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17 Apr 2008

Navarathna kuruma

I am going to take rest. It is very much needed now, don't know when it is possible to visit you all. I have few recipes in draft. If my mom allows me, I will post them when I get time..
Like all moms she might say, it is the computer that makes all your problems..don't sit much in front of it... :)
A lovely reader of mine , Dhanya had asked the recipe for Navaratna kurma(I hope you will love this). Actually I don't know what is meant by this "nava rathna" or "nine gems" here. Some says it is nine ingredients or nine kinds of vegetables used for cooking.
Whatever it may be, we all loved this kurma very much.
My brother is a born vegetarian and he started cooking to survive among his carnivore friends.I heard he cooks kurumas very well, instead of using coconut he used much cashews to thicken the gravy. Once I tasted his chana preparation, which was really tasty, I took 3/4 of the dish even without a piece of roti.. :) I think he too got my mom's "kaippunyam"...

Potato 1
carrot 1
cauliflower florets 1 cup
green peas cooked 1 cup
onion 1
tomato 1
turmeric powder 1/4 tsp
coriander powder 2 tsp
chilli powder 1/2 tsp
coriander leaves

Grind to a paste,
garlic cloves 5 small
ginger 1 " pieces
green chilly 1 or 2

Blend together,
coconut grated 1 cup
cashew nuts 6
black pepper corns 1/2 tsp
cardomam 2
cloves 2
cinnamon 1 " piece
cumin seeds 1/4 tsp

How to prepare,
Cook all the vegetables and keep aside.(Use vegetables you like).
Heat oil in a pan. Saute chopped onions as usual until transparent.
Saute chopped tomatoes and ground paste for few seconds until the raw smell disappears.
Add powders, cooked vegetables, peas, coriander leaves and stir well for few seconds. Add blended paste and enough salt.
Cook it on a low flame until oil floats on top.
You can use lime juice or curd instead of tomato.
Add ghee roasted paneer cubes and cashews and raisins to the dish. Some adds cream too.
You can make navrathna kurma with fruits like apple and pineapple etc. I don't have the recipe for that and haven't tried it yet. So please any one tried it let me know how it tastes.. :)


  1. We'll miss u for sure....Btw,is ur mom here in dubai with u?Try to be back soon itha

  2. ayoo..kya hua?
    Actually blogging is supposed to be for fun,not a task:)
    Take rest..
    kuruma looks nice..

  3. WOw it looks creamy delicious.
    Have bookmarked them to make it once.
    Enjoy the break

  4. Seena, wow the dish is very tempting, looks rich n thick n creamy! yumm..i m feeling hungrier looking at it! :D take care of yourself! Listen to mummy like a good kutti!

  5. Wow, the kurma looks creamy. Not only ur brother got Kaipunniyam, i guess u too :) Take a rest , have a nice break.

  6. wow!!!! curry looks gorgeous...i love it...i usually order this kurma when ever we go resturants....havent tried myself....really love its creamy texture...seena chechi take a gud molu for ur mom :)...sure we'll miss u soon

  7. wow seena kurma looks delicious thanks for sharing this recipe

  8. Seena that kurma looks thick and creamy..i bet you all enjoyed it.Enjoy your break!

  9. Seena, you deserve rest! you've been posting almost every day - wow! Have fun time with your mom!

  10. wow rich gravy...looks tasty mmmmmm :)

  11. ur navaratha kurma looks so inviting especially with the cashews on top...simply delicious!!1:)

  12. The kurma looks reallly delicious and rich..Will miss ur recipes for sure Seena

  13. Hi Seena, TC and get some rest - This recipe does look very good!

  14. nice looking kurma, 'll try for sure...

    happy holidays...break..haha

  15. Have a wonderful break, Seena!! Your kurma looks wonderful. :)

  16. Inspired by ur blog have added urs in my blogroll

  17. Take it easy, Seena. I hope it's not a recurrence of the old problem...

  18. One of my favorite, wow this makes my mouth drool. Don't eat without me, m coming for dinner :P Wonderful entry!!!!

  19. You to take your rest hon. Will look out for your return.

  20. Haha.. all moms are alike.. we remain kids for them all the life :)
    thats a lovely recipe.. i will miss u dear. sorry for replying late. since i was busy moving our stuff to our new house :D

  21. WOW!.... This is my fav kuruma... Tastes good with chapthis and ghee rice... Love it.... Urs looks perfect.... So YUM!...

  22. Totally agree Seena...even my Mum is here and says I spend too much time on my comp...all mom's are the same...Chill out girl!!

    Lovely kurma !!

  23. I have a surprise for you in my blog :) Check it out:) Enjoooy!!

  24. hi seena chechi,
    thank you so much for posting this recipe for me.i have not tried this recipe yet but for sure i ll try it soon and let u know the comments.
    u have a happy vacation......
    take care,bye.

  25. hi seena..i have tagged u for meme..plz chk my blog..

  26. This looks yummy!Looks very rich and delicious.

  27. we definitely will miss you seena. Enjoy the break. The kurma looks fantastic :)

  28. You have a surprise waiting for you at my blog...Hope you like it!

  29. dear seena, ur all posts are great, i am also from Thrissur, vadanappilly, can u post a real biriyani recipie pls, veg and non veg pls
    take care

  30. Enthu patti, Seena??? Enthayalum, hope everything turns out well for you....
    The curry looks creamy and yum...

  31. Got a surprise for u at my blog!! Why the break? take it easy and blog less frequently but do blog!

  32. Seena, I bookmarked this dish, will make it for sure.Looks delectable.

    Take rest and blog only when you can. Hugs to you, wish you a speedy recovery!:)

  33. This recipe looks delicious..

  34. Hai Seena I tried nav korma in ur style,it cameout so good,thanx for this wonderfull recipe,Happy Onam


  35. Thanks Vrinda,
    Happy Onam to you,
    Keep visiting and try out more from here.. :)

  36. Hi,Seena I simply love your dishes .....i have been hooked onto these food blogs for sometime and i simply love the variety you bring to your dishes....they look mouth watering.....

  37. Thanks Shilpa,
    Keep visiting and try out some.. ;)

  38. how much paneer?[quantity]

  39. 1 or 2 Tb sp of pieces will be enough.. :)

  40. dear Seenachechi,
    u have got an excellent blog..for amatuers like me it is a true 'life saver'..i have already tried out a dozen of ur recipes..and i'm proud and happy to say that all of them turned out well..(for a first timer)..thanks a million..
    i wanted to try out this recipe and wanted to use curd instead of tomato..could u please tell me whether i add it after the onions and ground paste or after adding all the powders?please do answer coz i really want to make this one for my hubby.. :)
    thanks again..

  41. Sheeba, thanks!
    Add curd after adding and the powders, I think it may be good.. :)

  42. hi Seena chechi,thanx for d reply ..i tried out the turned out was a little watery initially but thickened on standing for some time...could you please post a recipe on making biriyani in pressure cooker..i've heard it saves a lot of time..

  43. Thanks Sheeba! I have tried pressure cooker biryani, but was not satisfied with the taste.. so trying to improve, will post when I find it good.. insha Allah.. :)


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