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15 Apr 2008

Ghee rice -Thalassery style

I had posted a ghee rice / neichor recipe before which is the normal method of cooking rice with water in a 1 : 2 proportion. This is the method we usually follow at home, which is the easiest way of cooking rice. I have seen my Thalassery neighbour always cooked ghee rice using the frying method. She fried rice in an immense amount of ghee, before cooking it in hot water. If she makes Biryani, she prepared ghee rice first using the same method and then mixed it with biriyani masala. (See the procedure here) The amount of water used is lesser in this method since we cooked rice once in ghee. I don't know this method is followed in any other place.
Two of my readers had the same doubts, why their ghee rice turns yellow or the rice is so sticky after cooked. A poor quality rice, the excess amount of water, the color and less amount of ghee etc may affect the outcome.

Basmati rice 2 cups
ghee 3 Tbsp
onion 1
cashews and raisins as desired
fennel seeds 1/4 tsp
cardomam 2
cloves 2
cinnamon 1 " piece
water 3 cups(for 1 cup rice 1 1/2 cup water)

How to prepare
Wash and soak rice for half hour in water. Drain it and keep aside.
Boil water with salt and keep it hot.
Heat ghee.Roast cashews and raisins and take out and keep aside. Add fennel seeds and other spices with chopped onion.
When the onion is transparent, add washed and drained rice.Roast rice until it slightly changes color. Add the previously boiled hot salty water into it.
Boil , reduce heat. When the water absorbs and holes appear on top,keep the lid closed and switch off fire. Keep it covered for half hour.
When you serve, slowly separate the rice with a fork or a big spoon without pressing it much.
Garnish with the roasted cashews and raisins.
If your rice is not roasted properly, the amount of water wouldn't be enough for cooking rice completely. If so, add 1/2 cup or more hot water into it and cook for few seconds too. So keep extra hot water aside when you cook.
Keep the lid closed in the whole process. You can open the pan in-between and just stir the rice until you switch off fire.

Ghee rice is usually served with parippu / dal curry, kachambar and thairu / raita..See the dal perparation here.

See neichor with kachambar here.


  1. This dish looks delicious.. esp rice.. yum!

  2. Looks delicious
    Kachambar is that the curry.

  3. I follow the similar style..didn't know t was the thalaserry style..though I'm far from that area...

  4. Seena, lovely recipe!! Thks for sharing, thku for ur lovely wishes!

  5. Thanks friends!

    Happy, Kachambar is a salad made with onion, tomato , green chillies in vinegar. I have given that recipe in the earlier ghee rice post. Please check it. You will surely love it with ghee rice, and meat curry..

  6. If we fry the rice before, it won't turn mushy and stick together. In my house, if it is one pot dish, my mom fries the rice before. It looks delicious thalassery style Neichoru.

  7. Hii,
    Ur recipe made me mostalgic :( Neyychoru looks absolutely fab. I had friends from thalasery who used to bring naichoru whilst in hostel. It was bliss. I will try this out and let u know. And I have also book marked ur pudina- coconut chutney. I remember it having it with biriyani from "Paragon" or "sagar" hotel in calicut.
    I tried the date fritters. It was very good. I didnt knew till I saw ur recipe about this snack. Thnx for it.
    - Nitha

  8. wow!looks so so yummm!so rich

  9. almost similar way i do. delicious !!!

  10. Looks really delicious Seena..

  11. Looks perfect, Seena....I remember one of my Thalassery friends used to add fried raisins to this...and it tasted real good.

  12. Seena, I've just tagged you for a Six Word Memoir. If you would like to play (it is optional) please visit this link for the rules. Have fun!

  13. the rice looks delicious, it'll go well with any kind of curry :)

  14. That rice looks delectable, Seena. Absolutely gorgeous.

  15. Perfect looking ghee rice, Seena!!

  16. shiny rice, awesome pic. Yummy!

  17. wow! the rice grains are glistenng with ghee, yum :)

  18. my house we fry rice in ghee before cooking too :) Nice neichor.

  19. neichoru ugran. oonukazhicha udane ee post vayichalum chilappo visappu thonum...

  20. i have looking for the recipe of "Neichoru" in many blogs....atlast found the original recipe in yours,will try it soon,thanks for sharing

  21. Rice looks so good, lovely recipe. Nice pic as well!!!

  22. Seena i feel like putting my hands inside that droolworthy snap and wolf it down right away:)

  23. The rice looks so nice and fluffy! Great looking dish.

  24. Dear friends, thanks for the comments, am little busy now, hope to visit you all soon.. :)

    Glad to see you again, thanks for the fb on dates fritters..
    Pudina chutney is my fav. too with biriyani.Would you make biriyani? See u later, :)

  25. Never tried this. Will give it a try.

  26. OH YUMM! I have a dear friend who makes this for me when I go to visit her. Wouldn't she be surprised if I made this for HER!?!?! Thank you for sharing.

    xoxox Amy

  27. Yumm Yummy Ghee rice Seena.. :D


  28. nice recipe... the kurma looks tempting..:) first time to ur blog... loved it....
    Do check mine too...:)

  29. this is the way i make it too.don't add fennel to it though. perfect looking rice, seena.

  30. Assalamu alaikum,

    For how many mts approx..should the rice be fried in the ghee?

    umm maryam

  31. will be enough for 2 persons and a kid.. approx.. yeah, u should fry rice.. :)

  32. Hi Seena,

    I have already tried many of your recipes and have posted comments.

    I have a suggestion for your recipes.
    It would be really welcome, if you can give indicate, for how many persons the item will be enough for. Here you have added in the comment. It will be good, if you indicate this at the top of the recipe. This will help in dividing and mutiplying the quantity.


  33. can we add some lemon juice 2 the cooking rice so dat i would, n't be sticky?

  34. I tried this our today.. It turned out awesome :) I substituted cashews with almonds . Thanks :)


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