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10 May 2011

Prawn Pulav / Shrimp Pilaf

Eating vegetables is a hard task for my kids.. :) My son wouldn't have lunch if I give him ordinary rice and veg curries. He comes back home tired, it made me worried every time. So I started giving rice dishes, especially Arabic rice, or vegetable or egg biryani or prawns pulavu etc. Preparing this simple form of biryani is really easy and no worry at all! Now before leaving to school, he checks his lunch box and says, ma.. keep some rice for dinner.. :)

prawns 1/2 cup cleaned
biryani rice / basmati rice 1 1/2 cup
onion 1
tomato 1
chopped carrots 2 Tbsp
cardamoms 2
cloves 2
cumin 1 pinch
cinnamon 2 small pieces
garam masala 1/2 tsp
ghee 1 tsp
coriander leaves chopped few
water 3 cups
garlic and ginger paste each 1 tsp
turmeric powder 1/4 tsp
chilli powder 1/2 tsp

Prepare Prawn Masala,
Heat oil in a heavy bottomed vessel , allow cumin seeds splutter.
Saute finely chopped onion.
When it is semi transparent add carrots and continue stirring.
When onion is slightly brown add garlic and ginger paste, chopped tomato and powders.
Add salt and cook until the tomatoes are mashed well.
Add prawn and pour 1/4 cup water.
Close lid and cook for 10 minutes or until done.
Add chopped coriander leaves.
Keep aside.

Cooking Rice,
Wash and soak rice for 1/2 hour.
Boil three cups of water in a pressure cooker.
Add spices, ghee, and salt along with rice.
Pressure cook for two whistles and allow the heat to settle down its own.
Or cook rice as you do for ghee rice.
When the rice is cooked allow to be warm and mix with prepared prawn masala.
Serve with pickle, raita etc.


  1. Yummy.Drooling here.Thats truly a good lunch for kids !

  2. Assalamualaikum seena,
    how r u?
    have been following u all the time.
    this is one easy lunch recipe for kids..thanks

  3. yummy pulav...........u have a nice space.........following u.......visit my space also vn u r free..........

  4. Abida, are you still there in Abudhabi? Mail me in leisure, am in Dubai now.. hope you are doing well.:)

  5. hi new to your blog,was going through the recips.was thinking what to try this weekend.that much variety you have posted.just a small doubt,can we use big prawns (not tiger prawns) wont get small prawns which we get in our naadu.have heard small prwans tastes good.for pulav can i use the big ones?


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