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17 Jun 2007

Appam and Potato Stew

Ingredients for making appam
Raw rice / White rice – 2 cup
Cooked matta rice ½ cup
Coconut grated 3/4 cup
Yeast ½ tea spoon
Sugar 1 tea spoon

How to prepare
Soak raw rice for 3 or 4 hours. Wash and grind with all other ingredients. Keep the batter to be fermented for about 12 hours. Keep the non stick pan on a medium flame. Pour two ladle full of batter (if needed wipe pan with a tissue dipped in oil) into it. Rotate the pan in a circular manner. You can see holes appearing on the appams. After that, cover with lid. The appam batter should not be watery or too thick. I don’t claim it should be okay for every one who give a try. It depends on how much the appam batter is fermented. We can say the success of appam making, viewing the batter it self. For making flower appams, let the batter go forward then back ward, again right and opposite to that, then left and bring back opposite to that. It is easy if you try. Appam is also known as Paalappam or Vellappam.

We wouldn’t use yeast at home in Kerala, mostly we add one tablespoon of uzhunnu/black gram dal. It doesn’t work here in winter season, so I began to use yeast. During winter season, the fermenting of the batters like Idli, Dosa and Vellappam is not easy. So keep the batter inside the microwave oven, after you finished heating any food. It will help.

For making appams and Duck roast you can follow this recipe from Secret of Taste

Potato Stew

Potato 2
Onion 1 chopped
Tomato 1 small chopped
Ginger ½ inch chopped
Turmeric powder ½ tea spoon optional
Green chillies as desired
Coconut milk thick 1 cup
Pepper powder 1 tea spoon
Curry leaves few
Mustard seeds

How to prepare
Boil potatoes and peel.
Cut into small pieces.
Heat oil.
Splutter mustard seeds.
Sauté onion.
When it is transparent, sauté ginger and green chillies in it till the aroma of ginger comes.
Add turmeric, potato and tomato pieces, pepper powder, curry leaves and salt.
Stir it for few minutes.
Pour coconut milk into this.
Add little water if you want to reduce the thickness.
When it begins to boil, remove from fire.
Best with Appam and Chappathi

I just add the appam recipe with the amount of water to help some readers here who asked me.This time I have made little changes, hope it may help you.


raw rice 1 cup
coconut grated 1/2 cup
yeast 1/4 or 1/2 tsp
warm water 1 cup(25% hotwater )-about 200 ml
cooked rice / choru 1/2 cup
sugar 1 tsp

Grind everything together. Ferment for 12 hours.I kept the batter inside the oven to ferment in a plastic container.


  1. seenakutty, i have bookmarked pathiri but i am yet to make that. you have so many yummy recipes. appam/stew-chicken-egg etc. my fav. i made it today for father's day. how did you get that flower appams? :):)

  2. great kinda stuff...thanks for the comment on my have great recipes here...thanks for sharing

  3. Appam like flower.. Looks great. Were you able to do this in an ordinary pan? Or were there any special equipments?

  4. What a wonderful stew! I am so glad to discover your blog... So many lovely recipe here for me to try out. :)

  5. flower shaped appam is something we saw this time we went to india...i tried it but doesnt come all the sides evenly for me :) yours look perfect :)


  6. what pretty appams!and a nice variation on the stew.

  7. Shn,
    Actually, I learnt to prepare flowery appams , just to make my kids happy.But they don't seem that much happy..:)

    thanks for the comment.They are pretty and melting..

  8. They are so cute Seena, like little flowers. Beautiful.Viji.

  9. woh seena,
    flower appams..ithagane oppichu..

  10. A Kerala classic combo!! Looks so yummy!! I have never tried Appams with Yeast,got to try:))

  11. Hey, I love appam and I was looking for the recipe... Thanx so much!! :)

  12. Somehow missed to ppep in as I was busy with Myself,Appam looks soooo light and soft.Looks yummy.Will surely try as I am bad making them..
    That sambhar is the one my mom makes-kerala smabhar,mine is the one my ma in law makes,easier and tasty one..

  13. Oh my the lacy appams look sinfully delicious, great combo with Stew :)

  14. Thanks Viji..

    Ithu oppikkan padichutto..

    Yeah, Asha,try this with some good vegetable curries or chicken..

    Thanks Ramya, try it..

    Thanks Bharathy,
    Yeah, Varutharacha sambar is little lengthy, but I love it with rice ..

    Definitely,Aruna, great taste with stew!

  15. hi ur appam n potato stew r superb...the shape of appam is too good

  16. Hi seena!
    Sorry .. I just saw your appam.. (Network problem..). Its super.. flower appam is very nice.. will follow as you told.. Thanks !!!

  17. just last weekend i brought a special rice flour for making appa and idiappam:) now i know what i want to cook as a side dish...yup...potato stew:)

  18. Adipoli appam...Kazhivu sammathichu moleeeee

  19. Thanks Shanthi..

    Thanks Usha,
    Hope you can make good appams..

    yeah, this stew goes well with idiyappams too..

    angane vazhikkuvaa..

  20. I love appam....This is looking great....YUM! YUM!...

  21. wow seena ....the uppam looks great ..perfect one ....

  22. I must try making appams sometime soon. Nice recipe.

  23. Wow those appams looks so lacy. I have bookmarked the recipe Seena. Potato stew with those soft appams indeed is a masth combo.


  24. Thanks Deepa,Raaga,

    hey Seema,
    am sure you will like the combination..

  25. hi Seena,

    after trying umpteen different recipes for a lacy soft appam, i found ur recipe the BEST!!! it is a fool proof one and very much like the ones we get in hotels.

    thanks for the lovely recipe. today evening for iftaar, i am gonna try ur chkn varutaracha curry with appam.

    thanks again,




  26. Sam,
    hope you will love chicken curry too..

  27. flower appam.very i cant make a proper round appam twisting the chatti..

    nice blog!

  28. hi seena,,,,
    i am a regular visitor of ur blog......i have made ur egg biryani and it came out goood......i have one doubt i made appams but it doesnt have that holes formation ...........and it remains only white in colour it doent get darker like urs..........
    could u help me out plzzzz

  29. Dear Sangeetha,
    thanks for the fb.
    did u check the batter is fermented well? If not, the appams won't have holes and it wouldn't be good too.And the amount of water should be correct.If the weather is cold where you live, keep the batter inside the microwave oven after you used it for heating food. It will help. Hope you can make good appams soon..:)

  30. thanx for the reply will try out again and let u know........ur bread kesari looks good keep the up the good work......frm which part of india are u?

  31. സീനാ,
    ഉഴുന്നു ഈസ്റ്റിനു പകരം ചേര്‍ക്കാമെന്നുള്ളതു എനിക്കു പുതിയ അറിവായിരുന്നു. അരി കുതിരാനിടുമ്പോ കൂടെയിട്ടാ മതിയോ?

    സീനയുടെ ബ്ലോഗ് എനിക്ക് വളരെ ഇഷ്ടപ്പെട്ടു.

  32. വളരെ നന്ദി ആ‍ഷാ,
    ഉഴുന്നു പരിപ്പു അരി കുതിരാനിടുമ്പോള്‍ കൂടെ ഇട്ടാല്‍ മതി.

  33. as salamu alaikum.

    I am going to try out your appam recipe today. Can I use the active dry yeast you get there, or is it fresh yeast.


  34. Wa Alaikkum Assalam,
    You can use active dried yeast.:)

  35. had been looking for an appam recipe since everyone at home was fed up of me making putt almost everyday:)
    appams turned out good,but not like the ones in the picture.mayb i shud try out your modified recipe for appams
    thanks itha..

  36. Roz, Yes, Zeb too had this complaint and I watched even the amount of water and posted the recipe again for her. I still makes these types of appams. May be the change comes because of the types of rice we use.. Some times I use cooked basmati rice in it to grind! :) Anyway, experience makes one perfect.. :)Try again..

  37. Hi Seena,
    you made my day today!.. Hmm.. you know if I prepare good food it makes wonders in my home.
    The stew is really superb, is so simple n easy.Off course I reduced the pepper and didn add G.chilly.
    Since I bought the appam batter, it was ok.. but the breakfast went well .. and it includes appreciation from my hubby :-).. Thank you soo much.
    And tomorrow I will prepare Prawn biryani..yummy!

  38. Nimi dear,
    Thanks again!
    Is the amount of pepper powder too much?
    Next time you try it without adding turmeric, the color will be different.Recently I prepared this for my parents and they loved it very much! Ok, dear, thanks , keep in touch. Onashamsakal to you,R and Jeeva.. :)

  39. Hi Seena,
    Do have the recipe for chicken stew?

    Thanks & BRgds,

  40. Beautiful appams, i do the same way too, not a traditional appams as u told..looks great..

  41. hi chechi njan cooking padikan thudangiyita ollu.your recipies are really helpfull. palappathinu pavu kachanam ennu kettitundu is it needed.

  42. Yeah Gincy, some do like that. They make a "kurukku" with rava and add to the batter. I hope I can post that recipe too later.. wait and see.. :)
    All the best dear! :)

  43. Hi seena
    I want to try this recipe but I don't get raw rice here.....only jasmine rice...can i susbstitute it in this recipe? what is cooked matta rice? can i just use plain cooked rice? ur appam and stew looks really delicious...



  44. Rahima, sorry for being late to reply. Was busy with kids exams. I think jasmine rice is a kind like basmati, I think you can use it. Yeah, you can use cooked plain rice. Not sure, eveything will be ok for the first time, but try. All the best! :)

  45. hii seena.appam nalla bangiund..
    evide raw rice kittila..sonamasoori or ponni raw rice or basmati ethil ethengilum patumo?

  46. hai,
    njan cooking start cheydhitte ullu.pareekshana shaalayil vellappam undakkiyit result fail aayirunnu.ottum nannayilla.appa chattiyil maav oodi kalikkunnu.chuttan pattunilla.idhan prashnam.plzzzz help me seenaaa.

  47. Thahira,
    Appachatiyil ennamayam Padilla chatti kooduthal choodavanum Padilla.
    try cheythu nokku. :)


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