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6 Sept 2007

Apple Paayasam

Here is a healthy paayasam for kids!

Apples 2
Milk 1 cup
Sugar 1 cup
Cardamoms 2 or 3
Butter 1 table spoon
Nuts or raisins few
Milk powder 2 table spoon

How to prepare
Chop apples into very thin(remove skin).
Boil milk and reduce to half, add powdered cardamoms, apples and sugar into this.
Stir until thick and apples are cooked.
Mix milk powder with little water to make a thick solution and pour this in to the above.
Mix well.
You can use sweetened condensed milk instead of sugar and milk powder.
Heat butter, fry nuts or raisins, pour to the paayasam.


  1. Seena mole,

    Apples are aplenty in Delhi these days, n really good ones straight from Kashmir, crunchy & juicy....

    I am surely going to make this payasam for a guest coming down to dinner tonight. You have saved my day (I mean evening). I was wondering what to do for a dessert, & lo, you've sorted my problem out.

    Love you for that

  2. such a unique recipe. havent tried this before :)

  3. ur payasam looks delicious! never heard of it before. i will definetely try this one.

  4. Very nice, very creative!:))

  5. This is a very creative recipe. I m surely trying this whn i pickup apples.

  6. This recipe looks delicious Seena. I keep seeing recipes for payasam and I am more and more tempted to make one! Love that you put apples into this desert. :)

  7. Now that's very innovative & I like it 'cos it does not have too much milk like other payasams

  8. Ur Payasam sounds and looks delicious Seena :-)

  9. apple payasam is surely an innovative idea

  10. seena.. that payasam looks rich and creamy!! very nice :)

  11. Shella,
    Actually I prepared this dessert for kids..Hope you will like it..

    thanks Nags,

    Lissie, welcome!
    hope to see you again.

    Thanks Asha,

    Thanks Pooja,
    try it and let me know..

    Jeena, this would be easy for you..

    tbc, you are correct, it is different from our usual paayasams..

    Sirisha, thanks..

    Sure Bhags, haven't seen it any where..

    thanks Rajitha..

  12. Hi seena....
    Apple paayasam sounds new to me.... Nice recipe.....really want to give a try......

  13. I have never had apple payasam. But it looks really good. Even adults would love it

  14. Hi Seena,

    How are you? I am going to try this Apple paayasam for my toddler (Kavya, 15 months old). She hardly wants to eat any fruits and recently she had a throat infection and wants to eat anything in liquid or semisolid form.

    Your paayasam recipe will help me a lot I think in making toddler to eat fruit. I am definitely going to try this.


  15. Thanks Sukanya..if you love sweetness then surely you will like it..

    right, this is an easy preparation for all those who love payasams..

    Oh,Malathy..really surprised to see you here. You are the first one who gave me feedback when I started this blog..I would visit IL, but couldn't post nowadays..
    try this recipe, my kids loved it..

  16. telepathy anno ? Payasam with apple ?? never had them.. is it only for kids ? Then i will try for my kid :D

  17. seena,
    Apple payasam looks delicious.never heard of this payasam B4. will surely try this for varsha.

  18. Nice kheer!Now apple season has begun! healthy fruit payasam!

  19. Prave,telepathy aayirikkum. pinne, paayasam ammaykkum kazhikkam..

    Praju, I think Varsha will love it, here my little one liked it very well.

    Latha, thanks. Only after posted this recipe, I knew it is apple no seasons! :)

  20. apple payasam sounds new, nice and yummy yum! make me crave!!

  21. Sharmi, if you like too sweet things, then try it..

  22. hi dear:)

    lots of yummy recipes:) ....iam in trivandrum now, for a while, came in september and will be here till mid not much cooking going on as i dont have my camera and laptop:( ....

  23. the apple payasam looks yummy and have a nice blog you can visit my blog view my recipes and give ur comments.

  24. Hi seena,
    thanks a lot for this wonderful site.....i tried many of ur receipies alhamdulillah all came out well, especially this apple payasam..small scalil undakki vijayicha kond tomorroo i am going to prepare it for about 10-15 people..insha allah..once again thank u so much for lovely and yummy receiipes..


  25. Assalam Alaikkum Fathima,
    Thanks for leaving a nice feedback..!
    Hope to see you again.. :)

  26. hi seena

    I'm an ardent fan of ur recipes. I have tried a lot of ur recipes and most of them have turned out really well, special mention to the chicken ulli mulaka fry.

    I tried making this payasam, but what happened was that the moment i added the apples, the milk curdled. I still proceeded with the preparation, and came out Ok. Logically it shud happen bz of the sourness in the apple, but u didnt mention it anywhere, that's why I asked. Hope to c ur reply soon.

    Wish u all the best. Looking forward to more and more delicious recipes

  27. Very sorry Deepthy for being late to reply you,
    was little bit busy, about apple payasam, the curdling never happened to me.. thats why I didn't mention it. I used big red apples and it was not sour.. or I didn't feel so.
    thanks for trying out my recipes, don't forget to leave your valuable remarks..ok. :)


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