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12 Sept 2007


The name Kaipathiri is because this roti is prepared by hand(Kai).

Rice powder 1 glass
Water 1 glass
Small onion 3 chopped
Coconut grated ½ cup
Cumin seeds ½ tsp

How to prepare
Boil water with salt, coconut, chopped small onions and cumin seeds. When boils, reduce the flame, slowly put the rice powder into this and stir. Stir well for few seconds. Remove from fire, pour the contents into a saucer. Make dough by kneading it well.

Make balls of big size. Take a banana leaf and place the ball on it. Press with palm(with all fingers) then turn. Repeat this till the pathiri gets enough size. Then place it on a hot griddle / tawa and cook them turning occasionally. Unlike nice pathiris , this might have brown spots and marks, this is thick and tastes good even without curries. When one pathiri is done, soon dip it in coconut milk and transfer into another plate.

See the instructions for making pathiri.

Read about the origin of the word" pathiri".


  1. I always thought pathiri was very difficult to make.
    Your recipe looks really easy to make.

  2. I made one Kai rotti too for K dishes,we say Kai for hands as well!!
    Looks yum, Akki rotti is a classic K'taka dish too! (Hint!);D

  3. seena,
    kai pathiri parcel cheyamoo.:))
    Ramzan dishes adipoli.

  4. Seena I do like this recipe I think sometime I will give it a try, you make this recipe seem simple thankyou. Your pictures look fantastic. :)

  5. I make pathiri but never heard of kaipathiri...and yours look pretty good for a kai-version:)


  6. Actually though I am a Keralite, I have to say I don't know much about Kerala-style preparations since I've never lived in Kerala at all. Your blog is teaching me a lot of things.

  7. Oh great ! Always look out for pathiri recipes...but making with hand will need some practice. Will be great with the mutton curry i posted...hmm.. yum !

  8. This is a simple recipe but very filling. we call this Rice Thalipeeth in goa. Just loved this.

  9. did the round with ur palms..lovely! looks delicious..

  10. wow the roti looks awesome we make a similar one too Asha has hinted you dear!:)

  11. i love pathiri cuz it tastes so yummy with spicy curries! this looks nice and easy to make!

  12. this is like coconutty akki roti!!! i am so sure that its absolutely delicious.

  13. I tried this once, doing a lot of kusthi but didnt get it so well. yours look great.

  14. Honestly, i can't wait to make this one. Looks very rustic and appealing, i am a huge fan of all sorts of pathiris. I may have to use a parchment paper or something to shape these as i always have a hard time finding banana leaves.Thank you.

  15. Ramadan Kareem!!
    Ramzan vidhavangal purathirangi thudangi alle!! Looks Yummy!!

  16. always wanted to make pathiri
    but never had the right recipe
    now I have !!!
    Thanks !!!

  17. i make the usual pathiri. next time will try your kaipathiri and coconut milk!

  18. It looks like I ate this before but they always give me a plate of curry to dip in and it tastes great and filling too.

  19. hi seena,
    i made kai pathiri but it came a little hard..what should i do abt this. oru pad kozhachu noki..

  20. Saju,
    If you have kneaded much , that won't be the reason for the hard pathiris. It depends on the quality of rice which is used to make powder.
    Mom told to dip the pathiris in coconut milk soon when they are cooked. ie, when one pathiri is done, dip it in the coconut milk, take out and keep covered in other plate. Try it.. :)
    All the best!

  21. ya, my mom also told me that it might be coz of the powder. i buy my rce powder from an indian store here in says her rice powder and all are roasted. maybe i too should do that. will also try ur mom's coconut milk method.Give her my thanks and my salaam.

  22. haiii ithaa
    tried ur kai pathiri,it came out very well
    gud combnation with fish curry+thenga paal
    in our place (Ktm)its calld kai Orooty


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