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10 Nov 2009

Chilly Bread

Nowadays it is easy to turn every leftovers to a 'chilly dish'! Just add a 'chilly' tail to the dish and call it Chilly porotta,(recipe in draft), bread chilly, chilly idli etc.. Whatever it is kids are satisfied with the tomato sauce/ketchup used in the dish and they are ready to love it.. Try the simple bread chilly recipe for your child this week.. Since am not good in health, thought to meet you with a simple recipe this week.Ok, try out and come back with your feed backs.. :)

Chilly bread ingredients
Bread slices 6
capsicum 1 medium size
onion 1
tomato 1 small
tomato sauce 2 Tbsp
chilly sauce 1 tsp optional
soya sauce 1 tsp
pepper powder 1 tsp
salt if needed
How to prepare
Cut bread slices into small pieces.
Chop capsicum , tomato and onion.
Heat oil, saute onion.
When it is semi transparent add capsicum and tomato.
Stir well and after few seconds add all the sauces.
Put bread pieces into this along with pepper powder.
Mix well until the sauces coat the bread pieces.
Avoid tomato if you don't love the sour taste..


  1. I should try this, i have never made chillie bread, ofcourse it will be just for me as hubb and daughter would not like it, but then i think more or me :-)

  2. Never made this thinking it would get soggy...the pic shows it otherwise..get well soon Seena.

  3. Hi Seena, passed by your blog and see what a delightfull and mouth watering picture.
    And I will try this for myself as other blogger said....
    By the way, get well soon and take good care of your health.


  4. They look crisp like croutons, anything chilli I am in :)

  5. Hi Seena, i have all these ingredients at home... I will try this in the evening for sure.. looks yummy....

    Also Get Well Soon


  6. Shilpa - pashion4lyf11 November 2009 at 10:51

    Nevr heard of chilli bread.. quite innovative :)pics r gr8! will try and let u knw! get well soon chechi! :)take care

  7. Yummy and delicious recipe dear....

  8. Love the header.....recipe sounds simple and yum...

  9. Assalamualikkum...
    May Allah bless u with good health.

    by the way, i'm going to try this soon..

  10. Hi Seena how are you?

    This looks really tasty, I love your header it is so pretty, I really like snow scenes. :-)

  11. oh on a cold and rainy day this with a cup of tea
    would be so GOOD
    nice one

  12. assalaamu alaikum
    teach my wife how to make this delecious food...
    i will be ther soon

  13. Hi Seena,
    I prepared this all for myself!
    The kind of food I like to eat, with chunks and lil spicy, I had a good time eating this!
    Thank you!

  14. Thanks Nimi,
    Did u get my mail? :)

  15. Wow! This is a new recipe and is so easy. I am going to try this out..

  16. Wow Zeena.. your bread recipes are really good. Yesterday I made bread puttu and my kid loved that. Thanks dear for posting these wondeful recipes..


  17. Thanks Bindu! Keep visiting for more.. :)

  18. i tried disss..
    its very nicee
    Good job keep it uppp

  19. i just add somee beef in to it

    which tastes gudd

    acciodentally get in to ur blogg,nice blog,which helps alot 4 beginners lyk me,am frm kotayam,kerala,now in Sharjah with my husbandd

  20. Thanks Nawal, will try the way you have suggested, insha Allah.
    Gald to know you are from Kottayam, keep in touch, try out recipes you love, all the best! :)

  21. luks wonderful...wud b trying it soon..:)

  22. Hey.. I just tried this and it turned out so yummm....
    thanx seena :-)


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