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4 Sept 2007

Prawn Coconut Milk Curry

Prawns 1 cup

Onion 1
Tomato 1
Garlic and ginger paste 2 tsps

Green chillies 2 chopped or crushed

Coconut milk thick 1 cup

Turmeric powder 1 tsp

Coriander powder 2 tsp

Pepper powder 2 tsp

Garam masala 1 tsp



How to prepare
Heat oil.
Saute chopped onion, then garlic ginger paste.
Add prawns and powders with salt.
Fry for few seconds till the prawns are covered with powders.
Then add tomatoes, green chillies, and coconut milk.
Boil till the prawns are cooked.
Remove from fire, garnish with coriander leaves.
Prawns need less cooking time.
Cooking prawns for a long time will make it hard.
If the prawns /shrimps are medium sized, cook them up to 4 or 5 minutes and for larger size, you can add 3 or 4 minutes too.
Don't forget to remove the intestinal vein of prawns before you cook them.
Keep the curry for half an hour before you serve.
So the juices in the shrimps will enter into the curry slowly and it will make the curry little thick and tasty.

Goes well with chappathi, rice & vellappam.


  1. Hey i am the first one.
    Great recipe.
    I love prawns.
    Can imagine just serving them with simple white rice.
    Do you have to add any tamarind for sourness to the dish

  2. athey enthu paryana.:)
    chemmeen curry with coconut milk looks delicious.

  3. yup ! nalla porutham thaney :D
    The recipes seems almost similar, with plus and minus ingredients.. Looks delicious..want to try this curry with appam :)

  4. Hi seena!
    Prawn coconut milk curry looks lovely! easy way to prepare this dish! I think this will go well with dosais too!!

  5. good one!!!
    always loved the combo of prawns and coconut milk.
    my recipe is also pretty similiar

  6. haa...adipoli combo :)
    I wish I could get some now!!


  7. i am a total prawns freak. Loved this version of curry as well. we make prawns in cocnut milk but without ginger-garlic. Chk my first blog of march for the recipe.

  8. YUMMY Coconut milk smooths out everything:)

  9. have never cooked prawns, but i just love their taste:) ....and when prawn is with coconut milk , wah!

  10. Fantastic prawn recipe Seena. I think prawns so so well with curry spices. I might try this one out for me and my hubby thanks. :)

  11. lovely! any curry with coconut flavours gets a thumbs up from me :) and when it has prawns too, well.. what i can say! yummm

  12. Happy,
    In this curry, I wouldn't add tamarind, but if you love, you can add little vinegar.this curry is different from our normal fish curries..

    hey, I know you love prawns, test this..

    yeah, very similar and good with appam..

    Definitely Usha,
    good with dosas too..

    thanks yours alos..

    make it with thick coconut milk powder.

    welcome.. thanks for visiting..
    Yeah, we can make various dishes using prawn.check the other prawn recipes here..will check yours soon..

    sure Asha,
    hope you are good in health..

    Haven't tried prawn recipes yet? don't wait...hope you are back..

    thanks Jeena,
    let me know the result..hope you will love it..

    welcome and thanks!
    this is a simple and different from our usual coconut fish curries..

  13. Seena, I have posted LASIK in detail at Aroma.check out when you can:)

  14. Hi Seena, I made your prawns in curry and coconut milk for a dinner party last night. Delicious. I doubled the recipe and it worked well.

    One question I have is about the two green chilis that are added with the liquid. Are they whole or chopped. I improvised and chopped my 4 green chilis and added them at the frying stage along with the garlic and ginger. I am curious, though, as to what I was supposed to do with the chilies. Very yummy and a recipe that I will definately return to!


  15. Dear Laurie,
    Glad to know that you liked prawn curry..what you have done with the green chillies is correct. You have to chop them and can add in the first stage (ie, with garlic and ginger) or at the final stage ie, with coconut milk also..For those who love spicy taste, can add them by crushing, so it will make curry too spicy..
    thanks dear..

  16. The recipe was just perfect. I tried it out today. I did not have pepper so used chilli powder instead. This chemmeen curry rocks!!!

  17. Welcome and thanks Zerin!
    Nice to know u r from Uae. Try out more from here.. :)

  18. hi seena...
    prawns curry looks nice...ok now i have d recipe..bye for now..time to open my kitchen:)

  19. hi seena, first of all thank you so much for posting this recipe.. im a pure veggie but my husband & his family are pure non-veg.. so i just tried ur prawn recipe today to impress them for lunch and got so many compliments.. they all said tat it was too gud and my mom-in-law who never appreciates anyone's cokking really appreciated mine today cuz of ur recipe.. thank you so much

  20. Thanks Monica! Try out more veg or non veg from here.. :)

  21. looks divine - is it teaspoon or tablespoon ?

  22. Hey Anon, I normally write tsp for tea spoon, and Tbsp for table spoon.. :)

  23. droooooly indeed!
    I used to put a little bit of tamarind but you're right, vinegar is much better.

    Your blog is wonderful!
    love from Maria
    (an Indian-food lover from Italy)

  24. This recipe is awesome!! its simply finger licking lip smacking delicious!!!! I made it for my hubby and he was very impressed. :-) thanks to you


  25. Thanks Sameena!
    It is great pleasure to know that you tried them and got the taste.. visit again to find out more ... :)

  26. Hi Seena,
    Prepared this few days back and it was an instant hit @home. Thank you so much!!

  27. Thank you Nimi dear! :)
    You always leave very encouraging comments.. :)

  28. Hi...I wanted to know if I can use this recipe by replacing the prawns with fish. Would I need to make any changes to the recipe?
    Hope to hear from you soon!

  29. Bani, sorry for being late to reply..
    You can use other big type fishes, like king fish etc. I mean the fleshy fishes.. however I haven't tried this recipe with other fishes, hope you can do..All the best! :)

  30. hey seena ....thanks am going to try it in next 20 mins....was looking for a quick recipe for prawn and coconut.....
    sudeep banerjee

  31. I needed a shrimp recipe with coconut milk in a hurry so I searched the net frantically; liked yours; tried it at a party I had last night and my guests loved it!!

    So, thank you for sharing your recipe.



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