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19 May 2008

Uluva Pizhinjathu / Fenugreek Juice

Thanks to Roopa, Rachel and Shaheen for bestowing the "yummy blog award"! I was very thrilled seeing your comments about my blog and I ask apology for not responding to you soon.With a slow net connection it was very difficult for me to reach your blogs..As I said in the previous post am with mom and this post is from her to my readers Sujitha and Biji. I hope others too may benefit from this.
Uluva juice / uluva pizhinjathu is also known as uluva kanji in some places. It is normally given to the delivered ladies as a post delivery medicine.Elders say this is good for those who are suffering back pain if taken regularly.
Uluva has much medicinal values which has a cooling effect on body and helps to improve hair growth.
You can take this juice any time if you like.

Uluva / fenugreek 1 cup
coconut grated half coconut
jaggery / sarkkara 3 big blocks or as desired

How to prepare
Wash and soak uluva in drinking water. Soak it for over night. Cook this in the same soaked water.Put jaggery in the end.
(You can pressure cook this.)
Take thick milk from coconut.
Blend the cooked uluva in same water and add coconut milk. Or blend coconut and uluva together. Or squeeze uluva , strain and add it to the coconut milk.(this is the real method) This juice has a light brown color.
You have to drink this soon when you prepared, other wise it may be thick.


  1. Good to see you back, Seena! Thanks for sharing the useful info and hope you're having a great time with your mom. Congrats on the award! You definitely have a yummy blog. :)

  2. Glad to see you back. This juice is an ideal drink for indigestion as well....

  3. Thats a very healthy drink

  4. Hi Seena! How are you? Thank you for sharing this healthy juice.

  5. hi seena, nice to see you back! great post:)

  6. Sounds like a healthy drink!:)

    How are you Seena? Hope you are doing well!

  7. Seena, wow thankyou for introducing such a lovely health drink, good for back no doubt uluva sure is!!Thanks for sharing!!

  8. Seena, welcome back! I missed you! Hope you are having a good time with your mom. What a healthy drink! I hear a lot about health benefits of fenugreek. Great recipe!

  9. The juice looks great.Very healthy indeed.

  10. Have heard abt uluva kanji. Thanx for the recipe.
    Congrats on your well deserved award too.

  11. I know fenugreek is healthy, but wouldn't this taste a bit bitter?

  12. Good to see you back, Seena! That's a healthy drink and so much useful info. Take Care.

  13. Dear Seena, thank you very very much for this great post. It is really a godsend. I look forward to trying this. Is it okay to drink this even while im pregnant? Im 5 months pregnant and have the occasional backache- puram vedhana.
    Thanks a ton Seena. This is a sure great blog and i look forward to seeing many many more healthy recipes from you! God Bless.

  14. we make uluva payasam for the same purposes..

  15. Thanks friends, am doing well.. :)
    Yeah, it will be little bit bitter, but you can add much more jaggery.. ;)

    Elderlies say post delivery foods cannot be taken during pregnancy period. During pregnancy, our muscles change to be more elastic than other times to make baby birth easier. Taking these foods will strengthen our body muscles and nerves, that we need only after delivery.
    In their words, it is "thandal urappikkum".. :)
    Mom is happy to see your mail.. If you have more doubts write to me..
    Best wishes..!

  16. Hi Seena? How are you? Must be feelng good being with mom. Thanks for sharing this healthy juice.

  17. Hey seena, I have another surprise for you:)

  18. It is so good to see you again.

  19. wow, i ve never heard of denugreek drink, sounds so healthy and great. Do you use seeeds or dried leaves? or fresh? I am confused which part goes there.

  20. Zlamushka,
    yeah, definitely they are seeds I used for making juice..
    fenugreek leaves, you can use it for cooking curry..
    thanks for inviting blog event, not sure I can participate, will try my best.. Hope to see you again..

  21. Glad to know about this recipe.
    Can we use the powdered coconut milk in place of fresh?
    In Chennai I remember soaking the fenugreek seeds in water and simply drinking this water in the heat of the midday when we had to go out and it helped cool the body.

  22. Dear Jennifer,
    Thanks for visiting..
    we too drink the water in which fenugreek is soaked to avoid heat..
    For this drink, better use fresh coconut milk.
    If you like the taste of powdered coconut milk you can use it. Here we don't boil it..
    Keep visiting , try out and let me know.. :)

  23. oh, thanks for reminding me. Seeds, eh? Wow, it might be a bit bitter... anyhow, I bookmarked it, so i can make it soon and figure out the bitterness myself.

  24. Hope u have a good relief from ur backache...Thanks Seena for this useful recipe..though am very late to respond :o(. Life has changed a lot after my lil one aarived...rarely do i get a chance to login. Thanks again!

  25. woowww seena....i love this stuff....the lady who used to look after me after my delivery used to make this for me.I dont remember her straining the uluvas...i like it along with uluva grains.... It's quite fattening, isnt it?Thx for this recipe. Will try it out one day when i get sharkkara:)

  26. This is a very rare recipe, I would rather say medicated recipe. Thanks for sharing Seena.


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