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18 Nov 2009

Parippu Moloshyam / Simple Dal Curry

Moloshyam or moleshyam or mulakashyam/mulakushyam is a simple dal curry prepared in most of the keralite homes, especially when there are no fish or veggies, or vegetarians cook this much in many days of the month since it is a simple perparation.The method of cooking varies in each region, some add tamarind, others add only tomato.. Any way the the curry would be little running / thin and is usually taken with hot rice!
I have some sweet memories attached with this, my father cooked this often for us when we were school going children , especially when mom went home, to take care of her sick father.His style curry was white, without adding chilly powder and used only green chillies for spiciness.He poured coconut oil into the ladle / kayil and showed it directly to the flames and did all the seasoning in that!! Now I would wonder, thinking of the way he did all his cooking.. :) He did all simply recalling the youth spent in Army.{I haven't told you yet,my kids are very much proud to tell that their both grandfathers are ex-soldiers from Indian Army! :)}

Parippu Moloshyam ingredients
dal / parippu 1 cup
shallots 3
garlic 2 cloves optional
onion 1
tomatoes 2
green chilly 2
turmeric powder 1/4 tsp
chilly powder 2 tsp
tamarind 1 goose berry size / as per taste
curry leaves few
mustard seeds
dry red chillies 2
coconut oil

How do we make this
Soak dal / tuara parippu in water for 1 hour.
Wash it.
Chop onion, tomatoes and green chillies.
Soak tamarind in water and take the extract.
Pour water enough to cook dal in a pan / pressure cooker.
Add dal along with onion, tomato, greenchillies, tamarind extract and the powders.
Add salt and cook until the dal is done.
Crush garlic, shallots and break redchillies into pieces.
Heat oil, splutter mustard seeds, fry curry leaves and crushed ingredients and dry chillies.
Saute until the shallots are little brown, pour this seaoning over the curry.
Serve with rice.


  1. My dad was in Army too but not in Indian Army! I imagine the cocon oil enhancing this simple dhal to whole new level!

  2. hello seena

    very happy to read about your MOLOSHYAM.
    while reading this i went to my childhoo. i was in the boarding school from 1st form to 6th form.
    those days i had lotz of stomach issues and i used to see one of our teacher takes always MOLOSHYAM especially during dinner.
    i never knew this before. about this product. i hail from cheruvathany, 3 km west of kunnamkulam. we never had a dish like this.
    when i told about my issues to sankunny nair and chief chef gopalan nair, he told me to have moloshym in the evening food.

    first few days i did not like moloshyam, later i could not avoid this whole time of my study life there.

    now i have to take a print of this recepe to my partner beenamma and ask her to make this evening.

    thanks a lot seena jee to publish such a lovely and wonderful dish.

    wish you all the best.

    jp vettiyattil @ trichur

  3. Hi Seena,
    I too prepare this same parippu curry!
    One thing is my hubby who is from kollam is familiar with parippu adding coconut paste which they prepare at home ... so I started doing that way but when i feel lazy to grate coconut I usually make it like this...

    It was nice to read the story behind!
    Thank you...

  4. hi seena,

    Seems simple, but u didnt' mention at which point should we add the tamarind extract....before or after the dal is cooked?

  5. Hi Seena,
    Thanks for posting all the wonderful dishes,especially the "nadan" simple,easy & tasty ones.They are of great help to working women like me.

  6. Iyoooo kothiyavunnuuuu adipoli....Parippu looks deliciou dear.

  7. this looks delish seena. What dal did you use?

  8. can u pl give the recipie of chicken biriyani of salkaara restaurant of lulu center if u know

  9. Hi anon, I have edited the recipe , pls check.. thanks for letting me know.. :)

    it is the ordinary tuar dal we use to make sambar.. :)

  10. Thanks Dr.Sushila!
    Hope to see you here again.. :)

  11. new knew this was also called moloshyam. simple and nice :)

  12. Hi dear Seena,

    I really admire ur site.I am always a regular and silent visitor of ur blog.Tried most of ur recipes many times and came out very very well.Thanks for all ur efforts.

    Now I have to ask you one doubt.A food processor or mixer what will be a good choice for a family of 4 members?Which is the good quality food processor/mixer availabe in India?Please help.

    Thanks and regards,

  13. Anon, I don't know about salkkaara restuarant.. Which Lulu center you mentioned? :)

  14. Deepthi, thanks a lot! its a pleasure to know your opinion about my recipes.. :)
    I think a good mixer grinder will be enough for your family.
    For mixer grinder check this link and read comments.
    I use a braun food processor which is very very good, which do lots of works! And mixer grinder I have one black and decker with three jars, which really grinds well. But don't know it is available in India.
    All the best Deepthi, hope to see you back! :)

  15. Wooow.....ea, i lovewd teh i ssooooper.....we prepare the same curry, but we call it parippu mom sometimes add potatoes to this and we dont add tamarind...I make this on a laaaaaaaazy days lunch!

    BTW, the comment section started working in IE....enthoru samaadhaanam......recently i cudnt do it in google chrome as well...

  16. Hi seena,
    I am shahina from Jeddah. I love your salkkaaram very much.I tried many of your dishes..Before long ime I posted a comment about your mutton curry.. i am having adesire tostart a blog since long time.Now I am free from my busy life. i have resigned from my job and I am going india next week. I got a Govt job over there.i just started a blog named'malayalidarbar'.Please visit and leave your comments and suggestions. I am waiting for your co-operation.Plese keep in ouch always
    Lots of love

  17. Salam Shahina, I still remember you! :)
    Good to know that you got job here. And all the best to your new blog. Hope to see you again in your blog.. :)


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