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14 Apr 2008

Nenthrappazham Pradhaman / Banana Paayasam

Did you all prepare a wonderful sadya for vishu? I don't have any plan to make sadya, since two weeks I have been making all sadya dishes every day and is so tired of it.We are running out of fish and my veggie lover H can't understand the sorrow of the carnivores.. :) Back home in Kerala, my sis and cousins are very much enthusiastic in such matters like preparing sadya, trying out new dishes etc. I miss all that lovely dishes served together on a vazhayila / banana leaf.. Here , the restaurants in Dubai are doing a great job for serving sadya, providing a homely atmosphere, which we definitely get while seeing the dishes on a banana leaf. I had already posted a Thakkali pachadi recipe for you, and this is my sweet gift to all my readers here.. :)

Banana 2 ripe
jaggery / sarkkara 2 or more blocks
coconut milk thin 1 1/2 cups
coconut milk thick 1/2 cup
ghee 2 tsp
cardomam powder 2 pinches or
dry ginger powder
coconut pieces roasted in ghee 2 tsp

How to prepare
Boil bananas. Peel and remove the black seeds in the center.
Mash them well.(or grind)
Melt jaggery with 1/4 cup water and remove impurities by straining.
Add mashed banana into this and cook them on a medium flame stirring continuously.
When they form thick and remove from the pan, add ghee on it. Remove from fire and keep lid closed.
Boil this with thin coconut milk when you make pradhaman. When the mixture is thick add the thick coconut milk , mix well and remove from fire.
Sprinkle cardamom or dry ginger powder and ghee roasted coconut pieces on it. Or do garnishing with cashews or raisins.
Adding much jaggery will give more color to the dish, I used only little since we didn't like much sweetness.


  1. Love the payasam.
    Wish i had these now

  2. u don't fry the mashed bananas in ghee before adding the jaggery? vishu aasamsakal :)

  3. love these seena!looks so yumm

  4. Happy Vishu Seena..The payasam looks delicious!!

  5. Payasam looks very yuuummy, love the pic :)

  6. Payasam looks delicious, Seena! Happy Vishu to you.

  7. I love Pradhaman.
    Happy Vishu to you and the family, Seena. We had a mini-sadya and celebrated it on Sunday.

    And I'm a Keralite- albeit a non-resident one my entire life.:-)

  8. vishudina aashamsakal....payasam looks yummy...

  9. the payasam looks yum yum Seena. Happy Vishu to u..:D


  10. Looks so delicious Seena ur payasam , never made with bananas.

  11. wish u a very happy vishu!!
    nicey nice yummy payasam

  12. payasam looks yummy.yest i made ada prathaman ..

  13. *sigh*! Now I'm mired in nostalgia, pradhaman is the perfect dessert to showcase the banana flavours!

  14. Seena, wow..the pradhaman looks great!!(tks for ur wishes )Hv a great new year! Vishu Asamsakal..

  15. A happy Vishu to you and your family...though a little late.the payasam looks awesome Seena!


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