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10 Sept 2007


Jeerakakkanji or Cumin flavoured rice soup/gruel is one of the specialities of Ramadan dishes. On fasting days of Ramadan, Muslims of Kerala take this as their dinner. This is usually taken with some upperi or fish curry.

Cracked rice or podi ari 1 cup
Coconut grated 1 cup
Small onions 5
Cumin seeds / jeera (nalla jeerakam) 1 tsp
Turmeric powder 1 tsp
Coriander powder 1 tsp

For seasoning
Small onions 4
Pure ghee 2 tsp

How to prepare
Wash rice. Add turmeric powder, cook in a pressure cooker with 4 or 5 cups of water. Cook till the rice is soft and the kanji is thick.(3 whistles are enough). Grind coconut with small onions, cumin/jeera and coriander powder using ¾ cup of water. Make a fine, smooth solution. Pour this into the kanji. Add salt.If the kanji is too thick, add little more water. Heat it and when begins to boil, remove from fire. Heat ghee, sauté chopped small onions. When they are golden, pour them into the kanji. Instead of coconut, you can use thick coconut milk also.Now mom uses coconut milk, since it is easy and saving time.


  1. Your Jeerakakkanji looks very delicous, I bet you and your family have lots of lovely food after your fasting Seena. :) Great recipe and picture. :)

  2. the kanji looks looks like a stick to your ribs kinda dish...

  3. looks delicious. Didn't know coriander powder is also an ingredient to make jeeraka kanji...hmm..yummy. Don't have podi ari,is usual long grain rice okay for this ? Def will try this out. Looking for more Ramadan special :D

  4. Sounds interesting and looks yummy too Seena:)

  5. Sounds interesting to me toooo n i m sure tastes damn good.

  6. Looks great Seena......nice color :-)

  7. I've never like kanji:-(
    I like your pic though:-)

  8. Wow...looks yummy. We make this using a different method. Should try yours sometime. Thx for the recipe.

  9. seena,
    this looks nice.eagerly waiting for more ramadan spl dishes:)

  10. Looks so delicious n inviting...wonderful picture

  11. great looking kanji! never tasted it before.

  12. thanks Jeena,
    Of course, we have lots of lovely dishes after fasting,:)

    Rajitha, thanks, kanji is our comfort food after fasting..

    Prave,Podi ari is good to make this and it is thick, but you can replace with long grain, no prob.

    Thanks Asha,

    Pooja, it tastes good..some times you will love the cumin flavour.

    Thanks Sirisha,

    Tbc, me too don't like kanji, but this one I like to take some times. Usually we make it with adding some herbs.

    Vini,thanks, post yours too..

    Praju, stay tuned..:)

    Apple, welcome!
    thanks for the comment..

    thanks Lissie, try it..

  13. Never had this I bet it would be good to try

  14. Dear Seena,
    I think you forgot to mention about adding Jeera (cumin seed) in the preparation eventhough it mentioned in the ingredients. Pls correct it.

    Your recipes are very interesting and delicous. Appreciated

  15. Muhsina,
    You are welcome!
    thanks a lot for reminding me..have corrected it.
    Please keep visiting here.

  16. heyyy seena..ur recipies r really mouthwatering:)
    and it really helped a beginner like me..who has never entered kitchen before marriage..;)
    thanx a lot..and waiting for ur new dishes..

  17. Tks for the receipe, very delicious, and what is meant by aashali seed, pls explain

  18. I tried this yesterday , really delicious ...................


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