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16 Sept 2007


Tharikkanji is also known as Rava paayasam. Some call it as "Thari". Mom would make it everyday till Ramadan ends up. Adding more rava will make this thick. If you find it too thick add little more fresh milk or coconut milk and heat. You can prepare this without adding sugar also.

rava ¼ cup
coconut milk thick 1 cup
coconut milk thin 2 cup
sugar 2 tablespoon or as desired
ghee 2 tsp
cardamom 2
raisins few
cashewnuts few
chopped small onions 2 optional

How to prepare
Dry roast rawa for a while. Mix with thin coconut milk and bring to boil. Add sugar and crushed cardamoms. Stir well .When it turns thick add thick coconut milk. When it begins to boil , remove from fire. Heat ghee, roast raisins and cashew nuts and pour into the kanji. You can use chopped small onions too for seasoning. Take care while cooking rava, don't cook for a long time.

second method
For this chop 2 small onions. Don't add sugar in the tharikkanji. Instead add enough salt. For seasoning, heat ghee, fry small onions and pour this over the kanji.


  1. Liked both methods seena! Coconut milk must be giving an added teste! nice picture!

  2. hi there, first time here...nice collection of recipies u have here...all the homeward-bound ones

  3. I love the seasoning on this :)

  4. Hey Seena, I clicked on your egg curry link to check the recipe. It was not working.A couple of other links too did not work.

  5. I have had this long time back , when amma used to make it.. looks so delicious. This is like payasam, right ? since it is sweet ?

  6. seena..never had this...looks good

  7. Happy Ramadam Seena. Lovely recipe with the coconut milk. Sounds elicious I love the picture. :)

  8. U really have all authentic recipes under ur belt huh!!

    another good one!!

  9. Seena...the color is awesome.......pleasing to see :-)

  10. that is a very new and nice recipe. never heard of it.


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