.. keep visiting.. :)

  16. Dear Seena

    I tried your recipe just now & its really Yummy.I added some Capsicum as well ...


  17. Thank you dear Saritha!
    Happy to know you loved it, keep trying out.. :)

  18. hi seena,,
    i am a Sri lankan who is crazy on cooking and baking.. luckily I have found your website to try out kerala recipes..ur recipes so are ez to make .i have started to make one by one recipes each day.all the best for more success,,,keep up the good job...regards,,,

  19. Thanks, Hope to see you back with feedbacks... :)

  20. Hej Seena
    I love your chilli fish receipe , its simple and delicious .Keep posting such great receipes

    Take care


  21. i tried chilly fish recipe and it is awesome my kids who never liked to eat fish, actually liked it ...
    thank u :)

  22. Subhasish and anon, thanks for the comments! :)


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